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"See for yourselves, everyone. This is the absolute real crown of Joseph. The gigantic explosion just now, was none other than the good deeds of Joseph. He had allied with the elves and created this kind of hellish fire... he completely annhiliated the dual use fleet. Not only so, he also wanted you to go down with it." Facing the Gallian army, Vittorio continued his speech. Taking out Joseph's crown just now, Vittorio began to persuade the Gallian armies.

After all, isn't Joseph's crown the best proof.

Slowly, even the most stubborn Gallian soldiers, began to recall rumours of Joseph allying with elves, starting to be pursuaded bit by bit.

"But, this mad king, has already been called back by the Gods. More ironically, using the fireball explosion he created... if this is not the punishment from God, what else could it be?"

Suddenly hearing news of Joseph's death, the Gallian army expressed their disbelief towards Vittorio's speech. To confirm the genuinity of Vittorio's news would certainly require quite a bit of time. Not long afterwards, contact from Lutece was established, knowledge of Joseph boarding the speedboat alone obtained.

With things already at this stage, there is now little reason to fight. Their king was already dead. And he even tried to perish every single one of them along with the Romalian army...

Not a single soldier was left loyal to Joseph.

The Gallian army finally held back their spears and surrendered to the Romalian army. Vittorio's speech continued. "Please relax. I have no desire to condemn you all, nor to treat you as fugitives. Since every one of you is part of the glorious member of the Gallian Empire, we are all friends in front of God. The 'crusade' was only used to describe the Joseph swallowed by that humongous fireball, not on any one of you..."

Saito found Vittorio's words irritating.

"Who is our real enemy? It's the elven heretics! They were the ones supporting the incompetent king, terrorizing the whole world!"

Tiffania nervously pulled her hat lower. Saito nodded towards Tiffania. Although still wounded, it has already recovered to a degree where Saito is capable of moving around. Towards the healing magic of the royal personel, Saito could not help but express his awe.

"It's alright. We won't let that guy get away with it."

"But in the end, it all went according to Romalia's plans." Louise mentioned coldly.

"Huh, that guy was about to change Joseph's mind with only one spell. We must be really cautious from now on." Saito said

"Is that true?"

"Mhm, I saw it with my own eyes. Joseph was in the middle of chanting 'explosion', just as he was about to cast it upon the 'fire jewel'... there he stood, not moving a muscle. I'm sure it was that moment when he casted some sort of spell."

"Welll, thanks to him, we're all saved now."

"Although that's true, but everything went accordingly to how that guy planned, it kind of pisses me off."

"How troublesome. He really knows how to put up an act. This Pope, perhaps he may really make this 'crusade' a success." Guiche muttered dreamily.

"Hey, Guiche!" Given a stern stare from Saito, Guiche turned around.

"Oh I was just joking. That giant fireball... elven magic? What a joke! How can our founders possibly fight with people who can make things as terrifying as that!"

"If anything goes wrong in the Pope's plan, it should be exactly this." Kirche voiced her thoughts.

"What do you mean?"

"Both Romallia and Gallia, a hundred and fifty thousand men, witnessed the power of the elves at such a close distance. No matter how charismatic the Pope is, how do you suppose he convince all of these people to dig their own graves?"

"There's another factor as well." Louise suggested "To revive the true power of the void, we need all four void users. But since the Gallia's void user and familiar died together, there's only the three of us left. This was we can't win against the elves."

That's right! How could they have forgotten about this! The girls burst out in laughter after realisation.

.....Saito thought otherwise. Joseph's death should also be in Vittorio's calculations, wasn't that how Julio said? "That king will never join us."

If so, there must also be a plan to continue the Crusade without his help.

It must be like that.

"Well, so that's that! Our crusade is over! Leave the rest for Romalia! If asked, just say, sorry, we don't have any more funds for an expedition~~! Besides the terror of the Gallian king has already ended! Let's return home~~ return home! Enjoy ourselves with Saito's hard earned money, all of us!"

