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Chapter 2[edit]

Siesta stood in the kitchen of the women's servant quarters, as she was being constantly bombarded by her co-workers.

"Wait! Didn't I say I'm busy?"

"Hey, hey, Siesta, try these spices! He will certainly be delighted!"

It was a world with no TV, so the love of others was the best form of entertainment. The ladies, who didn't know how to dispose of their spare time in the long nights, were in a daze of romance.

"Hey, hey, are you deciding today? Are you deciding?"

They were questioning Siesta with such excitement and vigor that they couldn’t be more annoying. During that time, Siesta would momentarily stop her cooking and yell at her friends to get out of the way or that they were bothering her and such.

“But about Saito-sama, isn’t he a noble now? Siesta, you’re amazing… You’ve hit the jackpot!”

Her roommate, Lola, was brimming with curiosity as she drew closer.

Siesta shook her head.

“Not really. Being a noble is not why I adore him.”

“That’s right. Nobles are such prudes. Even if you go out with them, they are just so stiff to be around. On that note, Saito-sama is great. He's a noble but he used to be a commoner. Marrying him would be the best!”

“I’m telling you that his status doesn’t matter.”

Siesta’s expression grew a little sad as she stirred the stew in the pot. Lola seemed to detect something from her once roommate’s facial expression, as she peered into Siesta’s face.

“I see. Then he is a fine gentleman with many accomplishments. Lately his popularity seems to have dropped due to that incident with the aerial brigade. Even so, he is still wonderful. The noble ladies just won’t leave him alone.”

Siesta was slightly gloomy as she silently continued cooking.

“But Siesta, you haven’t given up at all, have you?”

“That’s exactly right!”

The other girls nodded in agreement.

“Yes yes. Anyways, I’m going to bring the food up, so move out of the way.”

Lola seemed to be the most experienced one. With a wink to the other girls, Siesta was surrounded by them.



In one swoop, the girls grabbed Siesta and began undressing her.

“Wh-what are you doing! Hey!”

In no time, Siesta was completely stripped naked.

“Hey, Give me back my clothes!”

Siesta shouted while shielding the important places of her body. Lola handed over a single apron to her.

“…What is this?”

“An apron.”

“And the rest?”

“Just that.”

Siesta became red in the face.

“N-no matter how you look at it, it’s indecent.”

“You've already taken a bath with him, why are you still fussing?”

Being Siesta’s roommate, Lola knew exactly how to approach her. Siesta blushed.

“It’ll be fine. It’s only us girls here. You won’t be seen by any other men.”

“Th-that’s not the problem…”

“Isn’t your rival a noble? You won’t win if you don’t do this much. You have your own secret weapon.”

“My secret weapon?”


Lola pointed up and down Siesta’s chest and stomach with a mischievous smile.

“That body. A body which always has a shockingly stunning texture. A body that cannot lose to that of a noble. If we don’t effectively use that, won’t it be a waste? Right?”

“Exactly! On top of that, a newlywed wife should wait on her husband in just an apron!”

Obviously over-exaggerating things, the girls kept blabbering away. Siesta draped the apron around her. Well, if you look from the front, her body was hidden… Though if you see it from the side, it was rather suspicious.

With her head still steaming, Siesta carried the food away on a tray. However, the dessert was nowhere to be seen.

“Where did I put that dessert cream puff?”

After asking that, Lola immediately smiled mischievously.

“The dessert is separate.”

A pastry bag filled with custard cream was grasped in Lola’s hand.

How long had he been waiting?

“So hungry…’ thought Saito as he propped an elbow up. Then, the door opened and Siesta came in. Seeing her, Saito eagerly popped out of his chair.

Siesta’s current appearance was impossible to forget, no matter how you looked at it.

“S-Siesta…, that’s… the legendary naked apron…”

The only place he had ever seen it was in fiction, the rumored naked apron. Seeing it in real life in front of him… he could drop dead in happiness. But, he could hardly contain the inexplicably blissful feeling of this arrangement.

Combined with the usual knee-socks that stretched over her knees and the maid headband properly placed on her head, her form was stunning.

“Why do you… look… look like that?”

As he asked her with tears shamelessly streaming down his eyes in joy, Siesta confidently replied.

“Because it was hot.”

“Ah, it’s not too hot… It’s still spring, isn’t it…”

“It is hot.”

