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Chapter 10: Raid[edit]

The twin moons, hidden in the clouds, reflected on the city. Hidden under a hood that a traveler would wear, Saito was hidden in the dark of the night, moving along the complex pathway.

The town of Eumenes sandwiches a river, divided into the old district and the new district. The Great Temple of the elves is located in the old district, where there are fewer pedestrians.

Hidden under Saito's cloak were Brimir's weapons that were brought from 'The Dragon's Nest' - he had Derf, the Japanese sword, pistols, and grenades... just like an action movie, thought Saito.

"Those horrible people, getting so many people mixed up in this."

Ali quietly said as he peeked at the road from the darkness of the alley.

On the dark road were elves everywhere the eye could see - of the 'Steel-Blooded Party', all wearing military uniforms. If they were found here, they would get caught before they ever got to the Grand Temple.

"We don't have any time, it doesn't matter if it's messy, should we break through?"

"No, wait a minute. Fouquet should be about to take action."

Saito said.

After lurking in the dark for a little while... the sound of a large explosion came to them from a distance.

Most of the mess that Fouquet caused came from the harbor warehouse street.

The elves walking on the road all didn't know what was going on, and started to get riled up. The 'Steel-Blooded Party' members that were originally looking for Saito all ran towards the exploding warehouse street.

"This is it, run fast!"

Taking advantage of the chaos, Saito stealthily bolted through the dark.

On a road thick with transportation companies, they finally saw the appearance of the Great Temple after getting close to the outskirts of the old district.

The walls were covered in exotic Arabic patterns, and roofed with a large dome. The four corners of the building had finely carved minarets, and it reminded Saito of a Middle Eastern mosque that he had previously seen on the television news.

A solid stone wall surrounded the Great Temple, and in front of the gate were two elven guards that appeared to be members of the 'Steel-Blooded Party'.

There are no other people around the gate. According to Luctiana's explanation, the Great Temple was a sacred place for the elves, therefore almost no one would be close to that place.

And Luctiana whispered, "Crap..."


"Those elves have already completely taken control, the ceremony seems to have already begun."

"It'll be okay if we're quicker..."

Tiffania said anxiously.

"What do we do about the guards? It could be trouble if they call for help."

Ali said.

"Let me go."

As Saito grasped Derflinger, that was hidden under his cloak, the runes on his left hand suddenly emitted light.

And then he quickly charged from the darkness of the building, and rushed towards the guards guarding the main gate like a gale.

"You, who are you... ahh!"

They only saw the flash of Derflinger's blade in the dark. It was too late for the guards to shout, then they were quickly cut to the ground by Saito.

"Wait, it's not that we didn't say not to kill elves. Although in this situation it's inevitable."

Luctiana complained at Saito as she followed him from the darkness.

"I used the back of the blade."

Saito rotated the blade edge of Derflinger.

No blood was flowing from the elves that had fallen on the ground, they had only passed out.

"'s really pretty."

"But the next time won't necessarily go so smoothly. If we encounter a truly critical situation, I will prioritize Tiffa and my life."

Saito said this up front.

"I won't stop you. But keep the killing to a minimum."

"I know."

Saito nodded in response.

"Then let's charge in."

After Luctiana chanted magic, the lock on the main gate melted in the blink of an eye.

"Uh, uhhhh..."

Fatima was woken up by the feel of the cold, hard floor on her cheek.

Her head was still fuzzy. It seems like she was hypnotized by magic.

Her hands and feet were tied up with rope, and her body couldn't move. Fatima, tied up like a caterpillar, could only look at the surroundings in her line of sight. There was an extremely wide space covered by a large dome, and in the center was an altar with a large number of "Jewels of Fire" on it.

Aishmail and the elite guards of the 'Steel-Blooded Party' were gathered in front of the altar, and seemed to be holding a large scale ceremony. The power that resided in the Great Temple of the elves would gradually concentrate on the 'Jewels of Fire' that were stacked on the altar. Once the power of the elves saturated the Jewels of Fire, their enchantment would be destroyed, and the city would be razed in the blink of an eye.

