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Chapter 11: Bonds[edit]

In the evening of that day... in the guest house.

Saito, who was an escort in front of where Henrietta was staying, was called for to enter her room.


It was a voice that betrayed its announcer’s fatigue. Saito exchanged glances with Gimli, who was standing next to him as another member of the guard in defense of the Queen, and then entered the room.

"You called me, Princess?"

Upon entering, he saw Henrietta lying on a couch wearing her pajamas. From the moment she heard the proclamation of Queen Charlotte, she had been in a state of confusion that she still exhibited a few moments ago.

The reason for calling Saito was because she had recovered enough sense to speak to him.

"...What happened at your meeting with Queen Charlotte?"

Saito nodded and then explained what happened to Henrietta, that it was impossible to have a conversation with Queen Charlotte...

"She really looked like a completely different person."

"Is that so? Then it seems the situation has become much more worrisome than I imagined."

"What will happen next?"

Suddenly overcome by grief she could no longer stand, Henrietta put her hands to her face.


"It's too much, it is the truth too! These Machiavellian snakes! How is it possible that they have tamed Gallia so easily...!"

"But all is not lost. Remember that currently one of the users of Void is missing. It is too early to give up."

But after all, even with Saito saying these words, he was still doubtful. Is it likely that Romalia... already devised a plan to deal with that?

Then Saito thought, if a Void user died, it would only be necessary that the void ability be transferred to another family member, right...?

Even for the Void, it is assumed that at some point a replacement will emerge...

As Saito was plunged into these thoughts, he suddenly heard someone hit the window. Henrietta, because of the noise, quickly approached Saito while receiving a slight tremor in her body.

But we are on the second floor...

The first thing Saito did was call Gimli quietly. Gimli, concerned about Henrietta’s condition, nodded with a puzzled face.

Then Saito took out his katana and slowly approached the window.

Tock tock...

Again he heard a knock on the window behind the curtain.

"Who is it?" he asked as his voice echoed.

"...I have a delivery for Her Majesty Queen Henrietta. It is a message from my master."

Judging from her voice, it was a young woman.

"Message? Then why do you come through the window?"

"Because I cannot make it in through the door. Also, the current situation in the government of Gallia and the prevailing chaos prevents me. We plead that Tristain can provide assistance."

Saito then glanced at Henrietta, and she nodded to Saito. She gave the order and Saito started to open the window.

With a quick and deft movement, a young woman entered through the window. To all appearances, she just seemed to be an ordinary girl from town.

Her eyes were a light brown and she was dressed in a skirt that was colored a pale shade of beige. It was clear she was not a mage, and one could deduce her skills simply by the fact of having gotten there just by climbing up the walls. They were worthy of admiration.

"Let me introduce myself: my name is Chikasui."

Wow, that is a peculiar name. But nevertheless it was a very common name of this country. After introducing herself, the girl immediately pulled a letter from her chest and respectfully offered it to Henrietta.

After reading the letter, Henrietta, with heaving eyebrows, rescanned its contents, then she gave it to Saito. The contents read:

Allow me to express my most humble greetings to you Her Majesty the Queen of Tristain. We communicate to you that our next action is to execute a coup against the government of Gallia. So I dare to inform you that the current Queen is not actually the real Charlotte-sama. But if I may delve into the details of these events, please be kind enough to accept my offer for my servant to lead you to a private meeting.

"It is as I thought, that Tabitha... she was not the true Tabitha."

"But then who sent this message? And why is he asking help from Tristain?"

"If I may, my master will have greater willingness to answer your questions. We have to hurry, servant of the Queen."

The situation was totally dubious, plus there were high chances that it was a trap. However, this was not the time to hesitate. There certainly seemed to be a lack of options. Saito glanced at Henrietta.

"Can you do it for me?"

"As you wish. I will call Gimli and Guiche."

Saito then quickly explained the unexpected situation to Guiche and others that had arrived on the scene.