Siesta said clearly. Delving into it no farther, Saito shut up. Still incredibly nervous, he sat back down, as Siesta started setting up the table for dinner. Whenever she extended her arms, her chest was just barely visible in the space under the apron. At the same time, the simple but tasty looking food was being placed in front of him.

To find herself a seat, Siesta turned away from Saito, giving him a taste of hell’s temptation. I see it, I can see it! That white, dazzling, but soft-looking butt could be seen. After seeing that, he could no longer be his normal self. Deciding this, Saito didn’t care anymore as he eagerly looked for a chance to pinch Siesta’s butt.

Siesta sat across the table from Saito.

“I-I think it’s quite delicious. Please help yourself.”

That phrase had a double meaning to him as Saito put some food in his mouth. Whether it was meat, or fish, or veggies, he had no idea what it was. His eyes were solely focused on Siesta in front of him.

“I-I will also eat.”

Siesta casually reached for the food. From that simple gesture, her apron flipped around, as if the superb melons underneath tried to shake free. If you stood at her side, you would definitely be able to see them. As Saito’s imagination ran wild with Siesta in his head, the real one suddenly said something unbelievable.

“…would you like to move your chair over here, next to me?”

Without a thought, Saito nodded, but then…

The curtain behind Siesta shook from the wind as a silhouette passed by.


Then, the silhouette passed by slowly again. That was Sylphid riding by with Louise and Tabitha, wasn’t it? Louise’s eyes were blazing with an indescribable fire of anger while Tabitha was reading her book like usual.

Saito was really troubled. As Sylphid and Louise rode by several times, he could see her mouth out some words each time.

[If you get]

[any closer]

[I’ll kill you]

Saito trembled. In front of Siesta only clad in an apron, he would have to endure the entire night. It was torture. It was unmatchable torture. He had to get out of here now!

Siesta, who had no idea what was going on behind her, simply smiled and poured Saito some wine. Lastly, her face was bright red as she said, “I dropped the spoon, could you please pick it up?”

He was so done for. This day has done its toil on him, he thought. ‘He couldn’t pick up the spoon. If he did, there was no way he could stay human. But thanks.’ He feverishly mumbled.


Saito finally stood up and left the room. He felt like he couldn’t go on without cooling his head.

Back in the room, the left-behind Siesta realized that her time was running out. She took out the love potion that Jessica gave her from her bag.

The heart-shaped bottle containing purple liquid. With a shaky hand, she opened the lid. As the lid came off with a light pop, the peculiar and bitter scent of the potion drifted in the air.

She brought the potion closer to Saito’s wine cup, the bottle in her hand trembling.

What are you doing, Siesta?

Hurry up and pour it in!

If you do that, Saito will be all yours.

Siesta looked at the mirror next to the table, which showed the reflection of her appearance. Her figure in only the apron, didn’t that give off a considerable amount of appeal?

She knew it… the potion was just unfair. If she didn’t win on her own charms… then it would be inexcusable to Miss Vallière.

Looking up, Siesta popped the lid back on the bottle.

But… was Saito-san really looking at her? Coming up with all of this, if he wasn’t attracted to her…, she would feel like a hopeless fool.

Siesta’s worries continued to grow.

At that moment, the door opened with a bang. Saito, who had gone to the bathroom, was there.


Siesta, instinctively chucked the bottle in her hand out the window.

“… What’s wrong?”

Saito, who had a towel wadded around his nose, asked.

“No-nothing… I saw one of my friends outside the window again… Ha Ha ♪”

Siesta secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, the love potion was really unfair.

Montmorency was in the Suðri courtyard, pacing back and forth in annoyance.

‘Guiche that jerk…’, she muttered to herself.

“I can’t believe he would peek in the bath!”

After that incident, the boys of the Knight Corp of the Water Spirit were beaten to a pulp by the furious girls.

The wounds that were inflicted were much worse than their scuffle with the aerial brigade. Once again, they had been sent to medical care. However, no one bothered to visit them this time.

At this moment, the Knight Corp of the Water Spirit was simply a troupe of perverts. Truly, their fame was short-lived.

There were requests from the instructors to expel them. However, due to various excuses such as the steam being too thick to see anything, or that however rotten they were they were still imperial guards, or that the queen really shouldn’t be involved in this, they somehow managed to escape expulsion. In the end, they were let off with just setting up a training period and doing community service once a month.

