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Progress on Zero no Tsukaima[edit]

  • Vol 16 Chapter 6 - Completed.
  • Vol 16 Chapter 7 - Schduled.
  • Side story 1 Tabitha's Adventure Chapter 2 — Incomplete, On hold.

Progress on Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru[edit]

  • Vol 1 Chapter 3 — Completed.
  • Vol 2 Chapter 8 - On Hold.

Literally Donate your Appreciation Today! Literally literally![edit]

Many translations around Baka-Tsuki are in desperate need. Lack of translators, poor language proficency, boggle the eyes and brains of millions of readers.

Many times grown-ups are the ones who suffer the most from these problems, and they are the ones most desperately in need of your help.

How You Can Make a Difference[edit]

Editing Programs[edit]

Sometimes the terrible reality of the dozens of hungry Light Novels around Baka-Tsuki can seem overwhelming. But you don't have to stand by hopelessly while Light Novels are going untranslated. Find out how you can help by going to the forums!

Work Around Baka-Tsuki[edit]

Follow one of our translators on a journey to Zero no Tsukaima as he visits different volumns and meets the chapters who are receiving good, nutritious translations thanks to the generous gifts of friends like you. Learn more by donating your appreciation today!

Adopt a Light Novel[edit]

Light Novel sponsorship allows you to personally connect with a Light Novel in need while making a lasting investment in its future. Your unreserved sponsorship to the chapter provide things like great gratitudes from readers, celebrity like welcomes and other items for your personal wellbeing.

Teaser Relief[edit]

Feed The Teasers responds to unattended Teaser Projects Baka-Tsuki-wide, wherever they strike. You can help provide translations and edits to volumns and their chapters quickly and efficiently. Titled from 1 to 9 to A and Z, you can be certain that your support of Feed The Teasers' efforts will save lives and bring hope to people in great need. Help us be ready when a new Teaser strikes!


Through the Donate-An-Appreciation program you can change this translator's day for good. Your gift of just a sentence a day can save this translator from quitting and give the translations a future. Make your appreciation at the Discussion Board!

Random Notes[edit]


Quite a while ago, some of you asked me if I played any MMORPGs. Well, recently, I have picked up an old MMO I used to play called Mabinogi. If you want to find me there, I play on Alexia channel under the name Wildk—(human) and Wilram—(elf). Feel free to strike up a conversation with me if you want! ^^

Of course, I won't let this get in the way of translation's progress, unless I'm really exhausted and need a break!