"And that's why I have to leave you for the moment. Please request the others to protect this place. And Reynald, please come with me." Saito called Reynald to accompany him, for he knew it was too dangerous to go alone on a mission like this.

Reynald had demonstrated his skills before on several occasions. In addition to his vast knowledge, he could be useful in overcoming the problems that were waiting.

As expected, although nervous, Reynald accepted Saito’s proposal.

Then Saito informed Chikasui that they were ready to go, and the girl nodded at his words.

Saito and Reynald began following Chikasui, going out through the same window through which she had entered moments ago. Upon leaving, they realized there was little space between the wall and the neighboring building. It was very narrow.

Passing the structures on both sides they could see some large trees blocking the way, which made this location a blind spot for any observers in the vicinity.

Where will we go next from here?

If Romalia’s actions were performed in shadow, then it was obvious that their duty was to bring these actions to light.

Should we go beyond the walls of the castle? Will the guards come immediately to stop us?

However, Chikasui had no plans to make that happen. She bent down to look for something on the floor, then she accompanied them to an iron gate located on the floor.

Surely, it was a drain entrance that was constructed for maintenance purposes.

Chikasui noiselessly opened up the gate and then entered it naturally. Saito and Reynald hesitantly followed her.

They fell about 5 mails from the stairs. Feeling the cold atmosphere inside, they set foot on the ground where they immediately felt the water around their feet and smelled the stench of sewage.

Chikasui then took a lamp that was in there and recited a very common spell. She had lit that lamp with magic. Having lit the place, they found themselves wondering...

"This way!"

Chikasui unhesitatingly made her way into the labyrinthine drainage system. She was so adept, it was as if this labyrinth were just the streets of the city in which she lived.

Right, left, straight... They had walked for about an hour until they came to the place where there was an iron ladder.

Then Chikasui began to climb up on that ladder.

Finally, they had reached their destination. Chikasui turned off the lamp and the three were prepared to ascend again.

The moonlight was bright enough to fully illuminate the new place, and from its appearance it was the courtyard of an abandoned church, but certainly this place was in Versailles in the suburbs of Lutetia.

In the distance... perhaps about 500 mails away from this secluded spot, lights could be distinguished from the palace of Versailles.

Then Chikasui prepared to enter the church. Although it had not been in use for a long time it was still clean inside. Chikasui took the hands of Saito and Reynald in order to guide them.

Their destination was the basement of the chapel, which they went to immediately after finding the stairs and in the background the three encountered a door. Facing it, Chikasui approached and quietly voiced their arrival.

"I’m Chikasui."

Then there was the sound of a latch opening. She opened the door. The first thing they saw were lamps that were lit inside the room, and it seemed that the room was once that of the priest of the church.

It was a room with a bed and a small desk.

A young woman with a hood covering her face welcomed the new arrivals. The only thing visible on the face of the figure was her mouth. Saito turned and offered a bow.

"You are the emissaries sent by the kingdom of Tristain, I presume."

From her speech it was evident that this young woman was a noble, and it seemed certain that this girl was the master of Chikasui.

"I shall introduce myself: My name is Chevalier Hiraga, and I belong to the Ondine Brigade of the Royal Guard of the Kingdom of Tristain. Next to me is a fellow comrade from the same brigade: his name is Reynald."

Listening to this the girl withdrew her hood. In the light of the lamps the stirrings of her long blue hair were seen, and with a tone of impatience she said:

"I introduce myself: my name is Isabella Martel, the commander of the special forces of the Kingdom of Gallia, the Knights of Northern Parterre."

"Chevalier of the Northern Parterre you say?"

That was certainly the secret order of knights belonging to Tabitha, who dealt exclusively with the dirty work of the Kingdom of Gallia...

"Since you aware of our existence, the talk will speed up a bit. It's perfect because we do not have much time, so let me explain the situation: As the report earlier in the letter sent to Queen Henrietta had said, the current Queen of Gallia... The letter is not about Charlotte-sama, but about a vile impostor who changed places with her."