"So when the time comes, the first one to die is me?"

Fatima gnashed her teeth forcefully.

It seemed like no one was aware that she had already woken up, Aishmail and the elite guards were concentrated on the ceremony.

But Fatima also knew that resistance was futile. Aishmail was a magic user that far exceeded her, and with her power alone there was no way for her to grasp the power of the elves here.

"Am I going to die here…?"

The half of her life, full of humiliation, flashed before her eyes.

Her entire family was banished from their town by the elves, and they were even persecuted by the companions of those elves in the place they were exiled to. She also failed to achieve the revenge she swore to her uncle, and even the faith she placed in Aishmail and the 'Steel-Blooded Party' was betrayed. As expected, there was no place in this world for the daughter of a family of traitors.

"Well, ladies and gentlemen. Let's put on a grand fireworks display for those stupid barbarians!"

Said Aishmail in a loud voice, standing in front of the altar.

At this time.

The roar of something exploding came from inside the Grand Temple.

As soon as they charge into the Grand Temple, Saito immediately threw out flash-bangs. The elves near the entrance lost their sight and hearing to the flash and the sound of the explosion, and turned into a giant mess.

After the flash disappeared, Saito and Ali rushed in. Effected by the explosion of the flash-bang, the body wouldn't listen to commands for several dozens of seconds. Taking advantage of the chaos, the two of them took down six elves in the blink of an eye.

"That's a really convenient magic tool, next time I'd also like to try it out."

Then Luctiana and Tiffania followed them in. After Luctiana chanted a spell, a ball of light floated from the center of her hand, and illuminated the corridor.

"The place where the Jewels of Fire are, must be the inner main hall."

Luctiana said.

"Okay, let's go."

Everyone rushed into the corridor.

When the group rushed to the end of the corridor, they arrived at a place that seemed like a hall.

With the intuition of Gandàlfr, Saito drew Derflinger and cut down several fire arrows that were shot from the dark.

"Tiffa, get behind me!"

Saito said, as he held Derflinger and stared into the depths of the dark.

"Well, so you guys didn't pack up and leave?"

Several elves in military uniforms appeared from the end of the corridor. As for the one standing in front, his physique was pretty good for an elf, and he seemed like a veteran of many battles.

"It's Admiral Salken."

Said Ali.

"Who is that person?"

"The Navy's best raider, he hass attacked and sank many barbarian ships."

When the elven admiral saw Saito's face, he showed a ferocious grin.

"The bearer of the devil's power and the guardian, actually took the bait and came to die!"

Seeing him pull out a big scimitar, he charged straight at Saito.

Saito dodged the attack to the side, and then held Derflinger and chopped.

But the blow was blocked by the scimitar.

"You know your stuff, guardian of the devil!"

Salken began to chant Firstborn magic, and Saito immediately looked to dodge.

Three fire arrows appeared out of nowhere, and fired individually. Saito waved Derflinger and absorbed the flames.

"Partner, be careful, this guy is pretty powerful."

"Yeah, I know."

Saito reached up and wiped the sweat from his forehead. "Even if purely in sword skills, he is comparable to Agnes or Gallia's Castlemont. Moreover, he can also use powerful Firstborn magic, so sorry Luctiana, but I can't go easy on this guy."

So Saito opened some distance, and confronted Salken.

"I'll deal with the guardian of the devil, you guys grab the other people."

Crap... thought Saito. It doesn't matter that Ali is good with a sword, but if we want to protect Tiffania and Luctiana, there's no way we can fully display our skills. Moreover, the longer we fight here, the more reinforcements will arrive. That only leaves..."

Saito pulled a grenade from his arm, then threw it back to Ali.

"What is this? Fruit...?"

