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Chapter 11: The Familiar of Zero[edit]

The "Ostland" flew towards the sun as it slowly rose from the sea.

The ship's steam engine spewed black smoke, and could barely produce any speed. Colbert and Kirche took turns injecting flames into it and barely managed to keep the ship afloat.

On the half-destroyed deck, Saito listened to Guiche and the others explain the situation. The members of the Undine Knights, as well as Colbert and Kirche, had accepted Henrietta's order and came to rescue Saito. Although Fouquet being there surprised Saito, it seemed that Tiffania had asked her to. Even though she kept saying, "I didn't do it for you," Saito still thanked her for her help.

After that... Saito said he wanted to be by himself for a bit, so he left the group.

Exhausted, Saito laid down in the shadow of the engine room door. As soon as he let go of Derflinger to place him on the floor, the feeling he'd collapse came over him.

"If I'm not holding Derf, I can't even do anything...."

The burning pain in his chest had already disappeared. However, being able to feel the pain was much better. Now he felt as if his very existence was gradually disappearing.

"Damn it... so I really could move like that just now."

"I say, partner."

Derflinger spoke as he rolled across the floor.


"You see, I've been silent about what happened just now."

"What's that, you secretive son of a gun."

"Actually, just now, you being able to move so dexterously had nothing to do with the power of 'Gandálfr'."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You should already know that the power of 'Gandálfr' can only make you light as a feather and grant you mastery of 'Weapons'. It's impossible to supplement the vitality you've lost, partner."

"Yeah, that's right, isn't it."

Having said that, when he was holding "Chikasui" in the cell, his body definitely felt a lot lighter, but he didn't recover his actual physical strength.

"Just now, it was actually me giving you vitality."

"What did you say?"

Saito couldn't help but ask.

"This isn't what you used to save me that time in Albion... is it?"

"Ah, Sasha taught me this ability."

This "Legendary" sword had the ability to "let Gandálfr function using its absorbed magical reserves". When facing the 70,000 man army, the seriously injured Saito relied on the power of Derflinger to stay alive.

"So, ah, partner, right now, uh...."

Derflinger spoke as if evading something. It's rare, thought Saito, for this noisy sword to start humming and hawing like that.

"Meaning that without Derf's power, I can't even walk?"

"Well that's what it means."

Derflinger said awkwardly.


Saito, still lying exhausted on the floor, sighed deeply.

"I really can't deal with this. How can I protect Louise like this...?"

At this time, Colbert, who'd just repaired the steam engine, came back.

"Are you okay, Saito? You're not looking very well.:

"Well, barely...."

Saito nodded his head uncertainly. Colbert and the others still didn't know that "Lífþrasir" had been consuming his life, and Saito didn't want to worry everyone needlessly.

"Colbert-sensei, where is the ship currently heading?"

"Well, tentatively we wanted to return to Tristain via Gallia. However, given the state of the steam engine, the problem is whether we'll make it or not."

"The thing is, Colbert-sensei, I have a request.",

Saito said as he stood up.

"What is it, Saito?"

"Please take me to the 'Holy Land'."

"What did you say?"

Colbert frowned at his words."

"There's something, I... I have to tell Louise. Or, at least, it's something important that I have to tell her, so please Sensei, take me to the 'Holy Land'."

Saito clung to Colbert's arm with a pleading expression.

But Colbert shook his head with a confused look.

"It's a shame, but there's no way to return to the 'Holy Land'. If we return there, the Romalian Army will definitely catch you. The Queen commanded that you be escorted to a safe place. She also said that without you there as a part of the 'Four of Four', most of the Pope's ambitions will be foiled."

"That's not it, Sensei. The Princess misunderstood. Even if I'm not in the 'Holy Land', it won't stop the Pope's plan... But if I go... if I explain it to Louise, I can save Halkeginia and Earth... and stop this ridiculous 'Holy War'."

"Saito... is what you said true?"

Faced with Saito's bloodcurdling arguments, Colbert gasped.

"Yes... if I still have the time to do it...."

At the same time as when Saito spoke as if groaning, an uneasy commotion broke out on the foredeck of the ship among the youths of the Undine Knights.

The very first to feel the strangeness was Malicorne, who was using "Farsight" magic to observe the "Holy Land". Because of the huge fleet in the airspace around the "Holy Land", Malicorne was unsure of what exactly they were trying to do... As he was watching with his magic, he noticed an abnormality.

