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3rd Story - Tabitha and the Assassin[edit]

"I say Nee-sama, I'm really hungry."

Sylphid started clamouring.

Tabitha remained reading her book. From her pupils that emitted a deep blue glow, there were no signs of emotions, with no way of knowing whether or not she was engrossed in her book. Just it seemed as if she only noticed the book's pages.

Here was 3000m in air, near Gallia and Tristinia's border

Tabitha and Sylphid was, just like usual, flying towards the capital of Gallia, Lutèce.

Discovering a pool, the wind rhyme dragon reckoned there should be fish there.

Showing no regard to her master who was reading a book, Sylphid started talking to herself. Tabitha didn't reply.

"I'm going to land."

Tabitha, of course, didn't reply.

Sylphid started rapidly descending. Under these speeds, Tabitha was suddenly thrown into the air. In the process of descending, Tabitha still maintained her pose perfectly.

She maintained her pose when she was sitting on Sylphid, and fell down this way. In this situation, Tabitha still flipped the pages of his page. Peng! Sylphid made a noise flapping her wings and then continued descending. In a split second she landed next to the pond. The pond seemed to have been used by farmers for irrigation.

Slyphid immediately dipped her head below the surface of the water, and shook her head a few times. By the time she took her head out the water, she already scooped a large amount of fish in her mouth.

Slyphid swallowed the fish with a "kyui-kyui", then licked her face with her tongue. At this moment, she saw Tabitha was about to fall down from above, therefore started chanting a spell.

"Wind, float in the air, form soft, condensed blocks and pull her up again"

This is ancient magic.

Because of this, the air below Tabitha began to sway. Descending at a speed approaching 200 m/s, Tabitha's body immediately sank into the huge block of air, and under the counter force was flung back into the air.

Sylphid began to fly, and in midair bit onto Tabitha's collar, then gradually put Tabitha onto the ground. Tabitha still maintained that pose, sitting down on the floor add flipping the pages of her book.

Sylphid extended her neck and bit the book, taking it away, then swallowed it.


Sylphid mercilessly glared at Tabitha, who bewilderingly lifted her head and looked at herself. She opened wide her eyes that didn't match her ferocious appearance[1], faced Tabitha, and said these opening words,

"Today I, no matter what, will lecture you. I, Sylphid, just flung Nee-sama off my back. In these situations, you should get angry and scream shrilly or loudly. You, however, just let yourself fall down without making a sound, just what is the matter? You really aren't energetic, eh." Sylphid raised her front paw, put it on Tabitha's head and twisted it a few times. Tabitha also matched her actions, and simultaneously twisted her head a few times.

"Please say something, okay?"

However, Tabitha just let her push her around.

"I say! It's just because you're like this, that you were manipulated by your abominable princess of a cousin. Of course I, Slyphid, also understand Nee-sama's circumstances. However! You at least should complain a little! I always stood outside the window and watched Nee-sama being bullied by that idiot princess, and really felt frustrated! At least say something back! Kyui-kyui!"

Sylphid gently bit Tabitha's head a few times, as if she was a petty child. Tabitha's little, small head immediately was engulfed entirely by Slyphid's mouth.

"Ayaaaaaaaaa~! There's someone who's about to be eaten by a dragon aaaah~!"

Sylphid hurriedly released Tabitha's head.

"No! I wasn't going to eat her! I was only keeping her head in my mouth!"

The maiden stared blankly at Sylphid who suddenly spoke, and in an instant she released an even louder shriek than before, "The dr-dr-dragon can actually talk aaaah!"

Sylphid had already worried herself into a state. She grabbed Tabitha's cloak with a claw, and started flying away in a panic. "I spoke! I spoke in front of someone else" What a disaster! Kyui-kyui~"

Because Tabitha no longer had a book to read, she rested her head on her legs and closed her eyes. The capital of Gallia, Lutèce.

At the corner of the magnificent Versailles Palace in the middle of Petit Troyes, the owner currently leisurely adopted a rude posture that made it impossible for someone to imagine she was a princess.

She is Gallia's Princess Isabella.

Isabella wore a skin tight shirt and lay on the bed, using her fingers to fiddle with her blue hair. Her sender slims were very beautiful, and her face could be said to be one of a beauty. However condensed into her eyes was some cold emotion, which completely cancelled out her beauty. Isabella called towards maid with a tone charged full of arrogance,

"Has that gargoyle still not arrive yet?"