"What does that mean?"

"I'm afraid right now the details are still unknown. Just three days ago, when I was called to audience with the Queen, I found myself in front of her and I realized immediately that this person was not Charlotte-sama and it was not difficult to deduce that this whole scheme was nothing but a conspiracy."

"...It really is."

"However, I also understand we are in a difficult situation. This girl was certainly a perfect copy of Charlotte-sama both in appearance and in her actions. Because of the lack of certainty in the assumptions I made towards this fact, I tried to seek counsel with Her Highness the Queen’s Mother. Yet we were informed that she could not be accessed according to a letter that describes her health condition. So with no other choice, I decided to use the knights to start a thorough investigation. However, until now we have not collected any conclusive information to unravel the mystery and our methods must be hidden because of the risk that our enemies become aware of our discovery of their schemes. I am quite completely unsure about Romalia's other henchmen.

All that was said seemed to agree with Saito's first assumption.

As I thought... That was not really Tabitha. All her statements to support the crusade were part of the conspiracy of Romalia.

"Damn... and I thought this was their fault, they put so much effort into such a stupid idea... And most importantly... Where is the real Tabitha?"

"I'm afraid to say that we have not figured it out yet, I can only assure you that this issue is currently the highest priority."

"I understand that, and what do you want us to do?"

"Frankly, we ask you the favor of not doing anything. Making a reckless action would be extremely dangerous. So let us handle this matter, in order to maintain this advantage... Also, to avoid warning the enemy that we have discovered the change they have made with Her Majesty Queen Charlotte, I ask that you also act as if you were not aware of their actions. If you understand our position, I would like to request a last favor: kindly pass this information to her Majesty Queen Henrietta in the way you feel is best."


"If something relevant occurs we will let you know via letter. But due to the risk of enemy interception, it would be very unwise to just send regular letters. I would like you to use this."

What had been delivered to Saito was a list with a series of numbers that were used to decipher a code.

Saito took the list while nodding, and then saved it in his pocket.

"Well then, I bid thee take care."

Saito said these words and was prepared to leave the place when...

"Wait! Chikasui! Please lead them to the exit."

"Oh, right!"

It was true that if they left unattended they would likely lose their way in the drainage system. However, what caused Isabella to stop Saito in his attempt to leave was more evident in her face.

"Is something wrong?"

After hearing this question Isabella went to Saito and bowed her head.

"I am... the daughter of Joseph, the former king of Gallia. On behalf of my father, I would like to ask for an apology."

Saito's body became paralyzed. From the color of Isabella’s hair, Saito had assumed she belonged to the royal family, but this... Reynald was also surprised. His face altered and he opened his mouth as if trying to say something, but immediately called Saito to keep his composure.


Saito thought back for a few seconds to get ready to say something, and his face broke into a solemn expression. As if whispering he said:

"I give my condolences."

Greatly shocked Isabella opened her eyes and then lowered her head silently.

After leaving that dark place, the moonlight seemed to have become more intense. When they were about to enter the drainage system again, a sudden voice urged them to stop.


Saito turned to the place where the voice came from.

A man who was watching them and was sitting in the rubble suddenly got up. Saito saw his face lit by the moonlight and was speechless with shock.

"Y... you..."

The man's face was the one with which he had faced off in Cherphis, the gigantic man accompanying Bleu...

"You, how this place brings back memories. You know, I used to get frequent long missions out on this place. Do not tell me that you also belong to Chevalier of North Parterre? Ha, as if that were possible..."

"Why did you come here?" Saito asked the man... Jack scratched his head.

"Why do you think of such silly questions, you already know why. We finally reached an agreement for the price of your head."

"Who is this guy?" Reynald asked, disturbed.

"It is one of the companions of the guys who attacked me."

"Um, one... Sicario?" [T/L:Not sure about this]

"Tell me, don't you have a great word to refer to me?"

Reynald turned blue, and then his face turned completely red as he pulled out his wand.