"A magic tools from my world, you bring it to your body. The way you use it is..."

Saito, picking up another grenade, used his mouth to pull the pin, and tossed it next to the wall.


With the deafening sound of the explosion, the stone wall was crushed.

On the other side of the large collapsed hole, there were other corridors.

"I'll stay here by myself, everybody quickly head to where the 'Jewels of Fire' are stored."

"But, Saito!"

Tiffania shouted with fear.

"Don't worry about me. More importantly, all will be fine if we quickly stop the 'Jewels of Fire'..."

"I know, let's go."

Ali nodded, and urged Luctiana. Tiffania still had a worried expression as she looked at Saito, but seeing Saito give a thumbs up, she just nodded her head in response, and ran towards the hole in the wall.

"Don't think you can escape!"

Salken tried to chant a Firstborn magic attack. But Saito's foot kicked into his arm, and then he slashed with Derflinger.

Gandàlfr's quickness, like a gale, let Saito block Salken's sword and sent Salken staggering. Saito then took a step forward and hacked fiercely with Derflinger.

"One attack, and he's done for."

It's possible that fear spread to Salken, the elves beside him didn't dare chant spells. It also seemed that they didn't have the courage to jump into the flash of those two people's swords.

"As long as they're without a leader, in the end they're just a mob."

Not giving Salken the chance to counterattack, Saito continuously attacked. Seeing as the opponent was unable to handle Saito's onslaught, a tiny flaw was exposed.

Victory... the moment that thought came to mind, stabbing pain burst into Saito hand that was holding the sword. Then he saw the scimitar in Salken's hand suddenly spew fire.


Saito quickly absorbed the fire with Derflinger.

"You alright, partner?"

"Well... Derf, are you alright."

"Don't worry, I can still absorb."

Derflinger's tone sounded like he still had something left.

But... Derflinger's strength also had a limit. If he continued to absorb the powerful magic used by the elves, he could be damaged the same way he was last time.

"Partner, reinforcements are coming."

"I know."

The sound of many footsteps coming from the back of the corridor were approaching. At that rate, he would be surrounded in an instant, and at that time there would be no way to break through, even relying on the power of Gandàlfr.

"What's the matter, barbarian, you've stopped moving!"

Salken hacked with the scimitar in his hand. Saito changed to a one-handed sword style, and at the same time quickly pulled out an automatic pistol with his left hand. Aiming at the enemy's abdomen, he pulled the trigger three times.

But the bullets were deflected. Seeing the blue-white light through the holes in the military uniform, he was probably wearing some type of magic armor under there.

"Oh, barbarian weapons?"

Seeing this and shouting, Salken chanted some magic, and the pistol instantly heated to an extremely high temperature. Saito quickly threw the pistol, and watched the glowing red pistol explode in the blink of an eye due to the high temperature.


Saito can't help but feel anxious. Purely in sword skill, Saito definitely was dominant, but besides sword skills the enemy also could use powerful Firstborn magic. Furthermore, Saito, who had no way to use defensive magic, he just had to be hit with a fatal injury... these unfavorable elements gradually caused Saito's sword to slow down.

And more importantly... Louise wasn't here.

If the master you want to protect isn't at your side, Gandàlfr's heart won't produce the slightest tremble

"This attack will take your life!"

Salken tried to hack with the scimitar covered in flames. The attack revealed a major opening, so Saito couldn't help but take a step forward.

"This isn't good, partner!"

At this time Saito heard Derflinger's shout.


At the same time as the thought, it was already too late.

The floor underfoot suddenly exploded, and it was a magic trap.

This explosion threw Saito's body high into the air, and then he fell heavily to the ground.

With an attack that tore a body apart, Saito couldn't help but open the hand that was holding Derflinger.

"Partner, hurry, quickly grab me!


Saito, laying on his back, tried to hold Derflinger. But the impact from falling seemed to have caused a concussion, paralyzing Saito's fingers, and for a moment he couldn't move.