The maid lowering her head with a perplexed expression said,

"Th-that Charlotte-sama she...."

Isabella immediately jumped off her bed, approached the maid, and yanked her ear.

"What did you just say! Hey! Hurry up and say it!"

"S-sorry! Isabella-sama!"

"That person is nothing but a gargoyle! Right now she's just like my puppet! If you understand, never again use "-sama" to refer to her!" The maid gingerly lowered her head towards her and apologized, Isabella then slapped the maid incessantly. From Isabella's pupils there emerged a tyrannical glint, finally she went as far as pulling out her wand.


The maid was scared to the point of retreating a few steps.

Magic to someone who can't use it, is a symbol of dread and longing.

"Rather let me use my water magic to make a bit cleverer? This a spell I've learnt recently, that can manipulate peoples' heart at will." "Please forgive me, please forgive me"

Seeing the maid kneeling down and pleading for her forgiveness, Isabella's face further twisted into a look of excitement.

Just at this moment, the guard responsible for reports announced the arrival of Tabitha.

"Gargoyle VII-sama has arrived!"

The main gates opened, and Tabitha appeared. She still showed no expression, you completely couldn't tell what she was thinking. Like herself with blue hair and eyes, her height however shorter than her by two heads.

Though she beat her in height, however the magic contained in that small body of hers, compared to her own was higher by many levels and because of this she was very unsatisfied, and involuntarily bit down on her lip. Because of Tabitha's high magical power, many maids and servants within the palace saw her as the person who really has the tolerance to become a princess.

However this time's task not only can fully disgrace Tabitha, and[2]

From Isabella's face emerged a vicious smile.

She shouted in a stern voice towards the maid who looked this way with worry,

"You! Quickly bring the thing we talked about before! Quickly!"

Afterwards, Isabella walked towards Tabitha, and used a finger to point at the crown she wore on her head. Studded with many precious gems, made from rare silver that was a luxurious crown.

"I say Charlotte. Have you ever though about trying on this crown? This originally could have been yours to wear."

Tabitha observed that crown with her still emotionless eyes.

"You must really want to wear it right? Your face had already told me. " Isabella removed the crown, inserted her finger into it, and span it around in front of Tabitha.

"Just let me hear you say you want to okay? In that case, I could consider giving it to you."

After listening to Isabella's last sentence, the maids who were waiting at the side became nervous.

"You're still as obstinate as before. But never mind, I'll give it you."

After saying this, Isabella placed the crown onto Tabitha's head, and then clapped.

"Oi, you! Immediately dress her up as a princess!"

The maids hurriedly ran to Tabitha, and stripped off the Academy of Magic shirt and dress from her body. Tabitha just stood there and didn't react, and just let them push her around. Not a moment later, Tabitha was wearing the ceremonial robe that had been delivered. The make-up artist walked over, and decorated Tabitha's face using resplendent colours.

A few minutes later a glamorous, dazzling princess appeared in front of your eyes. Tabitha's little body, under a costume of luxurious clothes and assorted gems, revealed a noble temperament she had kept hidden within.

However her gaze revealed an endless chasm.

This type of chasm, changed Tabitha's charm to some sort of mysterious feeling.

Faced with such a noble figure as Tabitha, the maids couldn't help but sigh in surprise.

"Stop. But it does suit you, right?"

Isabella grabbed Tabitha's head and twisted a few times.

"Okay, playtime has already ended. Now I will explain to you the details of your task."

Hearing this, the maids all immediately retreated from the princess's room.

After confirming only the two of of them were left, Isabella called for a magician. From behind the satin came a cry of "Did you call for me?", and out stepped a young knight.

"Captain of Knights of the Eastern Roses, Bart Castlemont, reporting to you highness."

He gracefully made an action to pay tribute. Aged roughly 20, his straight moustache looked awe inspiring, he was a bishounen. "Give this gargoyle a makeover."

"Yes, ma'am," Castlemont nodded his head, then pulled out his wand with a whoosh. That was a magnificent, antique wand that emitted a blue-white light. Since he carried such a wand, he must be a exceptionally strong talent.

Castlemont chanted a spell, then waved his wand at Tabitha.

Because of this, Tabitha's body immediately changed. Her face began a miraculous transformation and finally looked exactly like Isabella.