"Hey! hey! You better stop. You know I do not like to kill all witnesses, so I think you would be better if you just stand there and watch."

Then Saito pulled the code list from his pocket and handed it to Reynald.

"Or, hey..."

"Please give this information to Her Majesty."

"B, but..."

"I am the only target of this man, am I not?" After Saito said that, Jack said while nodding:

"Yes, just as he says. No offense but I have no interest in guys like you, or whatever they put guys like you up to in this place."


"Quickly. I leave the rest to you, Chikasui-san."

Chikasui nodded at Saito's request. Reynald took her arm and the two were out of sight upon entering the drainage system.

Saito turned back to face Jack and beheld an intimidating face... his fear seemed to paralyze his body.

In Cherphis Saito remembered seeing a certain disinterest in his eyes. So he was able to follow me? To ambush me in Gallia was...

For a second, Saito thought he could escape. However, by what he heard this guy was chasing him because he had acquired a contract with whomever it was who wanted to remove him. Even if he could flee, he knew Jack would continue to chase him in order to achieve this goal.

He also recalled the words of a few moments ago, and remembered that he was familiar with this place.

"Then, as I said, sir, I do not have a grudge against you nor do I intended to follow you even abroad... however things just turned out to be this way. You see, they called us in for an internal investigation, but I never imagined that I would be coming here to see you! The exact moment I happened to enter the hideout was the exact moment I met you. It's my lucky day, don’t you think?"

Damn, it doesn't even make sense to flee...

Due to the circumstances, all that was left for Saito was to fight. But no matter how much he tried to build up the courage to face Jack, his body could not gather any strength. As if it were a shudder, his arms and legs felt stiff.

He was like a toddler who could not contain the anxiety experienced in fighting for the first time.

Seeing Saito in this state, Jack could not help but show a surprised face to him.

"Hey what's wrong? Do you feel bad? The first thing you need to do now is to be brave."

"Nothing's wrong!"

Jack laughed...

"Is that so, because what good are you if you cannot even move out of that fear, it's no fun you know! Well, I'm supposed to come here to kill you, but don't blame me, since this is only a job. But the truth is I'm starting to like this! Very well, I promise I will raise a prayer for you when you die, so surrender!"

Saito said, drawing his katana from his waist, the rune on his left hand glowing,

"Hey hey! Hurry up and die! Finish talking already!"

"Stop saying stupid things and get ready to fight!"

Despite wanting to show his strength, Saito noticed the tremor in the tip of the katana he held.

"Well, first I will tell you how much your bounty is. Really, it’s a habit of mine: before I'm going to kill someone, I tell them the price paid for their head. To me, this is the best thing to do. Tell me, knowing it would be somewhat fulfilling don't you think? So, the price they'll pay when we're done with your life is 140,000 Ecu! Quite a fortune. With that you could buy 3 or maybe 4 small castles. I never thought you could be a guy that was worth so much. You should be proud!"

You bastard. That's his way of making fun of me. At this time almost the only thing in Saito's mind was to beat him.

"And tell me, you think you can do that work just by yourself?"

"I suppose. Really, I always knew since the first time we met that I would be enough to kill you. Not that I want to brag but I'm a lot more stronger than Duduu (Bleu). And so, now I promise you for real, this is your last time!"

A cold sweat flowing from his neck, Saito froze.

There must be an opening in Jack.

In truth no matter where he searched he could not find an opening in his defense. The immense pressure exerted by his presence seemed to be winning the battle...

"If you have any last will, don't hold it. Provided it is something you can write in this place, I’ll let you put the will on that wall. But if you write something problematic, I will delete it."

Wordlessly Saito lunged at him. In a single beat he was beside his opponent and Saito started to sweep one of the legs of Jack.

"Hell, you’re so impatient!"

But Jack had jumped and easily dodged the attack.

His lightweight and agile movements did not fit with the huge body he possessed.

Yet Saito had foreseen this movement and he quickly jumped up and raised his katana over his head.

"I have you!"