"It was a good performance, guardian of the descendant of the devil. I will be extremely generous, and let you die without pain."

Salken approached Saito, and placed the blade of the scimitar on Saito's neck.

"Ah, no... Sorry Derf, I'm calling it a day."

The feeling of the cold blade made Saito give up resisting. "Do you mean I shouldn't play the hero now, one man alone taking the lead role...?"

As consciousness gradually blurred, the image of Louise appeared. With her peach blonde hair, crystal clear white skin, charming tea red eyes, and her small, cute chest...

"Louise… I really want to see you again, ahh, crap."

"Hey, partner! Don't give up! Quickly grasp me!"

Derflinger's call sounded further away... even if you say that, Derf, how can I, I can't move my hand….

The scimitar blade flashed just above Saito.

Just at this moment.

The image of Salken raising the scimitar disappeared.


Saito blinked his eyes... no, not disappeared. But like an invisible hammer, the attack from the side sent Salken flying.

And saw the elven admiral hit the wall and fall to the ground.

"Ho, how…?"

With his head pressed by pain, Saito struggled to stand up at the same time.

"That's truly a disgraceful appearance, trainee knight, Saito de Hiraga."

Hearing the familiar voice, Saito suddenly turned his head.

"It, it's you...!"

The golems created by Fouquet, rampaged on the warehouse street next to the docks.

They were overturning the docked boats, but were also free to grab the accumulated litter of boxes and barrels nearby. At the same time, Fouquet used more "Alchemy" to change the salt in the accumulated goods to gunpowder, and cause them to explode one after the other.

The elves of the 'Steel-Blooded Party' were aware of this commotion, and were constantly gathering.

"Good, it's about time to run. The bait job is a total success."

Fouquet, operating the golems as she stood on the roof of a warehouse, said as she helplessly shrugged.

The power needed to chant spells had already run out. Even if Fouquet was more powerful, manipulating that many golems at the same time was hard work.

"I hope I can escape smoothly."

Fouquet's voice has already vanished. Although she was good at fleeing, but facing elves, could she really get away in the end..?

"Hey miss, you seem to have some trouble."

"Do you need some help?"

Looking back at the warehouse roof, She didn't know when this intriguing pair showed up.

One was wearing a black hat and the cloak of young aristocracy, the other is wearing a flirtatious dress, like a beautiful doll of a girl.

"Say, who are you two?"

Fouquet pointed her wand at the two. Although it seemed like they weren't elves, but they didn't feel like ordinary magicians.

"We're your peers, Fouquet, 'The Crumbling Earth'."


"The Elemental Brothers... you should've at least heard the name?

"It can't be..."

"The Elemental Brothers."

Of course she knew, it's a major name that was well known in the underworld.

And the real face of the unidentified 'Seven' was equally famous, the well known scavenger of the Knights of Nordparterre[1]. Both cruel and cunning, moreover it's said that he's never failed a task.

Rumors from after the collapse of the former king of Gallia, they changed into mercenaries...

"'Elemental Brothers', how did you end up appearing in this place?"

"We were also hired by Romalia. To catch the mixed blood Elf and hi... eh... uh, what was he called?"

"It's Hiraga Saito, Big Brother Bleu."

Right right, Hyraga Sayto [2], the content of the commission is to catch those two."

So this is what's going on... Fouquet finally understood. They were insurance in case Fouquet and the others failed, or that she would be their insurance is also possible.

"That pope really brought in a ringer."

"Incidentally, our reward is 300,000 common gold coins for four people."

"What did you say? That's even more than us!"

With 300,000 gold coins, that's enough to buy a castle with territory.

"That shows how much our skills are worth."

The young man half joked.

"Big brother Bleu, now isn't the time to joke, long ears are coming our way."

Bleu looked at the bottom of the warehouse, only to see that the elves had already surrounded the warehouse, and begun chanting Firstborn magic.

