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  • If you are new, please check with the discord server before starting any major changes.
  • If you are unsure about your translation for a line, and can only guess what part of the line is, DO NOT TRANSLATE THE LINE. Instead, leave a comment indicating what you think the line should be translating to.


  • Names should be read as last name first. For example, Touma Kazusa, Kitahara Haruki, etc.
  • Depending on context, -kun, -chan, etc. should be preserved. If a foreigner is speaking, or if a specific "style" is being spoken, words like "Lord", "Lady", "Ms.", etc. are acceptable.
  • The main character may speak in past or present tense depending on circumstances; it's important to know the context of the scene before writing down anything.
  • Please use American English spellings. This means -or instead of -our. Example: Color, Neighbor, Gray, Odor, etc.
  • You may need to insert <nowiki> tags in order to stop the wiki from formatting certain things.
  • The game may be using special tags for certain effects in the text. These must be maintained when possible, especially '\k', except for the following:
    • Line breaks (<br>) in general don't need to be maintained, except if the lines need to be formatted in a particular way.
    • Furigana ([Rtext^furigana]) can be completely ignored unless there is good reason to use them.
  • With normal zoom, the text layout on the wiki page will be what it looks like in game (except for lines with special tags), so please use that as a guideline and try to fit words in. The maximum limit is 4 lines if the following line doesn't have a speaker, and 3 lines if it does. This limit is so the in-game backlog functions correctly.
    • Translators do not need to insert line breaks to match line width; there is an auto-wrap mechanism in place to help deal with this. However, you may need to do this if there is something that should be on one line, but that gets wrapped otherwise.
  • If you believe that there is no English equivalent for a line, do not put a literal translation; translate as best as you can and contact an editor.

All-Ages/Adult Differences[edit]

  • Although there may be references to the adult sections of a script, there should be as much emphasis as possible in the all-ages version to keep things clean and non-explicit. Implicit may be fine, given the circumstances and context.
    • There are no limitations on how the adult version of the script can be translated meaning-wise, so as long as the translation is accurate.


The following names are to be used to maintain consistency:

Introductory Chapter Closing Chapter Other
  • Kitahara Haruki
  • Ogiso Setsuna
  • Touma Kazusa
  • Iizuka Takeya
  • Mizusawa Io
  • Hayasaka Chikashi
  • Suwa-sensei
  • Touma Youko
  • Sugiura Koharu
  • Izumi Chiaki
  • Kazaoka Mari
  • Yanagihara Tomo
  • Yada Mihoko
  • Nakagawa Kazumi
  • Amamiya Sawako
  • Kudou Miyoko
  • Nagase Shouko
  • Sonoda Ako
  • (Houjou School) Light Music Club / 峰城大付属軽音楽同好会
  • Houjou University / 峰城大学
  • Iwazuchou / 岩津町
  • Kaiou Graph / 開桜グラフ
  • Knights Records
  • Minamisuetsugu / 南末次
  • Minamisuetsugu Mansion / 南末次マンション
  • Minamisuetsugu Goodies Restaurant / グッディーズ南末次店
  • Houjou High School / 峰城大学付属学園
  • Suetusuguchou / 末次町
  • Strasbourg
  • Ogiso Residence / 小木曽家
  • Onjuku / 御宿
  • Touma Residence / 冬馬家
  • Vienna
  • Watos Troupe

Translation Syntax[edit]

The text section(s) of any script file will have something like the following:

|line number|jp speaker|en speaker
|jp text
|en text
|comment (optional, this parameter can be omitted)
|background color (optional, this parameter can be omitted)

So as an example:


|"Good morning!"
|Comment 1

|Well, whatever.

|I've got time, anyway.

|"She isn't here yet?"
|Comment 2



This will generate:

The template itself has been coded such that empty lines will be highlighted in red upon reading. This should make it easy to spot lines that haven't been translated yet.

The engine supports some special tags:

  • [B#text] changes font color (only to light blue?).
  • [C#text] changes font color (C0 is white, C1 is light gray, C2 is dark gray, C3 is black).
  • [F#text] changes font size: <F14「なら最初から仕切ればいいのに…」>
  • [Rtext^ruby] is for ruby text: <R空港|ここ>
  • [S#text] changes text speed (S0 is the slowest, S9 is instant).
  • [W#] waits for a given time: <W100> (waits 1 second)

You can use tags within tags: [S0何で言っちゃうんだよ。[W120]\n][S0俺の…馬鹿。]
Lowercase letters ([w] instead of [W]) work as well.

The format to be used for any of the script pages is:

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== Translation Notes ==
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== Text ==
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