Saito had full confidence in his speed. Those guys had the ability to use "hardening" which gave them the advantage of defense against bullets and knives. But at this speed it would be impossible to have enough time to perform that technique.

"Ooh, what an incredible speed!"

However, despite the attack Jack did not appear to have intentions to dodge it. Unexpectedly he stopped the attack by grabbing the katana with his bare right hand.


Then taking a fast turn, Jack softly landed on the floor.

"Well, now it's my turn."

Jack started to recite a spell, which made Saito take a defensive stance. Saito was ready. He even remembered the spell that Jack had used before: creating walls and throwing rocks were his specialties as an earth mage.

But... actually he had an attack that was effective against earth magic.

Yet Saito was confident that he could face the magic attacks.

What‘s his next attack?

A hand from ground to hold my feet?

Or maybe releasing some golems?

There is also the possibility he'll harden his fists and try smash me.

However, Jack's attack was not anything Saito imagined. He took up a stone and threw it calmly to Saito.


Although it appeared as a simple attack, the projectile's speed was incredible as the stone seemed to have been launched with the power and precision of a cannon.

In the mind of Saito, Derflinger's words resurfaced.

"Those guys have magic casted on their joints..."

Saito somehow deflected the stone with his katana; but in the next instant, Jack was already on him ready to connect with a new attack.

Then his huge fist implanted itself deep into Saito's stomach.

The impact made Saito drop his katana and sent him flying and crashing into the ground.

"Yo, swordsman you're a tough guy!" Jack told Saito, who was lying on the floor.

Seeing his katana lying on the floor and completely out of reach, Saito felt helpless and all the strength left his body...

I lost.

It was over in an instant.

Although I knew that this guy is not only attacking with magic, yet...

As expected... I could not get my heart to shiver.

In his previous battles, just hearing Louise recite her spells would give him great strength. But knowing how he lost her, nothing would give encouragement to his heart.

I... now that Louise is gone I have nothing left to fight for. I knew that from the start.

Gandálfr is a familiar that only serves to gain time for his master to recite their spells...

If the familiar loses his master, the whole purpose for which he fights vanishes.

It's useless.

Resignation was the only thing left inside his body, as Saito saw the threatening wand pointed to the place where he lay.

"Then... I'll ask again, do you have any last will?"

Approaching slowly was a terrible reality. He would die. But even more cruel than the terrifying idea of death was, If I die I can never see Louise again, I cannot apologize to her. These thoughts of despair filled Saito.

"I do not want... d-."

"What did you say? I cannot hear you."

"...I do not want to die!"

Looking quite distressed, Jack shook his head.

"That's impossible, you know that I have to do my job. Think, ask something else."

"I want to see."

"See? Who?"

"I want to see.. I want to see Louise."

"That too is impossible."


Saito began to mourn, which provoked a great anger in Jack.

"Phew, That's wrong!... Do you think to end the fight in tears? Damn... are you insulting me in our battle?"

"Louise... Sorry... I..."

"Stop it! Weep not, jerk! Prove you're a man! 140,000 Ecu! Prove yourself!"

Hoping and the pain being unbearable made Saito throw a desperate cry.


But to no avail. Sorry that I could not do more than disappear into the darkness of night.

Jack's face sprouted with more and more veins. His anger was indescribable.

"Bastard... Not only you dare to insult our fight by screaming, now you're asking help from a woman... you trash! How you can you be so pathetic? You're weak! You're a coward! You're a disappointment!"

Jack raised his wand and started to cast a spell. A large landmass rose from the ground and with powerful "alchemy" it turned into gunpowder.

Seeing this, Saito attempted to run by dragging himself. Then Jack said to Saito while launching the tremendous amount of gunpowder,

"You will not even leave the dust of what you once were! Ha!"

It was at that moment.

Within the mass of powder that was suspended in the air, suddenly, from its center a small explosion had occurred. That explosion had taken place before the mass reached Saito, and the ignition of gunpowder caused it which reverberated noise savagely and the angry outburst of impact threw Jack into the air.

