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Hello to anyone with enough spare time to look at my info page that currently serves no purpose. Seriously, why are you here? I have't translated anything, or edited anything beyond my own data. Well, while you're here I might as well explain myself in case the current viewer is a mod, or someone else of significant position. My reason for joining Baka-Tsuki at this time it to simply say that I've done so, as well as drop a few posts to commemorate the translators that I am highly appreciative of. So you are likely to see this page sit here untouched for a very long time. But just so you know, I am currently teaching myself to speak Japanese, which will lead to reading it as well. My reason for doing so is because I want to join the translators here at Baka-Tsuki who are responsible for me having the appreciation of Japanese media that I have today. Also so I can read the 13'th volume of SAO in the original text. I'm not paying a bloody penny to Yen press for halting the translation of my favorite series . All that being said, you won't expect any content out of me for ~2 years.

Ja, Mata-Asta,


--Weapon Master J.Conn (talk) 03:15, 2 January 2014 (CST)