Montmorency’s anger was still not settled, however.

Today, she would give that pervert brigade a taste of their own medicine. She thought as she paced around… In front of her eyes, a heart-shaped bottle dropped down with a clink.

Montmorency picked up the bottle.

“This is a magic potion, isn’t it?”

Montmorency’s hobby, as you may know by now, was synthesizing potions. At this moment, she couldn’t help but be intrigued by what the nature of this potion that fell from the sky was.

She sniffed at the aroma from the potion.

With only that, she immediately recognized what it was.

Th-this fragrance is…

At that moment, Sylphid, who had been flying by several times to investigate Siesta’s room, swept past Montmorency, accidentally making her tip the bottle to her mouth.


The purple liquid flowed down her throat as Montmorency choked.

“Oh no… I drank it.”

Sylphid flew down in front of Montmorency.

“Sorry Montmorency, are you ok?”

It was Louise who had dropped down.

Montmorency looked down. Uh oh, if my intuition is correct, then this potion will…

“That thing that dropped down just now, what was it?”

Louise asked.

“G-go away!”

Montmorency shouted. But disregarding her yell, Louise came closer, and took the bottle from Montmorency’s hand.

Montmorency promptly shut her eyes, but it was too late. Louise’s pinkish-blond hair and beautifully-formed face had already flown into her sight.

“What is this? Why did that girl throw something like this out the window? Hey, Montmorency, just what in the world do you think this is?... Eh?”

Louise noticed that Montmorency had been staring at her with an unusual facial expression. With her cheeks flushed and her eyes teary, she was apparently looking at her.

“What is with you…?”

Louise got a chill down her spine as she inched away from Montmorency.


Montmorency drew closer to her with a feverish look.

“Well, see you later. Bye.”

Louise turned to leave, but she was held back when Montmorency firmly clasped her hand.

“I’ve known this from a while back…, but you’re incredibly cute. It makes my heart pound…”

Montmorency reeled Louise closer and drew her small form into an enveloping embrace. This made Louise’s whole body quiver with chills.

“L-let me go! That’s disgusting! That’s disgusting, I said!”

“Don’t say that. Look, can you hear my heart throb? When I think of you, my hearts echoes like this. Every fiber of my being is flowing towards a single statement I want to tell you…”

“Stop it! Stop it!”

“That I love you…”

Montmorency pressed her lips onto Louise’s, as she fiercely embraced the struggling Louise. Montmorency had a larger stature. This made the powerless Louise struggle futilely, like a butterfly caught in a cloud as it was whisked away to another bush.

“Nooo! Montmorency! Please! You know, we’re both girls! This is wrong-gah!”

With her shirt having been partially-removed, Louise stuck her head out of the shrubbery and called out to Tabitha, who had been sitting on the bench for who knows how long.

“Hey! Tabitha! Help me, please! At this rate, I…!”

However, Tabitha didn’t even bat an eye in her direction.

“I helped with your scouting. The rest is not my business.”

She gave off the feeling that she would rather not stick her nose into any person’s love affairs.

“Hey! Montmorency! Not there! Don’t touch me there like that! Nooo! Noo! Noooooooooo!”

Louise was slowly dragged back into the bushes.

After enough time had passed, a messed-up Louise crawled out of the bushes. Still grasping onto Louise’s skirt, an unconscious Montmorency was sprawled on the ground. Both of them looked like a hurricane had hit them. Their clothes were torn here and there, and their prided golden and pink hair was all over the place.

“What the hell were you thinking!”

She yelled back towards the bushes. In order to protect some decency, Louise did all she could to resist. Both of their grappling ability was more or less equal. Her lack of strength was made up with the ferocity of when she disciplined Saito, so she somehow managed to protect some of her modesty.

But, Louise’s luck today seemed to get worse and worse.

Kirche came over to them.

Kirche noticed the messed up Louise and Montmorency, and was able to deduce what had just happened.

“You girls… what were you doing together? How could you go that far? No matter how hard it is to find a good lover… you finally decided to go after girls? I can’t believe this!”

Well, the love potion that Siesta received from Jessica was pretty poor quality. Since it was sold on the black market, it was a dubious item. The effect duration was a bit on the short side, but it also had another fatal flaw.