"Th-th-th-th-that is a mou-mou-mountain...."

"What happened, Malicorne?"

Leaning against the broadside[1], Guiche spoke perplexed as he sat down.

"Mou-mou, mou-mountains are floating!

"Oi, what are you saying all of a sudden?"

Guiche knit his brow, and bent his body toward the broadside.

"How can a mountain float, you gotta be joking... Wh-what is that!"

The deck of the "Ostland" immediately became as noisy as a hornet's nest. All the young men of the Undine Knights looking towards the "Holy Land" were scared and their legs went limp. A huge mountain appeared from the bottom of the sea, and slowly floated into the air.

"What is going on here?"

A stunned Colbert whispered.

Saito used Derflinger to stand up.

"Wh-what is that...?"

In the far off distance... He could see a fleet the size of beans, as well as the floating pitch-black mountain.

Previously in the Fire Dragon mountain range, Saito had seen a whole mountain float into the air, but this black mountain was much larger than than the one from that time....

Just as Saito was getting confused.

"That's the 'Holy Land'."

Derflinger said.

"What did you say?"

"Anyway, this is just my speculation. The so-called 'Holy Land', is actually a very large 'Spirit Stone'. The Pope is probably using Void Magic to cause the power of wind that has accumulated in the 'Holy Land' to react."

"The Void can do such unexpectedly ridiculous things...", Saito couldn't help but whisper.

No, if he were to think about it, the Void could open a "Door" to another world; trigger an enormous explosion that destroyed an entire fleet; and eliminate a Jewel of Fire without leaving a trace. It wouldn't seem surprising if it could make a mountain float.

Previously Saito didn't know how to send the hundreds of thousands of members of the "Coalition for the Reclamation of the Holy Land" to the bottom of the sea. This was obviously a method that he didn't think about....

The "Lífþrasir" rune under his hooded jacket began to flicker, which may have been a reaction to the "Holy Land".

"A little faster would be good...."

Saito told Colbert, who was standing in the same place, stunned.

"Sensei, I have to go... I have to go to the 'Holy Land'. Of course, I could become a prisoner, and even if I rushed over there, I might not be able to do anything. But if there's something that only I can do, then I have to do it. When I was on Earth, I couldn't do anything because I was just a powerless high school student. But here is different, I gained the power to make a huge difference, so...."

"Mm...," Colbert muttered with a serious expression.

Colbert seemed to waver between his role as a teacher and his role as Saito's friend.

After a few moments of silence... Colbert spoke.



"Honestly, I really don't want to let you go. Because it's too dangerous."


"But it seems like there's nothing that will stop you."

Colbert shrugged, and shouted at the kids who were on the deck.

"A few of you come help me, I need a few people.

Saito was guided to the hangar of the "Ostland". Tabitha, Kirche, Guiche, Malicorne and the others followed him down the stairs.

"Sensei, this is...!"

Seeing the thing that was parked in the middle of the hangar, Saito couldn't help but shout.

A large, red circular sun was painted on the body and wing.

Besides the shiny cowling, there was the character for "Dragon" in white on the bottom.

It was the "Zero Fighter".

"With this, you can get to the 'Holy Land' immediately."

Colbert stated.

"This can fly?"

"Of course, it's already been repaired, and even the 'gasoline' is full. Only the machine gun still has no bullets."

When Saito's hand touched the Zero Fighter, the rune on his left hand lit up. The damage that the body received in the battle of Albion seemed to be repaired with "Alchemy" and "Fortification" magic.

"Thank you, Sensei...."

"It's nothing, I thought that it would come in handy for you."

From the wings to the instrument-filled cockpit, the Zero Fighter filled Saito with an inexplicable sense of nostalgia.

"Take these."

Malicorne stuffed the "Weapons" of the "Holy Land" behind the pilot's seat.

"Piling too many will increase the vehicle's weight, this is enough."

Saito placed a automatic pistol which looked good into his belt.

"Saito, I know that stopping you is pointless, so I want to remind you."

Guiche coughed lightly then spoke.

"Don't die. Absolutely, do not die. It's stupid to die for fame, but you've said this before."


Saito smiled hearing this. The last time he got into an argument with Guiche about a noble's honor....

Next it was Tabitha's turn. Tabitha quickly climbed up to the front of the wing and kissed Saito on the cheek.

"Huh? Ehhhhhhhh?"