"There's really no way, Jeanette, I'm going to go cause a little trouble."

With a happy smile on his face, Bleu began to chant the 'blade' spell.

From the end of his wand, blue-white light stretched out like a tree. Compared to when a normal magician chanted a blade, the blade was thicker.

"What is this formidable magic power!"

"It's because we have a little secret."

Jeanette chuckled, and smiled towards the surprised Fouquet.

With that outrageously large 'Blade', Bleu was surrounded by chaos in the middle of the elven army, entering as if no one was there. Pressuring the entire formation all by himself.

"Ahh ~ Bleu, that guy's doing things without permission again."

At this time, new silhouettes appeared on the roof.

This time it was a burly giant, and a child that was about 12 years old, with exceptionally sharp eyes. The child was holding a giant, strangely shaped wind instrument.

"Big brother Damien, the two subjects don't seem to be here."

"Well, did we waste a trip?"

"Hard to say. Since our peer is here, there has to be a meaning, right?"

The child named Damien asked Fouquet.

"Of course. Concentrating the elves here, those two will be safer."

This is how Fouquet responded to the others, but didn't disclose that Saito and the others had gone to the Great Temple in order to stop the 'Jewels of Fire'. If the commission these guys received was the same as hers... if the signs were bad, they might not be beneficial to Tiffania.

"Heh, then let's hurry up and handle things here."

Done speaking, Damien pressed the wind instruments switch, and pointed the speaker on the front to the ground.

Accompanied by a low buzzing sound, the wind instrument issued a shock, and a magic light burst out from inside. As the light touched the ground, the shape of the slate laying on the ground immediately distorted, and became a swamp.

The elves surrounding the warehouse suddenly were caught in a swamp.

"Hey, big brother Damien, don't hurt me, I'm also stuck, okay!"

Bleu shouted with the upper half of his body exposed over the swamp.

"Sorry, the power of this 'constant alchemy' can't be controlled."

"This really is a crazy group of guys..."

Fouquet could only helplessly whisper.

It, it's you..."

Saito was suddenly speechless.

The magician who appeared from the darkness, with a wide hat, a hat with a feather, wearing a black cloak... and who previously was Saito's enemy during the Albion war.

This man assisted 'Reconquista', assassinated Henrietta's lover, the Prince Wales... and in order to gain the power of Void, toyed with Louise's heart.

The name that he wanted to, but could never forget.

Jean Jacques Wardes.

"Wardes... What are you doing here!"

Saito roared, forgetting the pain of his body.

"Did Mathilda not tell you? Romalia hired us to find and protect you who had been kidnapped by elves... and if there was no way, then we would need your lives."

"What did you say!"

Saito's heart couldn't help but tremble.

Not only Fouquet, actually she was also hired to help 'Reconquista' by this guy… in the end what is Romalia thinking? This guy killed the Prince Wales.

But Saito thought again. No, the Pope and Julio could do so. In order to regain the 'Holy Land', they definitely wouldn't hesitate to use any underhanded methods.

"The results are that you have such an embarrassing appearance. Simply killing you now may still be easier."


Holding Derflinger in his hand, Saito struggled to stand up. I do not want to... I don't want to let this guy see my embarrassing side.

"Well, are there any more ambushes?"

Salken, who'd fallen to the ground, got back up again.

Elven reinforcements constantly came from the back of the corridor.

"Surround the demons!"

Under Salken's order, Saito and Wardes were immediately surrounded by elven military forces.

"Partner, now doesn't seem like the time to quarrel."

"I know..."

Saito and Wardes separately raised their sword and wand, and then stood back to back.

"What's wrong? You're shaking, apprentice knight de Hiraga."

"It's none of your business."

The arm is still shaking, but Saito can barely hold on.

"Listen to me, I don't need your help."

"You sound so reliable."

Wardes cast a 'Blade' spell on his wand, and a vacuum blade was created at the tip of the wand.