The cloud of smoke from the explosion covered the whole area.


With time the white smoke began to clear... Saito was speechless and shocked...

"And you, what do you think you're doing?"

Pink blonde hair glowed under the light of the moon. With wand in hand, raising her arm as she stretched her body, the one that was standing before Saito was the figure of a "Void user".

Louise stood right in front of Saito. He could not believe it. It was truly a miracle that Louise had appeared in a flash right before his eyes. It was a miracle.

Dressed like a nun and preparing her wand to make an attack, the figure of Louise... was quite a miraculous divine appearance. It was enough for Saito's eyes to flood with tears.


"You’re a pathetic familiar! If possible, I want someone better to accompany me so I can save the world."


Without thinking Saito threw himself to embrace her but what he got was a kick that hit him square in the face.

"If you have time to get sentimental, then go and pick up your sword quickly! The match is not over yet."

It was just as she said. Slowly from within the cloud of smoke a figure rose.

"Grr... Who the hell are you?"

"Who am I, I regret to say that I didn’t give my name to give to a poor soldier like you."

"Y-, you try to make fun of me... as you wish, I have no problem in sending one more guest to Valhalla!"

Seeing his face, Louise remembered seeing Jack before. What is this guy doing here...? Is this not the man who taught me in Cherphis about the convent of Saint Margarita?

Why is this man attacking Saito? Bah, that doesn’t matter, better ask Saito after.

Louise picked up the katana of Saito, stopped, then returned it and said:

"Hey you, really, don't tell me you've lost to that man?"

"Only with that...? He's strong you know."

At this Louise replied nonchalantly.

"Someone strong, where?"

Then Jack turned to Louise and used "alchemy" to launch countless iron arrows immediately at her. In response, with a wave of her wand Louise confronted the rain of arrows with an explosion.

The powerful blast repelled the arrows onto the ground.

Incredulous, Jack could only watch as his arrows scattered in pieces all over the place.

"Wh- What kind of spell did you use..."

Examining in detail, Jack saw the powerful, magical aura emitting from Louise. I understand, she is certainly not someone common, but... This magical power is unnatural. Perhaps she managed somehow artificially develop it...

This kind of magic is very potent.


She’s no match for me.

She had deduced that truth simultaneously. Louise had now succeeded in developing a totally different level of willpower. The incident between Henrietta and Saito had been the biggest spark of emotion in her life. But because of it, all the vast amount of emotions that accumulated in her had overflowed. What now prevailed inside of her was her pride...

In this moment she felt a tremendous power flowing within her.

Everything started from her escape from the convent of Saint Margarita...

After all, the nearest land was about 10 kilomails. She had been able to cover this enormous distance in small consecutive sections using "Teleport".

That experience had provided an immense confidence boost to Louise.

I mastered the Void spell as much as I can.

Nothing will make me hesitate.

From the bottom of her heart an unknown force began to boil inside her, the willpower that becomes her magical power pervaded everything inside her body.

Although no one is willing to accept you, I will accept you always Louise Françoise.

Jack could not help but, perplexed, continue watching this pink-haired girl.

She is... of that time...

It's definitely the girl who Jeannette sent to the convent of Saint Margarita. Her hair is a different color but... So she never arrived at the convent or if she did, did she manage to escape from that prison?

Even so, most importantly, she has immense magical power.

Jack was in turn a powerful wizard to have easily noticed that.

If only I could get my hands on that "magical device with continuous emission of alchemy" everything would be easier, he thought, but then...

Anyway, there is something that I can use in a situation like this. Since that device is essential to fulfill the dream of Damian-niisan, then...

It is very simple, I only have to exchange my life for more power.

Jack started to recite a spell and numerous golems began to emerge from the earth.

Jack's plan seemed to be assaulting Louise and Saito, using a small army to protect its master. However, this tactic was intended only to gain time.

Then Jack was prepared to recite a new spell.

