Zero no Tsukaima:Volume22 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The Nuclear Submarine[edit]

After listening to Saito's explanation, Guiche's group concluded that first they were to comply with the judgment of Henrietta. This was a matter of course since the Knight Corps of the Water Spirit were Imperial Guards directly subordinate to Henrietta.

Henrietta originally opposed going to war with the Elves - presumably, she wouldn't support this new "Holy War". However, that wasn't only for Tristain, but it was an event related to the future of Halkeginia. Considering the political situation, there was no way to predict what decision Henrietta would make at that time.

After everyone had left the room, Saito started to care for Derflinger's blade as he laid alone on the bed.

But there still seemed to be no sign of Saito's noisy partner regaining consciousness.

"Derf, I have so many things I want to ask you...."

During Saito's lonely soliloquy....

Suddenly there was a tap on the door.

"Saito, dinner's ready. Is it a good time to eat?"

Entering the room was Siesta, carrying a tray with tableware on it.

What was brought was freshly-made toasted bread, and the fragrant smell of stew wafting around.

"Thank you, Siesta. looks delicious."

The smell made Saito's stomach grumble. It seemed that his appetite had recovered after a little rest.

"This is stewed venison, and oven-toasted bread. This ship is really amazing. After Mr. Colbert remodeled the kitchen, even a commoner like me can easily use the fire."

Siesta placed the tray on the table besides the bed. There wasn't only bread and stew on the tray. There was also cheese, boiled eggs with their shells peeled, and sliced apples.

"Thanks for the food."[1]

Saito brought his hands together and was about to get up from bed.

But Siesta reached out and stopped him.

"Ah, it's alright to not get out of bed. Let me feed you."


Siesta squeezed Saito back into bed with a laugh and smile.

"The-there's no need, I'm fine."

"No, what if you faint again?"

Saying that, Siesta shook her finger and gently pressed it against Saito's mouth. Saito went "Ah...", than obediently closed his mouth. He'd known for a long time that Siesta could be particularly stubborn at these sorts of times, and that resistance was futile.

Siesta tore the bread with her fingers and scooped up some hot stew. Nobles like Louise would hardly ever eat such low-class meals, but Saito often enjoyed this type of bread made by old man Marteau.

Then Siesta brought a piece of bread with stew on it to Saito's lips.

"Come on, Saito, open your mouth."

Then she blushed a little.

"This... it's more embarrassing than I thought."


Saito, with his pulse racing, opened his mouth and ate the bread.

"Hey! That's my finger, Saito!"


"Ah, it's alright, Saito. I was just a little startled."

He watched Siesta happily interlace her fingers.

"How... does it taste?"

"Mm, very delicious!"

Saito frankly said his thoughts. Although he didn't know much about cooking, the soup's stock was made well, and tasted absolutely delicious.

"This stew was made with Ms. Vallière's wine."

"Oh, without asking her permission? Won't she be angry...?"

"Don't worry. I've already watered down the wine in the bottle."

"That will get exposed...."

Saito spoke, astonished, to Siesta's nonchalant face.

"Do you want some warm wine? It will warm your body up."

"Well, if it's only a little...."

To be honest, he was worried about the Earth and not really in the mood to drink wine. But he also felt bad wasting Siesta's good intentions.

After pouring the wine into a glass, Siesta handed it to Saito. As the glass was given to him, Saito suddenly felt dizzy and caused some of the wine to spill.

"Oops... Sorry."

"Oh, you're fine Saito!. I'll clean it up right away."

Siesta promptly grabbed a cloth and started to wipe up the wine that spilled on Saito's chest.

"Si, Siesta?"

This caused Saito to shout. Siesta pressed her chest against Saito's arm as she leaned her upper body forward.


Unlike Louise's dumplings, there was a heavy "squish-like" feeling. Although not as good as Tiffania's big melons, Siesta's chest was also quite destructive.

Tiffania's magic-like breasts were amazing too. However, for a Japanese like Saito, it was the truth that they could be said to enter the territory of fantasy - being too godly, perhaps even a little unrealistic.

In contrast, Siesta had black hair, and was of about one-eighth Japanese descent. She kind-of felt like a classmate, an irresistible feeling... what was to be said, was that the sense of reality was much stronger.

And what is even worse is that, as a commoner, Siesta actually didn't wear underwear.

None of the girls of that world wore underwear.

