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How do you do?

I'm currently a 9th std. student.

I only know one thing about me- there's no one in the world who's like me, I can guarantee that.

I love cartoons. Some reckon I should change to something else, others think I shouldn't even come near TV. Anyhow I Don't Care.

I love reading stories. Romance, Science fiction and Mystery I like

But I don't like language mistakes in my reading material. It disrupts my journey with the story!!

So I'm going to help people by editing the translated works. I start with my favorite light novel 'Kaze No Stigma'. ( I loved the anime, but I found the novel more lovable )

--sreeml5thira 17:12, 11 September 2010 (UTC)Funnycat l.jpg

This "Might be me.
         U never know.......