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A not-very-good translator working to improve his Japanese, and learn more tricks of the LN trade.

Hopes to be able to contribute to the Original Light Novels section someday.

Currently working on Cradle of the Moon (Sword Art Online side-story)

Sluggishly translating once more, look out for updates. Also please take note that Chapter 1 is the longest chapter out of all the chapters of Cradle of the Moon - around four times as long as any other chapter - once Chapter 1 is done the rest should update fairly quickly.

Back in NZ now, out of army! Happy happy. Will be updating more as and when uni allows.

Notice Board - Leave your messages here.

Cross-posted from the CoTM Discussion page:

Okay, now I'm looking for a proofreader. And/or editor. Someone would be nice. I know my translating speed is glacial, but that is mainly because I've had to study (...and I'm just a poor translator, in general) but I do generally get one or two lines done a week. And I keep running into terms that I feel I should know, from Alicization, but just...can't find. If you're okay with spoilers, because holy hell I'm running into spoilers what feels like every second line or so, I really, really, need a proofreader, editor, or someone who's willing to go through Alicization/knows it well enough to find out what these important terms mean/have been used by Tap and Pryun. -- Shichiya - 08:06, 23 June 2013 (CDT)

I'm really looking for someone who can help out, and doesn't mind spoilers. >_<

Update after Yen Press Licence: Note that I'm going to be continuing to translate CotM, because although Yen Press is translating, they won't be translating CotM until after the entire of Alicization, which is likely to take another 5 years. If they ask me to take it down, I may, however...until then I will continue as well.

Currently I'm in the middle of my exam period; I feel really bad for being unable to translate more right now. As soon as it's over, I will be translating much more and getting a friend to proof-read it. Look out for much more progress next week onwards. I've been shown that CotM has been translated (up to part 2?) in Mandarin so I will try to catch up at least to that point if not more.

As for where to post it, if BT is abandoning the project then I'll switch to posting updates on my tumblr. I will continue to do so here, until they make me take it down. Exams are over! I start again translating tomorrow. :)


It's been a very long time and I apologize greatly for the lack of updates. I am still translating albeit slowly...I do not have the great translating skill showed by Tap, Pryun, or the incredible Teh Ping when he was still translating. In short, where those great three could translate a whole chapter or part it takes me the same amount of time to translate one I'm going to be very slow. I grovel before you for my incompetence...

Cradle of the Moon Chapter 1 until 13 is a separate light novel from Sword Art Online. They use very similar characters and although Kawahara Reki-sensei is attempting to drive Alicization in the direction of CotM, it is not the same world and should not be seen as an epilogue.

As for me, I have recently failed my first year at university and am repeating...secondly, I have finished reading Log Horizon and now am greatly interested in translating Book 7! But with my slow translating skill, I fear I will never get there...because I am determined to finish Cradle of the Moon first. - Shichiya (talk) 03:09, 8 April 2014 (CDT)