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As for the current stuff happening with Mashoku Tensei, if your going to post a Machine translation please Please follow the example of EnigmaticAxiom's works. Though the work might have been lacking to those who knows Japanese, it is quite passable to those who don't. In EnigmaticAxiom page there is quite good pointers for those who want to use machine translation, but machine translation would only be forever be classified as previews as far as the community thinks.

In my most humble opinion. If you are translating raw with machine translation and dont know engrish but post the half gibberish translation up here confusing the rest of the masses,then please be patient with the translators. Seriously anyone knows you can effin google translate the raw from whatever source you got them so you don't have to be so kind and postin in here.

Im not mad Im just really sad that some people get ahead of themselves and do things that cause more harm than good. Please join the forum and community, and be involve so that you can actually have a better outlook at the situation. hey you might learn a thing or two from people here with a lot of experiences