This is the <Change Face> spell, and is a top-level wind and water spell that even Tabitha couldn't yet control. However even though it is a high level spell, it's effects are very limited.

That is that it can only change faces. Compared to the Shape Shifting spell that can change the whole body, this type of magic can't change the shape of the body, therefore isn't really an amazing magic. But, for this task it seemed enough.

Isabella grabbed the glasses off Tabitha's face, then loudly laughed,

Ahahaha! It really looks identical! As for me, I need to go on a trip somewhere so you're going to be my double for this period of time.."

Tabitha gently nodded her head, it looked like she understood her task.

"Of course, looking at your thin and weak appearance, and also you're small stature, compared to my beauty there's naturally a world of difference. But wearing high heels, and stuffing something down her chest, it'll pass."

Isabella caressed Tabitha's blue hair. This blue hair had a sheen that no dye an imitate.

"You really are most suitable to be my double. Although you are no longer royalty, the color of this hair is still royalty after all."

In a carriage heading towards a small town called Punishment[3], more or less 100 leagues away from the capital. Lutèce

Isabella looked at Tabitha dressed up in a princess costume with satisfaction. Isabella herself was dressed as a maid, and went under the guise of being a newly-employed maid to deceive the servants and other maids. To fool the enemy, one must fool those closest to you - she seemed to be immersed in that type of joy.

"Brilliant! There's simple no one that thinks I'm a princess! My make-up skills are really amazing!"

Compared to her so-called "make-up skills", more importantly was her natural attitude. Originally Isabella just simply didn't have character and integrity for royalty. As soon as she removed her her crown, her not seeming like a princess went without saying. However Isabella didn't seem to have hit upon this point, she only shouted and laughed loudly, and enjoyed the current situation.

"Okay, I think it's about time we tell you, Princess-sama. This times trip is no ordinary trip. The town we're going to, is a place ruled by an arrogant lord named Albert. He is often late on taxes, and didn't show his face at the palace during this years advent festival. Some people are spreading the rumor that he is definitely rebelling. Then in order to celebrate the lord's birthday, they are throwing a garden party, therefore I was also invited."

Isabella while continuing poked the crown on Tabitha's head,

"That, without a doubt, is a trap. They probably plan to kidnap me, the Princess, as keep me as hostage. Therefore, I plan to use this information. Simply let them act, then get definite evidence of their rebellion. So? My plan's brilliant right? Isn't a bold plan with the style of the Captain of the Knights of the Parterre?

Isabella kept looking at her, however Isabella still didn't utter a word.

"This is a perfect example of so-called intelligence. Don't think just because you're a bit capable in magic that you're powerful or anything." Tabitha didn't reply.

Because of this Castlemont, sitting in a seat at the front, pulled his wand out with a *swish*, and said pointing at Tabitha, "Being a double, you dare to mock the Princess?"

"Don't be like this, Castlemont. I'm currently talking to her."

After listening to Isabella's words, the young knight immediately put away his wand,

"Please pardon this subordinate's rudeness. However, to not answer our beloved Princess-sama's question, this type of insult makes it hard for me to bear."

Then, he viciously took a look at Tabitha,

"Princess-sama is asked you, whether or not you consider yourself very powerful?"

Tabitha didn't have a choice, forced to briefly reply,


She simply didn't care about the opinions others held of her.

"That's correct, you're a gargoyle freely controlled by me, moving under my directions, just a chess piece in the end. However, you should occasionally still raise a brow. Just looking at you vexes people."

Isabella pinched the cheeks of her cousin, and twisted it around without stop.

"Then, let me tell you something that will make you immediately change your expression. I've heard that in order to capture me, this lord has actually hired a very powerful professional. It's said that this person's a mercenary magician by the name of Groundwater. You should have hear of this person too right?"

Tabitha nodded her head. That was a name well known in the underworld of Gallia. A magician that, just like groundwater, flows without a sound, suddenly appears, and disappears into the ground after accomplishing the mission. Even this person's name and age are unclear.

The only thing that can be said with certainty, is that if catching this person's eye, no matter if it's a life, prey of human, they all can't escape from this persons control.

  1. Something about smoke and pillars here too, really don't know the exact meaning though - so could someone please check
  2. Translation at just cuts off here. It may just be that someone accidentally pressed the enter button but judging by context I decided otherwise
  3. Translated it literally, can't think of what it sounds like