Seeing this, blood suddenly spurted from his nose.[2]

"Oh, that's not okay. Saito, please take off your clothes."

"Fo, for this much, it's not a problem."

"That's not okay. What will you do if you catch a cold, come on!"

With a squish-squish, Siesta's chest squeezed against his, with a squish.

"Oh, woah...."

Saito mobilized all his willpower, and withstood Siesta's round of attack.

Louise was trying to persuade the Pope for him. With that in mind, Saito felt sorry for Louise. Trying to calm down, Saito meditated "calm state of mind, calm state of mind", in his mind.... Oh, did his state of mind grow calm?[3]

"Oh, Siesta?"

"Wh-what is it?"


"This, I feel is a little inconvenient...."

Hearing Saito say this, Siesta said, "Ahhhhhh", sighing for a long time.

"I understand. After all, Saito already has Louise."


"Uhh, so it's a no-go? Even though I tried to appeal to you this much?"


"It's alright. After all, I like this sort of Saito."

The seemingly frustrated Siesta pouted, and sat next to Saito.

Then she put her head on Saito's shoulder.


"Really, I'm also really upset."

Siesta said.

"At this rate, war will break out with the world that you, Saito...... and my great-grandfather came from, won't it? Do they want to repeat what happened one year ago?"

Siesta, with a quivering voice, stared uneasily at Saito.

This scared Saito. During the invasion of the Albion Army a year ago, Siesta's hometown of Tarbes was destroyed in a fire.

"Relax, I won't let that happen. Louise and I will find a way."


Siesta nodded her head.

Not only to stop the Pope's ambitions, but also to save the Earth and Halkeginia at the same time... Saito held Siesta's shivering shoulders, trying to reassure her while strengthening his determination.

Things went like that for a while... Saito didn't know whether Siesta drank the wine, but she smoothly slipped off to sleep with her head on his chest. Siesta was an expert when it came to sleep. Once she falls asleep it would take at least an hour for her to wake up.

There's nothing he could do... With a wry smile, Saito let Siesta lay in his bed.

If he were to let Louise see that, it could cause a misunderstanding....

"How come Louise hasn't come back...."

All of a sudden, a slight anxiety appeared in Saito's heart.

At this time, Louise should be boarding the Romalian vessel and persuading the Pope.

Maybe she had lost her head, attacked the Pope with "Explosion", and was arrested on the spot. After all, although she usually was a model noble, she had a lot of opinions about everything. However, once her emotions erupted, it wouldn't matter if the opponent is a princess or the Pope, she treated everyone as equals.

"Did it really not matter to let her go by herself?"

The fearful Saito looked through the cabin's porthole towards the place the Romalian fleet was gathered.

At that time, Saito frowned.

A huge lumpy black object appeared on the pitch-black sea. A magic light like a searchlight was projected from the surrounding ships to illuminate the object.

"... What's that?"

With a bad premonition emerging from his heart, Saito approached the porthole.

At a glance, four Romalian ships floating in the air tried to lift the huge lumpy object with a large number of devices that were similar to chains.

The entire body was a circular arc, with a cylindrical profile that was a total length of 100 meters.

"Oh, it-it can't be...!"

Discovering what the lumpy object truly was, Saito's face turned blue.

It was the "Nuclear Submarine" that should've been sleeping in the "Holy Land".

"... What are those bastards thinking!"

Saito grabbed Derflinger from the edge of the bed and immediately rushed out of the room. Although he didn't have the physical strength to stand up, he was barely able to move his body, relying on the strength of the "Gandálfr".

Arriving on the deck of the "Ostland", Saito's body emerged from the side of the ship. He saw the huge cylindrical lump being slowly pulled from the sea by the numerous chains tied to it.

"They want to pull the nuclear submarine up to the surface of the sea."

This made Saito break out in a cold sweat. Why was the Romalian Army trying to salvage the "Nuclear Submarine" that had sunk in the "Holy Land"?

At that time, the submarine, salvaged from the bottom of the sea, was constantly surrounded by small explosions as it hung in midair. Saito saw Romalia's Knights Templar neatly lined up on the deck of their ships, launching magic arrows towards the submarine together.

"Please, what do they think they're doing...!"

The blue-faced Saito couldn't help but shout. Although it was not easy to damage a nuclear submarine, it was only a matter of time if they were to continue.

"They basically don't know what a terrible thing that is!"