Its effect was “contagious.”

The love potion’s effects had now transferred to Louise’s lips, which had been seized by Montmorency. Without realizing that, she couldn’t help but look directly at Kirche, who was standing in front of her.

Louise’s cheeks gradually became flushed.

Kirche was embedded in her vision, while she pointed at Louise and preached about love.

“You hear me? The most important thing for your partner is passion. A passion like fire which will melt his heart. The two of you are…murh?!” Kirche was surprised. Suddenly, her lips had been shut up by something.

With a look of disbelief, Kirche stared at the pink-haired girl in front of her. Louise had ecstatically pressed her lips against hers.

Far from her expectations, even Kirche’s knees gave out. As she sunk down, she tried to peel Louise off her.

“L-Louise? Hey, what is the meaning…”

“Kirche. I really hate people like you!”

“I-I know that.”

“Don’t misunderstand! W-when I look at your face, it’s just that my heart beats like crazy!”


“So take responsibility. Just a little while is fine and teach me about that passion!”

“Hey. Louise, hey…”

Kirche tried to brush Louise aside.

But, her panic was keeping her from doing that well. During the struggle, Louise slipped her small hand into the opening of Kirche’s shirt.

“What the heck… these feminine, plump breasts that I don’t have, but you have plenty of, I can’t forgive you for that. Aah, I can’t forgive you. Aah, the flaming Kirche…”

Louise’s hand was fiddling with her prideful bust. Kirche got goosebumps all over.

“St-stop it, I said!”

Strangely, a cute, girly moan escaped from Kirche’s throat. Hardly had she been in this kind of position where her head was all muddled.

“Louise..., look this way. Think carefully about who your most important person is.”

Montmorency, who had fainted, seemed to be awake and joined in, which made the situation more chaotic.

“Let go! Who needs a mutt like you! I like a big girl like Kirche!”

“What are you talking about? A small chest has much more charm. I love that washboard chest of yours…”

What’s with that? They couldn’t come to terms.

While Montmorency and Louise bickered, Kirche dropped down and crawl away as quickly as possible. Then, she saw Tabitha nearby.

“Tabitha! Help me!”

Tabitha was sitting on the bench, her face in a daze as she read her book. A sigh that blew by her ear brought her back to reality.

Was it Sylpid? No, her familiar had told her that it was hungry and had flown off somewhere after dropping Louise off.

“… Tabitha. My little Tabitha.”

Tabitha turned around.

Her best friend, Kirche, was standing there.


Her hands had been on Tabitha’s back the whole time. Her eyes also had a glint of something mischievous.

“You are my gr-eat-es-t fr-ie-nd.”

She couldn’t have been mistaken… Something was definitely wrong here.

It wasn’t the usual Kirche.

As if confirming her suspicions, Kirche suddenly slipped her hand under Tabitha’s skirt.


Tabitha watched her friend’s hand move, still expressionless. Slowly, Kirche’s hand inched up her thigh. It was as if Kirche was trying to get her attention.

There must be some reason for this behavior, thought Tabitha as she tilted her head. Was there a bug or something that got in her skirt?

Next, Kirche gently nibbled on her earlobe.


“You are truly cute…, my little Tabitha. I think that there is still much more for me to teach you about. Let’s go through them one by one, so that you can properly become an adult…”

As Kirche started to remove the underwear under Tabitha’s skirt, Tabitha stood up. At that time, Tabitha instantly understood the undeniable danger that she was in. Although she tried to make her escape, Kirche was constricting her movement, causing Tabitha to tumble to the ground. Soon after, her lips were stolen. Kirche’s tongue technique slipped past her lips and into her mouth. Tabitha’s entire body lost its energy. Tabitha waved the wand that she never let go of no matter when.

“Air Hammer.”

A mass of air blew Kirche’s body away. Kirche collided into Louise and then Montmorency, whisking them away as well.

She had no idea what had happened. Tabitha made her exit. Ahead of her was the servant’s quarters. For now, she could go there for a hiding place.

Tabitha was enveloped by all sorts of fear that she had not felt before. Strangely, Tabitha’s forehead was glistening with sweat.

“What do you think that noise was?”

Hearing the noise downstairs, Siesta tilted her head.

It’s really loud.

First, the door downstairs opened.

