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Translation Soliloquy[edit]

Lots and lots of spoilers below!

Basically, I want to keep a diary of translation notes for Cradle of the Moon Alicization side story from Sword Art Online, because I don't actually trust my own translation, on subtleties. Here's some of the parts that are very dicey, for me. Also I just want to record some of my reactions, because...sometimes...dafuq. First world translator problems. Yay.

Prologue + Chapter 1[edit]

Firstly, let me just say, working with that spoiler table, since it doesn't correspond with the Alicization translation (Knights of Virtue?) a bit...weird. Also, I swear it wasn't 'Demon World' yesterday... - 09:49 17 October 2012 (CDT)

So, some of these quotes don't really make sense:

  • Out of nowhere, a large butterfly materialized, again hovering in the corridor it came to, to enjoy the silence. -- Why did a butterfly suddenly appear? Kawahara-sensei...

I'm not even near an eighth of the chapter completed. (sobs) But anyway, I'm going to translate the whole chapter first, then go back and fix the English. Trust me, I know just how bad it is...tenses...and participles...and...and...and... (weeps) - 10:10 17 October 2012 (CDT)

Just got done talking to a friend who reads Japanese better than me, but is too busy to translate. He helped me fix a lot of the quotes that didn't make sense, which only didn't make sense because I made an error in translating at some point. So it should make lots more sense now. Also, this translation is super super raw; it makes me embarrassed that someone as worthless as me is doing the translation. ふあ... - 10:37, 18 October 2012 (CDT)

Personal hopes: That the four noble families abolished in Cradle of the Moon involved Tizek's family. I really don't like that guy. - 11:03, 6 Janurary 2013 (CDT)