According to Derflinger, the "Nuclear Submarine" had completely ceased to function, and apparently there was no danger of radiation leakage. But in the end that was the power aspect of it. As for the things inside the ship... the "Weapons" he was too scared to name were still usable.

"I have to stop them...."

Saito, with an expression full of anxiety, grabbed the guardrail. The "Ostland" was a long way from the Romalian fleet, and the slung-up "Nuclear Submarine" was flying high in the sky.

"What's wrong?"

At that time, a voice came from behind Saito.

Looking back, it was Tabitha with a book under her arm.


Saito grabbed Tabitha's shoulder, like she was a lifesaver. Tabitha suddenly opened her eyes in surprise, and blushed.

"...What's wrong?"

"Can you use magic to send me to that Romalian ship?"


"That is a bomb of my world, if I don't stop them, things will get serious."

Tabitha looked at the Romalian fleet, and thought for a bit... then she shook her head.

"No. If you board a Romalian ship without permission, it will lead to a diplomatic issue. You and I will be arrested."

"Oh, you're right... No, right now isn't the time to worry about that!"

Saito shouted desperately. Although he didn't know the structure of nuclear weapons, they shouldn't easily explode if their exterior is destroyed. However, the surroundings could be accidentally exposed to radiation.

"...I know."

Possibly sensing Saito's urgency... Tabitha nodded her head, and whistled towards the sea. Not long after came the sound of buzzing. Sylphid, with her wings spread, landed on the deck of the ship.

"Big Sis, what's wrong? Chirp."

"Mount up."

Tabitha quickly sat on Syphid's back, and Saito hugged her waist.

"Chirp, chirp. A late-night date! Big Sis is doing it!"

Not knowing she was misunderstanding, Sylphid happily cried.

"Ah, Sylphid is deeply moved. Big Sis is finally planning to lay eggs, so she won't have to worry about the horny maid and the peach-haired washboard girl, chirp."


Tabitha knocked Sylphid on the head with her wand.

"What are you doing! It'd be better if Big Sis was honest with herself sooner."

Thump! The red-faced Tabitha continued to hit Sylphid with a thump. However, the rhyme dragon's head was protected by hard scales, and Sylphid didn't feel wounded at all.

"Hurry up, close on that ship."

Then Tabitha pointed her wand at the ship floating in the air.

"Piece of cake, chirp!"

Sylphid took off from the deck and rushed 200 feet up in the air in a flash. Even the magic "Fly" wasn't as fast. After cutting through the wind as they continued to ascend, they arrived above the Romalian ship floating in the air.

"It's a wind dragon!"

"What are you doing here!"

All the Romalian Knights Templar lined up nicely on the deck faced the wind dragon that suddenly appeared overhead, and a disturbance broke out.

At that time, a Templar Knight stepped out of the chaotic formation. He was a tall, slender man with his black hair parted down the middle, and he could be called a bishounen[4], based on his looks.

"That guy...."

Saito remembered that pompous-like mug. He was, surely.... though Saito had forgotten his name, he was the guy who had raised a dispute with Saito and the others before, in that Romalian city.

"I am the captain of the Knights Templar of the order of Alieste, Carlo Christiano Trompontino. I'm warning you two, ultimately who allowed you to fly free over the Holy Romalian Fleet!"

Carlo pointed his holy wand at Saito and Tabitha above, raging loudly.

"Wait, I am Saito... Knight of the Queen of Tristain, Hiraga Saito."

"What? You're the apprentice knight Hiraga... That commoner hero!"

Hearing Saito's name, Carlo scornfully laughed.

"Trivial commoner of Tristain, what are you doing here!"

"You need to stop using magic to attack that lump of scrap metal right now! Otherwise some serious consequences will occur!"

"What did you say?"

Carlo, shrugging his shoulders, turned to look at the subordinate knights behind him.

"What did that page just say, did you hear him?"

"The sound of the wind is too strong, I can't hear clearly."

The knight's response made Carlo grin, and he lifted his holy wand like a baton, giving orders to his subordinates.

"All devout believers of God and the Founder Brimir, shoot them down!"


The Knights Templar began to chant spells together.

"Sylphid, circle to the right, dodge."

Tabitha anxiously said, it rarely being heard in her voice.

"Please, don't be hard on the dragon, okay, chirp!"

From the tips of the orderly row of holy wands, numerous arrows of light were launched.


Sylphid quickly banked hard, and almost threw Saito off.

"Hold on tight."

Hearing Tabitha's warning, Saito reached out and hugged Tabitha's waist, and pulled his body close.