The sudden action surprised Saito. Tabitha immediately turned red and jumped to the ground.

"Hey, it's not really that easy, Tabitha!"

Kirche whistled.


The silent Tabitha looked away from Saito.

"I say, you have nothing to say for yourself?"

Guiche glanced at Saito.

"Tha-thank you...."


Saito finally squeeze this sentence from his throat, and Tabitha's face became redder as she listened.


"This time Malicorne made a strange sound."

"What is the meaning of this, what does this really mean! Are you kidding! Really Saito, you're absolutely not allowed to die. Be sure to come back to us! After you get back, I'll use wind magic to run you over!"

Guiche and Kirche grabbed the violent Malicorne together from behind.

"You know how to use the 'Happy Little Snakes', right?"

"Oh, sorry, but please help me unload the weapon."

"Is that okay?"

"Yeah, I hope that I won't have to kill anybody, and the plane will fly faster this way."

At the time in Tarbes there was a fight, but the current situation wasn't a war yet. And Saito doesn't want to use Colbert's invention to take people's lives.

"I understand."

After nodding in response, Colbert expertly removed the weapon from under the wing.

"Mr. Gramont, please help me remove these locks with 'Alchemy'."

Under the guidance of Colbert, Guiche waved his wand. The four locks that secured the Zero Fighter were released and fell to the floor.

"Can I really take off without a runway or catapult?"

"We can use wind magic to start the propeller and generate lift. Five magicians should be sufficient."

And so, Saito signaled with a nod of his head and began the pre-take off procedures. He switched the fuel switch to the main tank position, and set the mixing ratio lever and the propeller pitch to their correct positions. Opening the cowl flaps, he closed the lubrication cooler's cover.

Colbert cranked the propeller with wind magic.

Waiting for the correct timing, Saito pushed the ignition button with his right hand. Pushing the throttle forward slightly, the engine started and the propeller began to spin with a rumble.

Finally, Saito checked the indicators. The rune on his left hand told Saito that everything was working properly.

"There's nothing wrong with the aircraft."

"Excellent, open the 'Hangar door'!"

Colbert immediately chanted the "Unlock" spell, and the lock on the hangar door released.

The bow of the "Ostland" opened vertically, and a strong wind rushed into the ship.

Wearing the goggles of Siesta's great-grandfather, Saito closed the canopy of the pilot's seat.

Guiche and Malicorne helped to remove the wheel chocks.

After releasing the brakes, the plane began to move haltingly.

"Don't tell me you're not scared, partner?"

"Of course I'm scared."

Saito responded.

"But if I don't go now, I'll probably never have the chance to see Louise again. The possibility of never seeing her smile again is even more frightening."

Everyone raised their wand and began to chant wind magic.

The propeller rotated violently. After setting the flap to full, the propeller pitch handle was adjusted for take off. As Saito released the brakes, he opened the throttle.

In one breath, the Zero Fighter accelerated.

The moment the tail wheel left the deck, Saito pulled on the control stick.

Then the plane lightly ascended.

As the Zero fighter flew, it cut through the wind and soared into the blue sky.

Saito looked back at the "Ostland" as he was leaving the ship.

The members of the Undine Knights stood on the deck, holding their wands high.

It was a salute which the Halkeginian nobles reserved only for those deemed the most honorable.

The sun slowly began to rise from the other side of the horizon. The 80,000 soldiers of the "Coalition Army for the Restoration of the Holy Lands" that were traveling by ship, began to land one after the other on the "Holy Land" floating in the air.

The commanders of the army gathered, including the leaders of Gaulia, Romalia, Tristain, Germania, and Albion, which was in the middle of being divided and conquered.

There were soldiers with weapons, magicians, and foreign mercenaries. There also were cannons, siege weapons, knights riding wind and fire dragons, as well as pegasi, griffons, manticores and other fantastical beasts. There were even a handful of Elven knights. These reinforcements were dispatched as a formality by the Council of Nephthys.

The soldiers that were starting to land marched straight toward the center of the "Holy Land".

The flat place which Josette had blasted out with "Explosion", was where the "Weapons" from Earth had drifted to.

At that place was a surprisingly huge oval "Door" that was several hundred feet wide.

On the other side of the "Door" a vague image of another world emerged, where most of the weapons had been gathered. However, the "Door" had not yet been fully opened. Looking at the world on the other side, it seemed like it was only a gleaming mirror.

