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Note: I'll discuss a topic, that catches my interest, at length. But I won't break the rules. Zero2001 13:49, 28 April 2011 (UCT)

I'm an editor now. Zero Check is my code term for spelling, grammar, punctuation, *SFX*, references, etc correction as well as end of line white-spaces' removal.

For the changes in punctuation. See Talk page.

My Sandbox

Pages Created

Templates Created

(In order of making)

More being prepared in Sandbox. If any need similar nav boxes just ask.

First Note to Everyone: The main purpose/point of Templates is re-usability. If you're gonna make a template for one instance use only then it's better to include the code in the page itself rather than making a separate template page (Sub-pages/templates don't count, they are necessary for divisions and understanding). Trust me. Less overall website space wastage that way.

Second Note to Everyone: The opposite of the First Note is also true. Rather than include the same or extremely similar code at multiple points it would be better to create a template and then include the call code (of the template) at the points.

The above two points may sound similar but they are honestly opposites of each other. Following them will indeed reduce overall data storage of the website.

Help Pages Created