At that moment, Tabitha gradually flushed to her ears.

"Big Sis is really energetic, chirp!

Thump, thump.

"Big Sis is blushing, chirp, it's really cute."

The orderly row of Knights Templar fired countless "Magic Arrows" at Saito and Tabitha. However Tabitha, as calm as ever, lifted her huge staff, that was a big as she was, and quickly chanted a spell, completing the magic.

"Windy Icicle."

That was the wind and water composite spell that Tabitha excelled at. The power was comparable to the the square class spell Frostbolt, and knocked down the Templars' "Magic Arrows" one after the other.

"Wh, what!"

"Don't underestimate her, that magician is very powerful!"

"The wind dragon, aiming for the wind dragon will work!"

Seeing Tabitha's powerful magic, the Knights Templar began to panic.

"Persuasion is pointless, there's no other way...."

With a sigh, Saito gripped Derflinger's hilt, and the rune on his left hand glowed.

"Tabitha, launch me in the middle of them."

"Roger.", Tabitha nodded shortly.

Sylphid circled over the heads of the Knights Templar, then dived towards the deck of the ship. At the same time, Saito dexterously jumped into the air with Derflinger in his hand.

Carlo roared with his face flushed in anger.

"Capture him! This is an invasion of Romalia, it doesn't matter if you kill him!"

The holy wand in Carlo's hand produced a blade of flames that was about two feet long. This was the fire system's "Blade" magic, and a burning flame slipped past the tip of Saito's nose.

"Enough is enough, listen to what I'm saying!"

Saito, moving to avoid the "Blade", jabbed the hilt of Derflinger into the startled Carlo's gut.


Seeing their commander captured, the Knights Templar fell into chaos. Saito quickly charged into their formation, and knocked down the dumbfounded knights one after another.

"Surround him! Surround him and kill him!"

Someone shouted at that point. Numerous "Magic Arrows" launched from the tips of the wands in the Knights Templar' hands. Saito blocked the arrows with Derflinger. Even if Derflinger was asleep, he was still responsible for absorbing magic.


The Knights Templar who witnessed the power of "Gandálfr" couldn't help but feel terrified.

"...He really is a stubborn guy."

The panting Saito looked around at the surrounding Knights Templar. If this was the normal Saito, he wouldn't be panting to this degree. As expected, under the influence of the "Lífþrasir" runes, the consumption of physical strength was excessive.

"Hey, listen to me. That is something that you absolutely can not touch!"

"Be quiet, intruder!"

Even though Saito shouted, the Knights Templar still turned a deaf ear. Aiming at the stopped Saito, the tips of the lined up wands emitted red and blue lights.


Saito could only re-grasp Derflinger in both of his hands.

At this moment... the sound of buzzing came. Looking up, Saito discovered a large wind dragon which flew over his head, which wasn't Sylphid.

"Okay, okay, everybody wait a moment and listen to what he's saying."

The young priest riding on the back of Azuro said in a cheerful voice.

"Milord, Caesar...."

Somebody said that. With that, the Knights Templar immediately raised their wands, and saluted the priest.

"Julio, you...."

Saito glared at Julio as he landed on the deck.

In any case, even if he was a detestable opponent, he would listen to what a person would say. At least a little better than this group of Knights Templar.

"Saito, why are you causing a ruckus on our ship?"

"So in the end, what do you think you're doing dragging up this kind of thing?"

"You need to ask, isn't the answer clear? That 'Weapon' is a gift given to us by the Founder Brimir, and we were just grateful to use it."

Julio lightly spoke.

"You said use?"

"Of course. If we want to fight the "Varyag", we require powerful weapons. We aren't willingly wanting to use the enemy's 'Weapons'... but ultimately we're realists, and can never let go of something we can use."

"Do you know what that thing actually is? That's...."

An extremely terrifying bomb... speaking to here, Saito stalled. It would be bad if he let the Romalians know what this is.

"Oh, don't worry. It won't explode if you just destroy the outer shell with magic. You need more power to use this thing, right?"


Hearing the words Julio spoke, Saito couldn't help but gasp in shock

Don't tell me he knows what "That thing" inside is...?

"Of course I know."

Saying, Julio pointed at his forehead.

