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The capital of Gallia, Lutèce.

The man who was called the “Mad King” by Romalia's pope was right now in the middle of a boundless beautiful garden full of flowers, and gazing afar in all directions.

This was a flower terrace which could even be the number one in Versardier, with its ever-blooming rich flowers.

The southern rose terrace.

To Joseph, this was a flower terrace where he can have fun by himself, and where he could also comfort himself from his meaningless solitary life. This was a paradise on earth built with the greatest skills of every garden architect of this country.

On this land of around two square kilometres, there were a countless number of coloured roses.

The one that held the most attention was the blue one.

That was this year's......, after improving multiple test products, the finally finished and steady blue breed of rose.

This rose, since it had a link with the royalty's blue hair, had been surnamed “La Gallia”, which meant that it was a symbol of Gallia.

Joseph looked at the flower terrace with satisfaction. He wasn't clear about the huge amount of money he had spent on this blue rose.

“This rose garden is really way too beautiful.”

Exclaimed Mrs. Molière, who was at Joseph's side. Joseph nodded with satisfaction.

“The amount of money spent on this rose garden was already enough to run a small country.”

“This is the most beautiful kingdom in the world. The taste of Your Majesty is quite elegant.”

After that, Mrs. Molière looked at Joseph and asked with a mischievous tone.

“Why did Your Majesty need to build this rose garden?”

As Joseph's lover, Mrs. Molière expected some sweet words. She was looking forward to something like “It was for you.” or something like that. However, the king's answer wasn't like that.

Joseph lightly said.

“This is so that I can destroy it.”

Mrs. Molière pursed her lips, to show her disenchantment,

“Ah! You are joking again!”

“Joking? Ah, right. It might sound like that.”

Joseph said that awkwardly, but this made Mrs. Molière even more angry. No matter when, this king is always like that. One couldn't figure out if he was joking or saying the truth.

"I have something to ask His Majesty."

"Do not hesitate."

"Your Majesty, do you love me?"

Joseph looked without understanding what Lady Molière had said. As if to say: You asked that to me?

"Of course"

"If so, then why aren't you gentle with me?" asked Mrs. Molière, beginning to mourn.

"Is that what you feel?"

"I can't bear to love a man who treats me cruelly."

Joseph was surprised to see the tears of Mrs. Molière.

"What did you say?"

"I love him!"

"You mean you love me? Is that true? Do you love the incompetent king? Do you love me even though I am humbled at home and abroad?"

"That's why I love him."

"I only think about money and status."

His wife Molière worsened in tears. "Even if your Majesty was a civilian, a beggar, my love would not change. I love your Majesty."

"Why do you love me?" asked Joseph, a bit puzzled.

"Your Majesty, you are a lonely man, you are the king of the world's wealth, but I just want to heal your heart, please. I am a woman who wants to relieve these problems, as this is love."

Joseph took the pleasure of laughing at his wife Molière.

"You're a nice person, Wife Molière. I think you're worthy of my love."

Mrs. Molière seemed intoxicated by the words of Joseph.

Finally she got those words of love she craved.

These words made her very happy. She was very proud.

He is just a person who pretends to be the king. Often your heart and mind are contradictory.

She had always been his companion. Mrs. Molière understood what no one else could understand about him, something like the infinite darkness of the abyss. She fell in love with a king.

Mrs. Molière wanted her love to melt the ice in the heart of Joseph.

I'll be the water that fills the hole in his heart.

These words should be able to cure the rotten heart of this king. The fragrance of flowers and words of love should help.

"Your Majesty, I have something to propose. It is for the sake of our future. Your Majesty, instead of total pain in your system, it would be better to share love."

However, Joseph said nothing.

"Your Majesty?"

A second later, Mrs. Molière...

"Oh, oh Oh, your Majesty, ohhhh"

Ms. Molière was stabbed in the chest.

The strength of her body disappeared.


Mrs. Molière did not understand why she was stabbed. And without understanding, she gradually fell into a deep sleep from which people never awoke.

Joseph slowly withdrew the dagger from Mrs. Molière’s breast. Like cutting meat, blood started gushing.

Her beautiful eyes opened one last time to look at Joseph. Joseph had the same indifferent expression to his wife lying on the floor almost dead. Then Mrs. Molière slowly closed her eyes one last time.

