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Yamaguchi here. Finally, the tenth book of Zero no Tsukaima. How great is that!

Not just in anime, but in games and manga, it has spread in various ways in the world. I have been having this feeling of my work leaving my hands.

I have seen many fan arts at the Net too. I feel it spreading, and it feels good. Similar to the universe, expansion is a good thing. Seemingly expanding like a bubble-shaped universe. Great Wall? Nah. An awesome universe.

The theme of the 10th book is “hero”. Who is “hero” this word referring to? During my younger days, I thought of it as in games -Warriors wield swords; magi cast magic; priests heal injuries; bandits are quick- These easy-to-understand characters came into my mind, but a hero is neither. They have to wield swords, have to use magic……So it is referring to people who do what?

I thought ‘hero’ refers to the one who saves the world, but the warrior, priest, and magician –aren’t they part of the party which saves the world?

I thought about this. “Hero” is the player himself, and because of his fame, he’s a hero. That’s because I have been pondering alone, playing games. However, I came to a sudden realization lately.

A “hero” refers to someone fortunate who is placed in a situation in which he can display his valor.

That is not his occupation, but it is also not referring to someone brave. That's because there is no man on earth who does not possess courage.

It cannot be helped, since that depends on each individual's interpretation. Generally, the moment a person is chosen by God was a hero, his journey as one begins.

In short, a “hero” is not the act of “becoming one”, but the act of “unintentionally becoming one”, or “unintentionally chosen as one”.

Chosen randomly by God, the compilation of courage-displaying people. That is the real form of a hero. Because he was “unintentionally chosen” like that, the courage which will be displayed, will be the real one, right? Or, doesn't it surpass the will of God?

Such hero is a hero and is important, but a romantic comedy with cute girls -this is important too. Anyhow, if this thing doesn't exist, Japan will lose its international competitiveness. The main character has to be loved by all the other female characters- because that is the belief of this 21st century author, Noboru Yamaguchi, I want to continue this. I mean, because the characters- generally the heroines- are the instruments of my desire; in short, because I am writing this while in love, I cannot help but to do it. DISGUSTING? Don't talk nonsense! It's common knowledge. With that, that's all for Volume 10!

Noboru Yamaguchi

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