Hearing Guiche's suggestions, all the Water Spirit Ondine Knights laughed brightly. Saito was also clapped on the back, shaking his head in chuckles. Vittorio's plans is still yet to end, is still yet to be uncovered, they must not let down their guard.

Plus, Saito's power was hardly useful. Castlemont already especially warned him "be careful" previously.... but he got carried away and completely forgot about the existance of Joseph's spell.

If it weren't for the Pope's "void", perhaps he would have perished along with the a hundred and fifty thousand men, turned to nothing but ashes.

There's a lot more even powerful people ahead...

But then Saito remembered, I have my friends.

and... Louise.

Saito put his hands on Louise's shoulders. "Now we never have to worry about that guy's intentions anymore"

"so true."

"Leave it to me. If he dare come near us again, I will definitely stop him. Next time I won't be so careless. oh and also, we should go buy a house, the comfortable kind."

Malicorne poured them tea "Don't about lemon gardens."

Louise blushed red immediately.

"Hey hey, lemon gardens, no thanks." Just as Saito was finished with his sentence, Louise kicked relentlessly towards his butt.

"Ow! I am a patient, you know!"

"Who told you to make decisions on your own!"

"Are you going to keep arguing that with me."

Towards the already heated couple, Malicorne fuelled them even more. "Stop! we must all be at peace~~!"

"Go peace yourself! I'm serious about it!" Bellowed Louise furiously. Malicorne pointed out attentively. "Eh? Why didn't you kick him in between the legs, but on his butt? A word of the wise from the wisps of the wind, if it's between the legs, there won't be anymore lemon-chan, no?"

Taking a deep breath, Louise swung her leg between Saito's. Hit right in the spot, Saito rolled on the floor. "You... stop kicking other people."

"I've already spared you from even worse!" After bellowing again, Louise's face turned redder. So that's why, although she did kick him, it didn't actually hurt much.

Their mates couldn't breathe from the continuous laughter.

Lying on the floor, Saito thought, with the help of these mates... even if it's another one of Romalia's plans, they may be able to stop it. Definitely.

"Great! Anyway, let's drink for a continuous 3 nights!" Saito raised his arm. Cheers flew everywhere.

But soon, this atmosphere was soon shattered by Kirche's words. "But, what about Tabitha? Is she really going to become Gallia's Queen? From the looks of her just now, it doesn't seems like she have much choice anymore..."

In an instant, everyone exchanged looks.

Oh right.

And then there's that question.

Why did Tabitha suddenly decide to accept the coronation?

"Don't tell me she really wanted to become a puppet of Romalia?" Reinard muttered. Everyone began to worry.

After Pope Vittorio's speech, Tabitha's interrupted coronation was continued. The crown of Joseph displayed just now, was immediately used in the coronation.

In the tents behind the stage, Tabitha held her hands tightly. She was thinking the words Saito said just now.

"Make your decision, Tabitha. Whichever it is, I will always respect your choice."

Would a teen who is able to say things like this, encourage Tabitha to wear the crown?

"Impossible." The calm part of Tabitha's mind told her so.

Which means, the Saito who has been running around these two days... was not the real Saito. It was only part of Romalia's conspiracy just to make Tabitha wear the crown.

It's some sort of magic... no, the intelligent Tabitha already knew.



Using it herself before, it's an ancient puppet spell. Through blood, it creates a dummy the same as the real person.

Tabitha was enraged. Like her nickname "Snowstorm", anyone in close vicinity could completely feel the icy anger in with.

"Those guys, made use of my.....first."

Julio marched into the tent. "The preperation is ready, Princess Charlotte. This is the last time I'll be able to call you a 'Princess'."

Nodding, Tabitha stood up "I'll perform for you now."

Just like what you wished for...

Tabitha savoured the title she had once.

Knight of the North Parterre.

"I'll tell you who you are conspirating against next."

Slowly, Tabitha walked towards the sunlight and cheers of joy.

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