Louise and several other bearers of the "Void" gathered in front of the "Door", and prepared to chant the Founder's Void. Albrecht the Third, Turuk, Bidashal, Henrietta, and Siesta, who had followed Louise, stood in the distance, not too far away from everyone.

"Yet, it seems, that just about everything was too late."

Henrietta's voice was full of despair.

The terrible "Holy War" was about to begin... Although there was a glimmer of hope in ordering the Undine Knights to rescue Saito, in the end it was ultimately futile.

"God... Saito, Ms. Vallière...."

Siesta, standing next to Henrietta, closed her eyes and prayed.

Squinting, as he watched the sun rise above the horizon, Saito's "Zero Fighter" cut through the strong wind as it flew.

The sun reflected off the metal wings. The cruising speed displayed on the gauge was 180 knots. With the control ability of the "Gandálfr", there shouldn't be a problem.

Although Saito never learned where he was flying, there was no way for him to get lost. The sea filled his field of vision, but as long as the target was the "Holy Land", that was visible in the distance, he could fly straight there.

"Partner, you have to hold on to me tightly. It should be said that you can never let go."

Derflinger, who was clenched in Saito's right hand, said.

"I know."

The "Lífþrasir" rune flickered, mercilessly stealing away Saito's life.

Without Derflinger's help, there would be no way for Saito to be able to move on his own.

"Say, earlier you said that there were things you wanted to ask me."


With his eyes staring at the "Holy Land", Saito spoke.

"I dreamed a dream of 6000 years ago."


Derflinger responded simply.

"That was a tragedy."


"But there wasn't anything that you could do, Derf. After all, it wasn't your fault."


His voice was filled with sadness.

"I... had known for a long time how much Sasha like... how much she loved that blockhead, Brimir. After all, I was her "Partner" at the time. So it may be that I unconsciously put you and the pink-haired girl together with the two from those days. So after I learned that you'd become "Lífþrasir", I was afraid that the same tragedy would be repeated. Truly, I felt very sad."

The rambling Deflinger was much more talkative than usual.

Saito suddenly felt confused and asked.

"Derf, is that okay?"

"What is it?"

"No, isn't it because of Sasha's magic, that you couldn't talk about what happened before...?"

"Oh, that... I lifted it."


"Yes, while I was sleeping, I entered an altered state of mind... and removed Sasha's magic. It took me an awful lot of time, but I managed somehow or other."

"No wonder you didn't respond earlier, you were...."

At that moment, Saito pushed the control stick in his right hand.

The "Holy Land" that he had seen from afar was already in front of him.

There was no mistake, it was the wreckage of the "Great Will" that Saito saw in his dream of 6,000 years ago.

Brimir's "Life" didn't completely eliminate this huge spirit stone. If it can be destroyed completely, it would stop the great uprising caused by the "Wind Stones"....

"Derf, I actually thought about it earlier."

Saito said.

"Thought what, partner?"

"There's no way Mr. Brimir could destroy the 'Holy Land'... in fact, it's clear that he could complete the chant of 'Life', but he didn't do it."

After a bit, Derflinger finally responded.

"Why do you think this?"

"In the end, Mr. Brimir said that he had sinned, and that he loved Sasha... In other words, it was necessary to completely flatten the 'Holy Land' in order to save the 'Magi', but he hesitated at the last moment. Isn't it because there was no way he could sacrifice Sasha's life in order to launch 'Life'?"

"... That could be so."

"What's with the stuttering response, didn't you unlock the shackles Sasha put on you?"

"No, sorry, because even I'm not sure. I really don't know what thoughts were in Brimir's heart. After all, I'm just a sword."

Derflinger's tone was half-joking.

"More importantly, partner."


"You should already be aware of it."

"Aware of what?"

"If you go on like this, you'll die."


Saito was silent for a moment.

Then he spoke in an steady tone.

"I know. So I'm not in a hurry to rush over there, yeah?"

I already knew that I was going to die.

The moment the "Lífþrasir" is freed from his fate will be Saito's death.

No matter how hard he struggles, he can't change this fate.

No, it's not that there is no way to be saved, but that the method is....

"For Gandálfr to kill his master."

In the dream of 6,000 years ago, Sasha's runes disappeared, it's definitely because of that reason.

To die by Sasha's sword... This was the only method that Brimir could come up with in order to save Sasha's life.

But it was impossible for Saito to use this method.

