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I do not mean to offend you, but I already finished the re-translation of prologue, and finished the translation for chapter 1 for project Shurabara. Before I didn't ask you before I started translating because I thought you aren't active on this site anymore (seeing as there is no progress made past the prologue in a whole year for shurabara). However, an user reminded me in the forum that you are active in other projects, so I thought it would be common courtesy to let you know that I will be taking over for Shurabara, at least for volume 1 anyways.

I am doing it mainly from the Chinese translation as well, and I managed to scrap the Japanese names from wikipedia and such. I should have no problem with any of the translation. I expect that I'll be done with volume 1 in 3 month times.

Good job for uploading the illustrations and saving them in a very organized and usable way. As Ozzie in like to remind us again and again, an illustration scanner is the most important job in the team.

Anyways, if you got the Japanese (or Chinese/Taiwanese i guess) novel for volume 6-10, it would really help if you could upload those illustrations as well. It might take quite a few years to get there but I hope I could eventually do.



i'll speak for him on this one, since he made it clear he wouldnt really chat here, and i believe i know him and his projects well enough. i dont think hes going to ever return to shurabara, and he isnt really active anw, so just go ahead.

dont think he can help you with the illustrations, youd best be asking someone else.

Wish you luck on your journey! --Bowguyz (talk) 00:51, 18 December 2014 (CST)

Yeah, good luck. As the Project Manager, you can ask me for anything including illustrations. --jesus