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Registration Management[edit]

Registration is a process of assigning chapter to a single translator. It is required in order to efficiently manage translation process by means of coordinating work on given project between several translators and avoiding/resolving possible conflicts.

Important note: Each and every sentence below is assumed to be applied to Baka-Tsuki "Zero no Tsukaima" project ONLY (unless explicitly stated).

Term Definitions[edit]

  • Registration page means translators registration page of current project. See corresponding Category page for a list of all registration pages.
  • Contributor is someone who provides content for Baka-Tsuki wiki articles, edits and/or creates them. Contributor can be registered as translator and/or editor (these jobs don't exclude each other) or can be anonymous (referred by an IP-address).
  • Registered editor is an editor who works on the project. He must regularly patrol project to revert vandalism, correct mistakes and make sure published works conform every condition of project specific guidelines and the rest of conditions of general guidelines (project specific guidelines being of higher priority than general ones in case of contradictions).
  • Registered translator is a translator who provided 1 kB or more of translated text for each chapter he had wanted to be assigned to (including length of wiki-specific markup, if any).
  • Contributor's activity reflects amount of his work done on the project within specific period of time, and has various degrees:
  • active translator has provided 1 kB or more of translated text (probably in several parts) within last month - for those who have been registered for one month or longer; translators that have been registered for less than month are considered to be active since their first contribution.
  • active editor has made more than one edit of published translation (not of preview script) within last 2 weeks, regardless of edit's type (vandalism reverse, lexical, grammar, style etc. corrections) and size.
  • if Baka-Tsuki staff member isn't translator or editor, he's "active" when he has made any contribution to B-T wiki or forum within last month.
  • inactive contributor simply doesn't fall into "active" category. Inactivity is divided into the following stages:
  • A.W.O.L. contributor hasn't been seen or heard from for two months;
  • M.I.A. contributor hasn't been seen or heard from for six months;
  • K.I.A. contributor hasn't been seen or heard from for 14 months.
  • He simply substitutes term "person" and can be equally read as "she"; more accurate forms "he/she" and "(s-)he" simply aren't so convenient to read and write.
  • Month is period of 30 days, including the day one's counting from. For example, on 15th of April "last month" is "March, 16 - April, 15" (note "16" vs. "15": March is 31 days long).
Default time zone is UTC (equals to now obsolete GMT).
  • <NewNick> and <OldNick> mean nicknames of user who is starting process and user he's addressing, respectively.


Usually translation starts when translator registers chapter he wants to work on. Process of (un-)registration depends on the status of chapter in question - whether it's already been registered or not yet.

If one is going to translate unregistered chapter in a whole, he must provide 1 kB of its translation from the start of chapter and sign his nickname at this chapter's entry on registration page.

If the chapter is already taken by active translator, they two must negotiate via user talk page (on B-T wiki) of translator who has registered this chapter first and come to a decision by themselves; last expressed opinion of initial translator is of higher priority if they disagree. In case chapter in question is registered to currently inactive translator, new translator can take this chapter over, but first he must inform inactive translator via latter's user talk page on wiki (and, optionally, by other means: forums, e-mail, IRC, ICQ etc.) that he takes this chapter over, simultaneously adding

"(reregistering to <NewNick>)"

note to this chapter's entry on registration page. Later, if inactive translator hasn't published negative reply on his user talk page within one week from the moment he had been informed, new translator can take chapter over in following manner: he must publish 1 kB of his translation and change chapter's entry to

"<NewNick> (previously <OldNick>)"

on project registration page; since then the chapter is registered to new translator only. He has another week to do this, and if he fails, chapter can be unregistered from him by anyone. If inactive translator denies takeover, he must provide another 1 kB of translation (or chapter remainder) within one week from the moment takeover request was made; if he fails, new translator can take chapter regardless of old translator's opinion.

If translator has gone A.W.O.L. (inactive over 1 month, more than 2 months since his last contribution), his reply isn't required for his chapter(-s) to be taken over by other translator.

If translator has been inactive over 2 months (= more than 3 months since his last contribution), his registration can be removed by anyone, changing chapter's status to

"dropped by <OldNick>".