"'Mjöðvitnir' is 'The Mind of God'. Although I can't freely use the weapons of the "Holy Land" like you, I can understand the theoretical structure. This is what the knowledge of the 'Mjöðvitnir' told me. Incredibly, the power of the void actually sleeps inside this cylindrical object... at least close to the the nature of the void. The destructive power may be even more terrible than the King of Gaulia's 'Jewel of Fire'."

"Don't tell me the Pope is going to use that thing against the Earth!"

Saito couldn't help but shout. Since he knew their true colors, and they also recovered this from the bottom of the sea... didn't that confirm that?

But Julio shook his head with regret.

"No, I just said that the structure of this terrible 'Weapon' is very complex. Unfortunately, the knowledge we possess is insufficient to detonate it

Then Julio said in a semi-joking tone.

"However, Saito... maybe you could use it easily with the power of 'Gandálfr'."

"That bastard...."

This startled Saito. Previously, when he was at the "Dragon's Nest" and touched the submarine, the runes on his left hand glowed. Then, how to manipulate that "Weapon" flowed into his mind. Although it was not enough to launch the ballistic missile, by solving the safety equipment issue, it was not impossible to make it detonate.

"Can you do it, Gandálfr?"

Julio's crescent eyes stared sharply

"How is it, Saito? If it's convenient, can you teach us how to use it?"

"Don't joke around! Once that weapon is used, we're doomed! It's that dreadful! You saw the destructive power of the 'Jewel of Fire', right? There won't be anything left."

"Well, that's right. However, there's no point if we don't do this. This "Holy War" isn't a game, but a war on which we're gambling our existence."

Julio said with a serious expression. His normal carefree expression had disappeared without a trace, his expression could even be called anxious.

Tightly holding Derflinger's hilt, Saito thought that Julio was truly desperate. After all, that could relate to the survival of the world... but he couldn't relax either. Even though they didn't know now, wouldn't mean that they wouldn't figure it out one day, and he absolutely couldn't let them use that thing against the Earth.

"Julio, I don't say stupid things. Let that thing sink back to the ocean floor."

"And if I refuse?"

"Well... even if it's tough, I'm going to stop you."

Saito pointed the blade tip of Derflinger at Julio.

"It seems like persuasion is ineffective, 'Brother'."

Reluctantly shaking his head, Julio pulled out the slender saber sheathed at his waist. At the same time, the Knights Templar behind Julio raised their holy wands one after another.

"Don't interfere you guys, this is a contest between men."

"Tabitha, it's okay, you don't need to help me."

Saito was also reminded of Tabitha overhead. A fierce ice storm hung at Tabitha's side, and was ready to cast a powerful square rank spell on Julio and the Knights Templar. Saito didn't want to involve Tabitha in this.

"Mount Azuro, Julio. You can't beat 'Gandálfr' when he's holding a sword."

"What are you saying? Aren't you pretty weak right now?"

Saito was silenced by Julio's words. The present Saito's vision was definitely blurry, and the muscles of his entire body were protesting. If Derflinger fell from his hand, and he lost the power of 'Gandálfr', he would definitely collapse on the spot.

"But I will still beat you."

As soon as the words left his mouth, Saito immediately swung his sword like a gale. Julio reacted quickly, with a speed totally unlike a priest, blocking Saito's sword. However, his judgment was mistaken. Under the full power swing of 'Gandálfr' the slender saber was easily cut in two. After all, although the sword in Saito's hand was not engraved with its maker's name, it was a true "Sword" given by Brimir, that also had "Harden" and "Stabilize" magic cast on it.

An instant victory.

Saito held Derflinger's blade against Julio's throat.

"That was too much, 'Gandálfr'."

"Drop that back in the ocean right now."

"Sorry, I can't do that."

Suddenly a "Bang!" sound was heard. Instantly, Saito felt a burning pain in his knee.

"...Wh, at...."

This couldn't help but make Saito let go of Derflinger. All the strength in his body was suddenly exhausted, and Saito fell to the ground on the spot.

"You're too careless, Saito. Don't think that the 'Gandálfr' is the only one who knows how to use the 'Weapons' of the 'Varyag'."

Something in Julio's palm flashed. It was an automatic pistol.

"Bastard, using a gun is dirty...."

Saito, who had fallen to the ground, looked fiercely up at Julio.

"Under these circumstances, you're still saying that. Even we don't know how many time we've soiled our hands, and how many things have been sacrificed. In order to recover the "Holy Land", we even formed an alliance with the Elves and used the weapons of the "Enemy". This has nothing to do with being dirty, this is a fight for survival."