Joseph did not hesitate to open an oil tank, spilling it all over the terrace of flowers. Then, he set fire to the oil.

Unblinking, he watched the rose garden on fire.

Staring into the flames....

Then a woman appeared from the fire.

Not seeming to mind being in the midst of the flames, she was wearing a black robe and her hood alone showed her crimson lips.

It was Myoznitnirn.

Myoznitnirn looked at the corpse of Mrs. Molière.

"Was it your lover?" She asked.

"I do not know, maybe yes, maybe no. Anyway, it does not matter."


"Why, why kill her?"

"She said she loved me and that's why I killed her own people. She must have felt much pain in her heart."

"And you, Joseph-sama, do you have pain in your heart?"

Myoznitnirn smiled as if to say, you know how to do things. But Joseph refused.

"No, it can't be solved in the same way."

Myoznitnirn, satisfied, nodded and proceeded to give her report to Joseph.

"According to the report, ten special Jormungand had been completed."


"There is also a message saying that you have to meet the three users of the Void in Romalia."

"Oh" Joseph laughed.


"It's the perfect opportunity. Get ready; you will command the special army."

"Yes, sir."

Myoznitnirn disappeared in the fire.

Joseph picked up from the table a sound transmitter that worked with wind magic and an iron pipe. It was a transmitter that could only be used within the same castle.

"Get me in contact with the Fleet Commander" (note: do not know if it was a spell or was an order for someone else, it’s not specified in the text)

He was immediately connected to the Fleet Admiral. Joseph, through the transmitter, ordered perfectly.

"Naval fleet in the harbour of San Marin (サン · マロン) Your objective is … the Romalia Empire."

Across the transmitter, Commander Claville was afraid of the order given by Joseph.

"No need to announce the war. The cities, the streets, the towns, the people, everything must be destroyed," Joseph commented.

"War? You want to start a war? But Romalia was one of our allies against the revolutionaries of Albion."

"Ally? Is that what you think? Let me tell you something. Ah, well. What if there were other countries that are conspiring against us? Isn't it more difficult to resolve this?"

"I do not know what you're talking about, Your Majesty!"

No matter what the order was, he spoke without thinking twice. It was for this reason that he had become commander, instead of the other men who were all incompetent. But that did not matter. Simply run the fleet. The real struggle would come from Myoznitnirn’s army; they simply will be the drivers.

Joseph was annoyed with having to say the right words.

"Well, obey the order. This is a high order. If we want to stop this conspiracy, we must end Romalia soon."

On the other side of the transmission, the commander pondered the matter.

Joseph was often derided as an incompetent King, but he was not an idiot.

When he proposed something, no matter how or what, he had to fulfill his goal.

This should also be part of their whims.

This included the desire to win. Claville knew all this.

Joseph put the transmitter on the table and said, cursing.

"War is a stupid thing. I do not want war. But this is not just war. This so-called war is to consider interests. What are the benefits of attacking Romalia? Would we not be destroying our soul, to attack the country where people are race to God?"

Joseph hit the table.

"Ah ah, I'm just a man, after all. But why say that God loves all his children, if I feel nothing but pain? And ironically, he has given me strength! But just nothing in my heart! Nothing! ah ah ah ah, I'm not more a man than just empty thanks to him!"

Joseph comforted himself.

"Ah, my heart is empty, as the bladder of a rotten fish. Nothing can fill the emptiness in my heart ... Neither love, nor joy nor anger, nor sadness, and even hatred that have Charlotte for killing his father, my heart is hollow." Joseph looked into the sky. Then he watched as the guards tried to stop the Fire Flower: "Fast", "Put out the Fire", "Palace on fire"…

All cries echoed in the garden. However, Joseph did not care.

His eyes burned from the intense fire, but he stayed a moment longer, just to say nonsense.

"Well, Charlotte. To overthrow God, you must kill your brother and entire cities. Okay, Charlotte. Not everything in life is virtue and glory, there is all mourning and suffering. You can only commit a sin so great and irreparable if you want to feel a little guilty."

Joseph laughed. It was an innocent smile like an angel.

"Charlotte, I'm a man, and for that reason I can also feel the tears that pamper others."

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