However, the one making changes to chapter's status must inform old translator (and everybody) of his actions via wiki (both translator's user (talk) page and project registration page, as described above) in any case.


If you wish to take part in the relevant discussion of Registration Guidelines and/or Translation Management, visit this thread on Baka-Tsuki forums.

Naming Conventions[edit]

Naming is currently being discussed in the forums, so there may be changes in the future. Characters with multiple/changing allegiances are sorted by first appearance. Here is what we have so far:



Academy of Magic students

  • Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière
    • Nickname : Louise the Zero / Louise the Void
    • Affinity : Void
    • Class : Dot-mage
    • Familiar : Hiraga Saito
  • Hiraga Saito
    • Weapon : A sentient sword, Derflinger
    • Title name (complete) : Saito de Hiraga des Ornières, knight of Ondine
    • The legendary familiar Gandálfr and Lífþrasir
  • Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst
    • Nickname : Kirche the Ardent
    • Affinity : Fire
    • Class : Triangle-mage
    • Familiar : A salamander, Flame
  • Tabitha
    • Nickname : Tabitha the Snowstorm
    • Affinity : Wind
    • Class : Square-mage
    • Familiar : A wind rhyme dragon, Sylphid
    • Real name : Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans
    • Title name (complete) : Her Highness the Duchess Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans, knight of the North Parterre
  • Guiche de Gramont
    • Nickname : Guiche the Bronze
    • Affinity : Earth
    • Class : Dot-mage
    • Familiar : A giant mole, Verdandi
    • Title Name (complete) : Guiche de Gramont, knight of Ondine
    • Can summon golems shaped like valkyries
  • Montmorency Margarita La Fère de Montmorency
    • Nickname : Montmorency the Fragrance
    • Affinity : Water
    • Familiar : A frog, Robin
  • Malicorne de Grandpré
    • Nickname : Malicorne the Windward
    • Affinity : Wind
    • Class : Dot-mage
    • Title name (complete) : Malicorne de Grandpré, knight of Ondine
  • Old Osman
    • Title : Headmaster Osman
    • Class : Square-mage
    • Familiar : A mouse, Motsognir
  • Longueville
    • Nickname : Fouquet the Crumbling Dirt
    • Affinity : Earth
    • Class : Triangle-mage
    • Real name : Mathilda of South Gotha
  • Jean Colbert
    • Nickname : Colbert the Flame Serpent
    • Affinity : Fire
    • Class : Square-mage
    • Remarks : Was the leader of the 'Magical Research Experimental Group'
  • Chevreuse
    • Nickname : Chevreuse the Red Clay
  • Beatrice Yvonne von Guldenhorf
    • Title : Princess de Guldenhorf
    • Remarks : Guarded by the Luftpanzer Ritter while attending the Magic Academy
  • Ajax
  • Gimli
  • Katie
  • Reynald
  • Styx
  • Count de Burgundy
  • Grand Duke de Guldenhorf


  • Head Chef Marteau
  • Scarron
  • Siesta
  • Jessica


  • 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron
    • René Vonke (Captain)
  • Agnès, knight de Milan (Commander of the Musketeer Corps)
  • Chief of the General Staff Wimpffen
  • Sargeant Nicolas (de Vineuil Battalion)
  • Supreme Commander/General De Poitiers

Residents of the La Vallière mansion

  • Cattleya de La Vallière
  • Duke of La Vallière
  • Karin, Duchess of La Vallière
    • Full name: Karin Désirée de La Vallière
    • Maiden name: Karin Désirée de Maillart
    • Nickname : Karin the Heavy Wind
    • Affinity : Wind
    • Familiar : Manticore
    • The former commander of the Manticore Corps, known for the motto "Rule of Steel"
  • Éléonore de La Vallière

Royal Government

  • Cardinal Mazarin
  • Finance Minister De Muri
  • Her Highness the Princess / Her Majesty the Queen Henrietta of Tristain


  • His Highness the Emperor of Germania, Albrecht the III


  • Captain/Viscount Jean-Jacques Wardes
  • General Hawkings
  • Henry Bowood (Captain and POW)
  • Menvil the White Flame (Mercenary)
  • Oliver Cromwell (Chairman and first Albion Emperor)
  • His Highness the Prince Wales Tudor of Albion
  • His Majesty the King James I Tudor of Albion
  • Tiffania Westwood Tudor of Albion