Wanting to kill Louise with his own hand... Saito felt scared just thinking about it.

Therefore, there was no way to change his fate, Saito had already mentally prepared himself for this.

"Partner, I... have wasted away for thousands of years and seen all kinds of guys. But... this is the first time I've ever seen anybody like you."

"Come on."

Hearing this, Saito gave a wry smile.

"Also, don't say wasted away for thousands of years. After all, we finally met each other after 6,000 years. Just like how I met Louise, it's wonderful that I got to meet you. If being called by Louise is fate, then meeting Derf in that weapon shop must also be fate."

"Par-partner... Wa-waaaaaaaaaah~"

"Wh-what happened, Derf?!"

A startled Saito quickly asked.

"Damn, you live for 6,000 years, and you even forget how to cry."

"Even swords cry... It's strange to say that you're crying."

"No, actually I won't cry, otherwise the sword will rust."


Derflinger's answer made Saito laugh.



"I... being able to be your partner, it's truly been great."

"Same here, Derf."

Oh Founder, oh Founder, ye who speaketh for our God the most divine, oh ye great Founder who guidest us.

Please grant stars to the sky. Please grant grace to us humans. Please grant us tranquility....

Facing the huge "Door" floating in the air, Louise chanted a prayer.

Tiffania, Josette, and Vittorio, the other three bearers, were stand close by, each holding a ring or secret treasure of the Founder. Julio stood between Louise and the three. As the "Mjöðvitnir", he had the ability to resonate with the "Founder's Treasures".

The rune on Julio's forehead glowed, and the Founder's Incense Burner, the Founder's Music Box, the Founder's Round Mirror... and the "Founder's Prayer Book" in Louise's hands suddenly began emitting a dazzling light.

"Now, Ms. Vallière, please chant the 'Life' spell!", Vittorio shouted at Louise.

Louise took a deep breath and raised her wand, ready to start chanting the spell.

"Wait, Louise...!"

Tiffania ran forward, trying to stop Louise.

At that moment, the Wind Ruby on Tiffania's hand shined brightly.


The "Founder's Rubies" worn by the "Bearers" resonated with each other. The surrounding was filled with a high pitched ringing, and then the four rubies shattered.

There was a flash, and four beams of light rushed straight into the sky.

The light of the smashed ruby fragments coalesced into a tiny ball of light in the air.

"God, Louise...."

Tiffania shouted in a trembling voice, falling to the ground.

The final "Void" had already started, and could no longer be stopped.

Louise squinted and began to chant the Void spell.

The engine of the Zero Fighter roared, and, piloted by Saito, charged toward where a large number of ships had gathered.

There were over 100 warships in formation, and it was suicidal to charge in with a single plane.

Fortunately, in order to land on the "Holy Land" the fleet had been brought close together. Therefore, the distance between the ships was too narrow to attack the invading enemy aircraft with cannons.

"Partner, the enemy is attacking."


Saito used one hand to switch the complex fuel system in the blink of an eye. The veteran control technique provided by "Gandálfr" made the impossible, possible.

The current speed was 240 knots. Using the superb movements of a stunt pilot, Saito drew a line through the airspace that was packed with innumerable warships and galleons. If any part of the wings touched a ship, it would shatter.

The early warning network of crow familiars caught the approach of the Zero Fighter. One squad of dragon knights on wind dragons immediately took off from a large ship.

The dragon knights cast "Air Spear" together.

The masses of compressed air poured down like a rainstorm.


Saito quickly stepped on the pedal and rolled the plane to avoid the wind spears.

However, no matter how amazing the control technique of "Gandálfr" was, it was impossible to completely avoid them. After all, even the trajectory of the spear was invisible. Several air spears hit the front of the plane's aluminum wing, causing it to lose control.

"This is a mess, partner!"

"You're telling me!"

While being upside down, Saito stepped on the pedal and barely restored the balance of the plane. Since he had to hold Derflinger in the his left hand the entire time, he had to control it with one hand.

"Partner, you alright?"

"St-still good...."

Almost biting the tip of his tongue, Saito answer reluctantly.

His vision began to blur, and his mind was a little hazy.

The "Lífþrasir" rune flashed violently, and mercilessly stole Saito's life. If he let go of Derflinger, Saito would definitely lose consciousness instantly.

"Derf, I say...."

"Huh, what's up?"

"If it goes on like this, I'll lose consciousness... Please inject a little more power into me."

"Partner, can your body take it?"