A short while after, a scream was heard.

It sounded like there was a bunch of struggling. Then, another scream, followed by another.

“Should I go take a look?”

As Saito got up, someone flew backwards into the room.


It was apparently Siesta’s roommate.

With her back still facing away from Siesta and Saito, Lola was muttering something that they couldn’t understand.

“Stop… please. We’re all girls here, right?”

Automatically sensing danger, Siesta grabbed Saito’s hand and dove under the covers of the bed.

At the same time, a line of girls stampeded into the room.

What happened afterwards was a nightmare for any normal girl. But for men, it was the stuff of their dreams. However, the fact that only girls were involved was a bit of a waste… In any case, it was not something you see everyday.

“Louise! My lovely Louise! When I look at your pink locks, I somehow want to be just like you!”

“Kirche! Wait! You have me, don’t you!?”

“Tabitha! My little Tabitha! Let me teach you everything from the beginning!”


“Ah, Kamille! My Kamille!”

“Dominique! I won’t let you go tonight! Dominique!”

“Oh Lola, your golden hair causes me to go mad!”

From Montmorency to Louise to Kirche to Tabitha. Then most of the servant girls were thrown into this ordeal, turning the room into a state of pandemonium.

Saito and Siesta were hidden under covers trembling at the scene in front of them.

As suddenly as the commotion began, it ended.

The love potion that Jessica had obtained was indeed something cheap and crappy. The effect was crude and furthermore, the duration of the effect was something to complain about, with it being barely an hour.

But within that hour, the girls that were stretched out on the ground had been implanted with enough trauma for a lifetime.

Like a hangover the day after, Montmorency had a massive headache as she stood up. Noticing her torn-up shirt, she made to cover herself and then looked over at the face of a still half-asleep Louise, who was covering the yawn that escaped from her mouth.

Louise, whose hair and clothes were all shabby looking, also looked over at Kirche’s dark-skinned chest, which was covered in her kiss marks. Louise’s face drained of color and then became bright red.

Kirche looked over at Louise. Having somehow already returned to normal, Kirche whispered into her ear.

“Weren’t you quite passionate.”

In the room where all the girls had gathered, they started wondering what had caused this. Montmorency took out the heart-shaped bottle from her pocket.

“A love potion. And a crude one at that.”

“Who in the world would have such a thing…”

The girls all looked at each other. At that time…, Siesta squirmed around and popped her head out of the covers.

“It was me… I’m sorry.”


Everyone in the room turned to the suddenly revealed culprit.

“I see. It’s something that you got from Jessica.”

Louise said, mixed with a sigh.

In front of her, Siesta and Saito were sitting on top of the bed. Siesta, who was wrapped in a blanket, told them everything. That Jessica had given her the love potion, and about how she was supposed to have put it in Saito’s wine…

“While I did give you permission to use Saito for a day, I didn’t say that you could do something like that.”

As Siesta heard this, tears trickled down her face.

“I’m really sorry… I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble for everyone. Not only that, the item was illegal… I apologize to you too, Saito. I don’t deserve to be liked by you.”

The room suddenly became silent.

Saito was the one to break the silence.

“Siesta, it’s not your fault. You didn’t use it, after all. Didn’t you throw it outside because you had no intention to use it?”


“Anyways, it was Mon Mon who picked it up and drank it. She did something so stupid despite being a noble.”

Montmorency’s face burned red in anger.

“Why is it my fault?! It was mostly due to Louise, who was flapping around on a dragon, which stirred up the wind and made me accidentally drink it!”

The girls began pointing fingers and cursing each other. Saito waved his arms as if telling them to shut up.

“It’s fine already. Besides, it looked like everyone had a good time anyways…”

Saito stopped himself there. All of the girls in the room glared at Saito full of anger.

‘Ah, why did I have to say that,’ he thought as he received a volley of magic, causing him to pass out.

After that, the girls left, leaving behind an unconscious Saito, Louise, and Siesta in the room.

“I’m truly sorry.”

Siesta said to Louise with tears in her eyes.

“I… was being unfair. For a moment, I really didn’t know what to do, whether to use it or not. Then, Saito suddenly came back in the room… Without thinking, I tossed it outside.”

Louise was staring intently at the apologizing Siesta… Then, she nodded.

“It’s fine already.”