"What's about Mathilda?"

"Fouquet? She's responsible for playing as bait in town."


Wardes voice seemed to be a little cool.

"In one breath, break through the siege, and act with me at the same time."

ZNT21 261.jpg

"Be less long-winded, and don't order me around."

"Do you want to die? Do as I say."


Saito was about to retort, but chose to stay silent. After all, he was very strong. Like Louise's mother, both served as the captain of the magic guards. He had certainly got through many life and death situations before.

Wardes took the lead, and holding the wand with the 'Blade', he cut towards the elven forces.

Saito then followed up, seeing the runes on his left hand emit light, and at the same time cut the two oncoming people.

"Don't close up, open up the distance and deal with them!"

Salken roared.

The elves turned to magic to attack the two, firing fire and light arrows from every direction.

Saito waved Derflinger, and the magic absorbing blade shined.

Then it became a melee.

Saito attacked the elf in front of him on the one hand, and kept Wardes in his line of sight on the other.

Wardes was really strong.

Facing the elven forces, he could still insert wind magic tactics to play with his opponent. His sword skill and magic power, both were even fiercer than when they faced off against each other in Albion.

"I can't lose to him!"

Following closely, Saito jumped, and in one breath arrived at the spot Salken was standing.

"Oh ho ho ho ho!"

The sound blades clashing rang, and sparks flew.


Salken was scared to the point of hesitation by Saito, as his movements from this time and before were like two different people.

The current Saito could clearly distinguish every one of his opponent's actions.

"Detestable, Gandàlfr's heart is actually shaking..."

"You really don't want to admit it, but you can't not admit it.", Derflinger said, as the trembling of the heart decides Gandàlfr's strength. Anger, sadness, love, joy... any reason will do, as long as it can cause the heart to move, the power will violently increase several times.

At present, the feelings whirling within Saito was wrath directed at Wardes, hate... but it was not only this. Indeed, there was another unknown feeling of passion moving Saito's heart.

"Detestable, the guardian of these demons!"

Seeing that he couldn't completely grasp Saito's movements, the anxious Salken violently hacked with his sword.

At this moment, Saito cut into Salken's arms, aiming at the armor protecting his chest, using all of his strength as he brandished Derflinger!


The wrists passed the feeling that they'd really been cut.

Salken's mouth opened and closed, struggling to try and breath, and then he knelt down on the ground.

The other elves began to panic seeing this.

This was a good opportunity to break through.

"Move quick, and follow me to the rear of the temple."

Wardes said.


"Quick, I also don't want to be blown sky high by the 'Jewels of Fire'."

"Wardes, you..."

For a moment, Saito's heart hesitated.

"Absolutely do not die."

And then said to Wardes.

"I can never forgive you, who deceived Louise's feelings."

"That is fair. I also would like to report my hatred of your left hand."

"I can keep you company any time."

Then Saito stretched his legs and charged, and in a moment passed through the elven forces that were beginning to recover from their panic.

All the elves hurriedly tried to catch up with Saito.

But Wardes had already chanted a spell.

"Ubiquitous der Winde..." [3]

Upon completion of the spell, Wardes body then divided into eight people.

"Ubiquitous"[4]... The wind system, square magic that pulled Saito into a bitter struggle in Albion. The eight Wardes holding wands in their hands, were blocking the members, in front of the 'Steel-Blooded Party'.

"Come, ladies and gentlemen. The former captain of the Griffin Squadron, Wardes 'The Flash' shall accompany you for a few turns."


  1. This means "Knights of the Northern Flower Bed" in English, and this is what the actual kanji is. "Nordparterre" probably refers to "Une parterre de fleurs du nord"
  2. The character sounds/pronunciation are the same but the written characters are wrong
  3. I can't find the previous translation for this spell.
  4. I still can't find the previous translation, but the kanji means "Wind of Ubiquity"
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