"It's fine... Anyway, we'll get shot down if we go on like this, and then it's over."

"I know."

Derflinger's blade glowed blue.

Saito's heart immediately thumped with a violent pulse, and power poured into his body.

"Say Derf, can you still hold on?"

"Yeah, no problem. After all, I'm a 'Legend'."

The response sounded relaxed.

"We're a 'Legend' and a 'Hero', huh? There's nothing to be afraid of.


Saito, with a faint smile at the corner of his mouth, increased the speed of the plane.

The knight squad swooped at the top of the Zero Fighter that was in a steep dive.

"Four are attacking from above!"

Derflinger, seeing this, shouted.

The rune on his left hand shined, and Saito's Zero Fighter, guided by veteran-level piloting skills, avoided the dive attack of the wind dragons. At the speed of the wind dragons, it was impossible to catch up with the staying power of an internal combustion engine.

A group of magicians lined up on the deck of a battleship fired a barrage of spells, one after the other.

Saito accelerated the plane even more, attempting to throw off all of the attacks.

At that moment, a "Fireball" burst nearby.

The impact of the explosion caused the windshield to shatter. The Zero Fighter's windshield was originally bullet-proof glass, but it was damaged in the battle with Albion. The glass that is now installed in the windshield was made by Colbert using "Alchemy".

The pieces of broken glass slashed Saito's cheek, leaving a bloody scratch on his face.

"Partner, there's a hole in the wing!"

Derflinger screamed.

"I don't give a fuck! We've already got no chance but to fly!"

Saito threw the Zero Fighter's throttle wide open.

Accelerating at full power, he ascended in an instant.


Saito shouted with his eyes closed.

Sorry, Mom.

I can't keep my promise, I won't be able to return to my mother.

But, I'll save the Earth. I'll do my best.

So please praise me, boast that you're the proud mother of a son.

Please show off to everybody, that my son saved the world.

Also, I found a girlfriend, a girl named Louise.

She's really cute, petite, her chest is small, she's head over heels in love with me, and a little short tempered. Although she's a bit short tempered, she the one that I love the most.

Mom, thanks for giving birth to me.

Dad, thanks for your kindness.


The Zero Fighter rose through the clouds and flew directly above the "Holy Land".

Saito removed his broken goggles.

He could see a huge "Door" floating in the air.

The scene that emerged was a US military base.

They had an "F16", like a plastic model he had built, as well a the latest "F24". Of course the Pope would open the "Door" at the place with the greatest power on Earth.

In front of the "Door" was the figure of Louise.

Aiolu. Sunu. Feyr. Arushakusha.

Lifting her wand high, Louise began to chant the "Void" spell.

The spell's chant was very similar to that of "Explosion".

The so-called "Life", used the life of the final familiar "Lífþrasir" to launch a extremely large "Explosion".

Osu. Sunu. Uriu. Ru. Raduo.

The spell that Louise chanted so many times that it had already become a part of her body.

The rhythm of the spell rose and fell repeatedly, as if it were a wave.

The great power of the "Void" filled the petite Louise. A power too great for a single person.

If her concentration wavered in the slightest, she'd be pulled into the bottomless pits of hell.

Peiozus. Uru. Svueiru. Kanuo. Oshera.

The ball of light floating in the air kept getting bigger.

The ball of light shined on the ground like a small sun.

"Just a little more, just a little more...."

While she was chanting the spell, Louise thought in her heart.

Her deep brown eyes weren't looking at the "Door" in front of her, but the scenery of somewhere else.

Gela. Isa. Unjue. Bazaru. Beokuen. Iru......

The spell chant finished.

But it was at best an "Explosion" spell.

For the "Founder's Void" that stole a familiar's life to truly be complete, the final spell words to dedicate the life of the "Lífþrasir" had to be added.


Louise squinted her eyes, and quietly lowered her wand.

"Ms. Vallière, what is it?"

Vittorio shouted.

But Louise looked directly to the sky as if she was waiting for something.

"Ms. Vallière, please hurry. Don't you want to save his life?"

"Well, of course I do. But please wait a moment, Your Holiness."

Louise gave a steady smile.

"Wait? What are you waiting for?"

Vittorio, who usually had a completely calm expression, showed a look of confusion for the first time.

"Waiting for my... the 'Familiar of Zero'."

The low rumble of an engine rang through the air.


  1. A fancy word which means the side of a ship.
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