Seeing those tens of golems in front of her, Louise decided to give an order to Saito.

"Come on, in front of you are plenty of weaklings. They are your opponents, go do your job!"

Nodding, Saito immediately lunged at them wielding the katana in his hands. There was a huge number of golems and they were worthy creations of Jack. Their movements were abnormal and they could almost mimic the agility of their master, who Saito faced with much difficulty.


Ur Slisaaz ansuur ken... (uru-surisaazu-anzuuru-ken)

Saito could hear Louise from behind intone a spell as she read from her book. In one beat, Saito was filled with an immense amount of strength and a completely different kind of tears covered his face.

The resonance of the voice of Louise was like a bell, Saito imagined in his heart.

Because of that voice, because of that appearance.

Louise is beautiful.

The most beautiful one that can exist in this world. She has completely smitten my heart.

Saito could predict the movements of the golems in advance. Their movements were clear in his mind, his blows done with the katana were incredibly accurate. It would be impossible to imagine that Saito's movements were from the same person who fought Jack earlier.

But... Upon hearing Louise's chant a mysterious feeling of invincibility invaded Saito's senses. It was truly as if he was born with wings on his back. His mysterious movements were the expression of power flowing in his body.

What happened? It seems as if the golems were moving slowly!

Saito precisely cut each of those stone guardians, and he pitched a war cry.

The spell Jack was reciting came to Louise's ears. Upon hearing it she could conclude that it was "alchemy". So the keen senses of Louise immediately planned the course of action to address it.

She made up her mind and drew a spell to counter it.

Immersed in the execution of her spell, Louise seemed disconnected from all the chaos around her at that moment. She could be seen as if she had retired to a world where she lived alone. Yet Louise's mind was working separately from her body. She concentrated while her 5 senses still perceived information from the environment, so she could always be aware of the course of battle.

From a corner of her consciousness, Louise knew of the condition of her familiar. Before her eyes, Saito was running toward all the golems attacking him, one by one.

He works so hard to protect...

Then Louise realized that her bond with Saito was stronger than that of lovers: a chain forged by fate, and no matter how far they were from each other, they could never be separated. No matter how ragged were the links that bound them, they could never break...

Louise had come to Versailles to inform Henrietta and the others about the existence of Josette, when perhaps coincidentally a cry from Saito reached her ears.

Within the darkness of the night she had arrived in time... also the fact that she saw the danger Saito was in and reached him with a "Teleport". Was it the work of fate too?

In the end she asked if he was okay. That was really what I wanted. A whole range of emotions crossed her mind, which combined with a shudder to form a bright aura.

The Void's power emanated stunningly and wrapped Louise's body.

Meanwhile, Jack’s spell was complete.

After refining the power of his "Alchemy", the complex spell started to run on the ground under his feet. Holding him as the epicenter, a set of concentric circles was drawn so as to serve as a catalyst to increase the range and power of his alchemy.

The unique magic power that Jack had obtained with alchemy surely would unleash devastating results.

Then the floor rose, a gigantic circle of land which had about 100 mails in radius and a thickness of 10 mails. This vast amount of land... instantly became gunpowder. This was the end result of using all of his remaining willpower to magnify his alchemy.

With such a quantity of gunpowder surely the blast radius of a few kilomails would smash into pieces all humans within that range. It would be impossible to escape.

"Onii-san! I leave the rest to you!"

After shouting his spell, the conjured mass of gunpowder made its "ignition", but at that moment...

Louise saw Jack lower his wand while swinging, then the soil brightened... the gunpowder from the land had, in an instant, returned to its original form.

It had been the work of "Dispel".

The "ignition" that Jack launched only managed to spark a little gunpowder. It was an amazing feat of magic that Louise had demonstrated.

Having exhausted his willpower... Having used his own life as an amplifier to strengthen the effects of alchemy, Jack exceeded the capabilities of his own body...

Totally exhausted, he rolled his eyes and without a shred of consciousness fell, lying on the floor.

All finally became calm...

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