Louise rustled through her pockets and handed over something to Siesta.

It was a single note.

“What… is this?”

“Read it and see.”

The note was written by Saito on the way back from Albion. It was apparently an entry from his secret diary, which seemed to talk only about Louise.

It was about how she was so cold to him, about how he hurt her pride. His entire thoughts dragged on and on in the written text.

After Siesta read it, she looked up at Louise.

“Miss Vallière…”

“Do you understand? This shows how he is the king of dimwits. So if you want to count on some strange potion, you should at least know something of his feelings first.”

Siesta nodded.

After that, Louise said to her in an angry voice.

“If you want to give up so easily, what am I supposed to say? It would be disappointing.”

Siesta tightly embraced Louise.

“Ah, Miss Vallière… If Saito-san were to ever disappear, I think that it would be fine to devote the rest of my life to you.”

“Well said, but I feel something akin to a friendship with you as well.”

“Being acknowledged as a friend by a person of nobitlity… makes me the happiest in all of Tristain.”

With a smile on her face, Louise picked up the bottle on top of the table and poured its contents into two glasses.

“Here, let’s toast with some wine.”


“Siesta nodded as she took the glass.

“To friendship.”

They clinked glasses and downed the drink in the glass.

“Hey, Miss Vallière.”


“Come to think of it, the food and wine on top of the table should have been scattered onto the floor during the ruckus.”

“What are you talking about? It’s right here, isn’t it?”

Louise was holding up the heart-shaped bottle. Light from the twin moons flooded through the window into the room, giving the liquid in the bottle a suspicious sparkle.

As Siesta saw the bottle, her eyes became cloudy.

“…I guess so. By the way, Miss Vallière.”


Louise’s eyes had also gained a strange hint of lust. Their faces gradually got closer and closer.

“Miss Vallière is the world’s cutest girl. I can’t believe it. It’s as if a god has come down just for me, like in a painting.”

“Heh, well said. But you’re also well, passable…. J-just a little bit cute. Only a little bit. Only a little, but looking at you makes my heart pound.”

Their lips got closer. Those lips pressed firmly together. As their breaths got ragged, they impatiently started stripping each other.

Louise’s shirt and Siesta’s apron fell on top of Saito, who was still sprawled on the ground.

Siesta grabbed the custard cream pastry bag from the ground.

“Hey, Miss Vallière.”

“What? Y-you can’t be seriously teasing me with that.”

“Don’t you want to have dessert?”

That had been originally for Saito. It was Lola’s final ultimate weapon. Siesta started peppering her own body with cream.

“The dessert is me… Have a good long taste and please savor every bit.”

Louise embraced Siesta tightly.

“Siesta, this kind of dessert is unforgivable! Unforgivable! I’ll eat you all up, but don’t think that I like you or anything!”

“Ah, I’m so happy, Miss Vallière!”

As the two were still embracing, they tumbled onto the bed.

Saito woke up from the ballad of wild and sweet moans between the two.

Under the moonlight, the blanket on top of the bed shifted wildly.

As the blanket flipped open, Saito’s eyes got huge.

Siesta and Louise were both naked as the day they were born. They were both embracing each other tightly and fiercely making out.

Saito couldn’t believe the scene in front of him.

These two fairies were confirming their love, but what the heck is this?

Quickly, he realized what this was.

Ah, it’s a dream.

It has to be a dream.

But what a wonderful dream, it was… If it was this dream, he could watch it everyday. Since it was a dream anyways… He would also join in. If he couldn’t find a way to join in before he woke up, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

The two “lovers” tangled on the bed soon noticed the presence of the shameless intruder. Their eyes fired up in anger.

Unfortunately, the effects of the potion had not extended to Saito. The infectious nature of the effects of the love potion only applied to ones that had been kissed by those that drank the potion. And since the two of them drank it at the same time, they only had eyes for each other.

“It’s the biggest request in my life. Please let me join…”

Saito, who was sitting on the ground, was quickly covered by the blanket. Before he had time to breath, the both of them flew out of the bed and kicked him away.

“What are you looking at!”

“Please go away!”

They had cleanly kicked him out of the window. As he fell towards the ground, Saito thought. If his life were to end when he crashed to the ground…

The scene that he saw today.

Was such blissful art.

That it would continue comforting his soul long afterwards.

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