  • Pope of Romalia, Vittorio Serevare
  • Julio Chesaré, familiar of the pope and Josette, Vindálfr and Mjöðvitnir respectively.
    • St. Aegis the 32nd
    • Partner: A wind dragon, Azuro
  • Carlo Christiano Trompontino, captain of the Crusaders representing Alieste monastery


  • His Majesty the King Joseph of Gallia
  • Sheffield, the Mjöðvitnir
  • Mrs. Molière
  • Bart Castlemont, Captain of Knights of the Eastern Roses
  • Charles, Duke of Orléans (Tabitha's father)
  • Princess Isabella of Gallia, Daughter of Joseph the King of Gallia
  • Josette, current Queen of Gallia


  • Bidashal
  • Chief Tariq
  • Turuk (President of the Elves)
  • Ari
  • Luctiana
  • Fatima
  • Sasha
  • Azar
  • Aishmail
  • Fleet Commander-In-Chief, General Amran
  • Admiral Salken
  • Madhav (Ari's subordinate)
  • Idris (Ari's subordinate)


  • Marquis Handenburg (Commander of the Germania army)
  • Minican
  • Pelisson
  • Water Spirit
  • Mother Sea
  • Narcisse, Bacchus, Sandillon (Karin's friends, found in the spin offs)




  • Royal Army
  • National Army (aka Marquis Army)
  • Sky Navy
  • Imperial Guards
    • Dragon Knight Corps
    • Griffon Corps
    • Manticore Corps
    • Musketeer Corps
    • Ondine ・ Knight Corps of the Water Spirit

Military Units

  • 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron
  • De Vineuil Independent Musket Infantry Battalion
  • Magical Research Experimental Group
  • Aerial Armored Brigade ‘Luftpanzer Ritter’ (Under command of the Grand Duchy of Guldenhorf)
  • Zero Organization (Fictional)


  • Romalian Templar Knight Squadron


Military Units

  • Knights of the Eastern Roses
  • Knights of the Parterre
  • Knights of the White Lily
  • Knights of the Southern Flowerbed


  • Council of Nephthys
  • Elven Navy
  • Steel-blooded Party


  • Allied Forces
  • Reconquista
  • Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands



  • Halkeginia (The continent)
    • Albion (Kingdom of / Holy Republic of)
    • Gallia (Kingdom of)
    • Germania (Empire of)
    • Guldenhorf (Grand Duchy of)
    • Romalia (Holy Empire of)
    • Tristain (Kingdom of)
  • Sahara
  • Rub' al Khali


  • Tristain
    • La Rochelle (port)
    • Tarbes (town)
    • Tristania (capital)
      • Bourdonné Street
      • Chicton Street
      • "Charming Fairies" inn
      • Royal Palace
      • Hamlin Academy
    • D’Angleterre (Agnès's hometown)
    • Tristain's Academy of Magic
      • Alvíss Dining Hall
      • Austri Plaza
      • Fenrir's Library
      • Vestri Courtyard
  • Albion
    • Dartanes (port)
    • Londinium (capital)
      • Havilland (Emperor's palace)
        • White Hall
    • Newcastle (Where Prince Wales was)
    • Rosais (airbase)
    • Saxe-Gotha (castle/city)
    • Westwood (forest/village)
  • Gallia
    • Lutèce (capital)
    • Versailles (de facto capital)
      • Grand Troyes
  • Germania
    • Vindobona (capital)
  • Romalia
    • Aquileia (Capital of Water)
  • Sahara
    • Nephthys (capital)
    • Kasper
    • Adyl
    • Eumenes


  • Marie Galante
  • Des Ornières
  • Lac d'Orient
  • Scarborough
  • Champs de Mars
  • Training Facility
  • Unexplored Lands

The Founder[edit]

  • Founder Brimir
    • Full name: Brimir Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori (ブリミル・ル・ルミル・ユル・ヴィリ・ヴェー・ヴァルトリ, Burimiru Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori)
    • Full name as he has introduced himself as: Brimir le Reimir Nidavellir (ブリミル・ル・ルミル・ニダベリール)

The following sections presents the treasures and rings bequeathed by the Founder Brimir with the guardian country and the legitimate heir of each one.

