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To think, or not to think?
Rather obvious is the answer.
This, I think.

I have excellent English skills, especially in grammar, my grasp of which I believe to exceed all but professional teachers and linguistics scholars. Unfortunately, my grasp of Chinese is far from perfect, so difficult passages will likely be fraught with translation corruption.

Editing Abilities:
-English Editing without source
-English Editing referencing Chinese source

Translation Abilities:
-Chinese to English
-French to English
-English to French

I will edit anything I come across, but I will only do source-referenced (Chinese) editing for Sword Art Online.

Current Status: Translation of Parts of SAO
-Will accept (but not solicit) whole chapter editing requests (only if you must. I prefer to edit through BT to take advantage of crowdsourcing--not to the mention the fact that readers can access the text sooner)

By the way, the ambiguity of the second line of this page is intended.