The Founder's Treasures[edit]

  • The Founder’s Prayer Book (Tristain, Louise)
  • The Founder’s Censer (Gallia, Joseph) (Used to hold Burning Incense)
  • The Founder’s Music Box (Albion, Tiffania)
  • The Founder’s Round Mirror (Romalia, Pope)

The Founder's Rings[edit]

  • Ruby of Water (Tristain, Louise)
  • Ruby of Earth (Gallia, Joseph)
  • Ruby of Wind (Albion, Tiffania)
  • Ruby of Fire (Romalia, Pope)


To read runes, download the Aboriginal Serif font

  • Gandálfr (ガンダールヴ, Gandāruvu), ᚷᚨᚾᛞᚨᛚᚠᚱ, on the illustrations and in the anime it's ᚷᚢᚾᛞᛟᛚᚠ (Gandalfr)
  • Vindálfr, ᚹᛁᚾᛞᚨᛚᚠᚱ
  • Mjöðvitnir, ᛗᛇᛟᛉᚾᛁᛏᚾᛁᚱ, in the anime it's ᛗᛇᛟᛞᚨᛁᛏᚾᛁᚱ (Myodaitnir)
  • Lífþrasir
  • St. Forsythe (フォルサテ)

Other Terms[edit]


  • General (non branch specific)
    • Contract Servant
    • Summon Servant
    • Detect Magic
    • Night Vision (unknown)
  • Earth
    • Alchemy
    • Fixation
    • Golem
    • Gold transmutation
    • Fortification
  • Fire
    • Ignite
    • Fireball
    • Flame Bomb (Fire, Fire, Earth)
    • Flame Ball (Pentagram Spell)
    • Flame Serpent
  • Water
    • Javelin
    • Windy Icicle
  • Wind
    • Silence
    • Snowstorm
    • Tornado
    • Air Hammer
    • Wind Break
    • Flying
    • Blade
    • Wind Shield (Firstborn Magic)
  • Void
    • Dispel Magic
    • Illusion
    • Explosion
    • Mind Wipe
    • Teleport
    • World Door
    • Decompose
  • Elven
    • Reflection


Saito's World

  • Staff of Destruction (M72 Rocket Launcher)
  • Dragon's Raiment (Zero Fighter)
  • Tiger Tank
  • Small patrol boat


  • Varsenda (Tristain Dragon Carrier-class carrier)
  • Redoutable (Tristain battleship)
  • Lexington (Albion capital ship)
  • Ostland (Built by Colbert, owned by Kirche)
  • "Dragon Whale Ships" (Used by the Elven Navy)
  • Mestia (Elven Air Ship)

Magical weapons made by Colbert

  • The little flying snakes (v20c8)


Magical Artifacts

  • The Ring of Andvari
  • The Bell of Slumber
  • Jörmungandr (Golem that Myozunitonirun used)


  • Secret of the Flame Serpent (Colbert's manual)
  • The Practical Doctrine
  • The Hero of Ivaldi
  • The Legacy (Vol 20 C6)


  • Écu (Currency)
  • Sous (Currency)
  • Founder Brimir's Advent Festival
  • Lord Spee's Sword
  • Medal of White Hair Soul
  • New Religon Hunt
  • Firstborn Magic / Magic of the Firstborn
  • The Predecessor
  • Mail (unit of measurement, meter equivalent)
  • League (unit of measurement, km equivalent)
  • Gaulish (the lingua franca of Halkeginia)
  • Varyag (The oppressors of the Magi)


1. 1 écu = 6 livr, , 1 livre = 20 sou , 1 sou = 12 deniers, from

  • Magic Elements
    • Wind
    • Water
    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Void
  • Magic Class Levels (Ranking of either a mage or spell)
    • Dot (One elemenet)
    • Line (Two elements)
    • Triangle (Three elements)
    • Square (Four elements)
    • Pentagram (All five elements)