When Saito reached out for Derflinger that had landed on the ground, Julio immediately kicked Derflinger to the side of the deck.

At this moment, an "Ice Javalin" aimed straight at Julio.

Tabitha, burning with anger, launched "Windy Icicle".


Julio quickly jumped to escape.


Saito shouted.

Tabitha chanted the "Blade" spell, and jumped to the deck from Sylphid's back.

Seeing that Saito was injured, the usually-calm Tabitha lost her reason to anger.

Suddenly, the tip of a wand pressed against Tabitha's back, who was about to charge Julio.


"Don't move, I don't want to hurt you, Big Sister."

This stopped Tabitha. When did she get there... the one who appeared behind Tabitha was her identical twin Josette.

Tabitha couldn't help but shudder. It shouldn't be possible, no matter how strong a magician they were, to slip behind she who was once a Knight of Parterre without her notice. Not to mention that Josette didn't have any training, and just was an ordinary nun...."

At this point, Tabitha suddenly remembered what Castel Mall, who had served her father, had said.

He said that her uncle, King Joseph, the holder of the "Void", could use the wonderful magic of instantaneous movement.

"Please, put away your wand. If you hurt Julio, I won't forgive you, Big Sister."

Josette spoke with an oppressive feeling. If Tabitha made any rash moves, Josette wouldn't hesitate to cast a Void spell.


Tabitha dropped the wand in her hand. The calm part of her mind judged that reckless action now wouldn't lead to Saito's rescue.

"You saved me, Josette."

Julio smiled, and looked down at Saito who fell to the deck.

"Saito, to be honest, I originally expected you to cooperate with us."

"You wish, bastard!"

The angry Saito gnashed his teeth.

"But you are already a person of this world, aren't you? You're not only the hero of Tristain, but you also have many friends. Besides, the lover you adore... Even though this Halkeginia is facing the verge of destruction, you still think that your native home is more important?


Indeed, saving the Earth would mean leaving Halkeginia to fend for itself. In the event of a huge uprising of Wind Stone, the living space would be reduced by half.

That could cause many people to be sacrificed.

There could even be people he knew.

"However, even so... I'm still a person of Earth...."

His Mom and Dad took care of him as he grew up... He was the ordinary high school student, Hiraga Saito.

It was impossible for him to conquer Earth, for Halkeginia's sake.

Saito silently glared at Julio.

"I see... then there's nothing we can do. After all, that's your choice."

With a sad face, Julio shook his head. Though it could be in his imagination.... Saito thought that it wasn't Julio's usual, unfathomable, pose. He thought that he felt sad for Saito, in earnest.

"Saito, you are under arrest. The crime is invading a Romalian vessel... well, and so on. It's fortunate for you that you will be not be put before the Inquisition for defying the Knights Templar.

"Don't... joke around...."

Saito desperately struggled, trying to stand up.

However, his body was already not listening to him... At most he could only move a finger.

"Dammit, it's going like this again...."

"Julio, leave Saito alone!"

At this time, a familiar sound arrived at the deck of the ship.


That caused Saito to abruptly lift his head.

She was at the other end of his line of sight.

A cloak with the mark of a lily fluttered in the wind, and pink-blonde hair glittered as it was bathed in the glow of the twin moons. Her deep-brown eyes emitted an intense rage, and the tip of her wand was pointed at Julio.

The figure of a majestic goddess....


Saito, still laying on the ground, called the name of his beloved master.

How did you get here... that question was no longer important. Power flowed through his body just by seeing her.

After Julio raised his hand and withdrew, Louise rushed to Saito's side.

"What's wrong with you, Saito! Look at the grave wounds that you have suffered!"

Seeing the Saito, who was bloodied, huge tears overflowed from Louise's eyes.

"Louise, how did you...?"

"Because I saw you fly here on Sylphid. And then a fight broke out on the ship... so I hurriedly used "Teleport" to fly here.

Holding Saito's cool hand, Louise yelled at Julio.

"Quickly, treat Saito!"

"Relax, that injury isn't life-threatening. We really can't kill him either."

"I don't care, hurry up!"

Julio nodded his head, then called for a magician who could use healing magic.

"Saito, cheer up a little... I beg you, don't die...."

Tightly holding Saito's hand, Louise whispered a prayer.

However, Louise's attitude made Saito feel subtly wrong. No, he was very grateful for her concern, but something felt odd....

Saito rolled over and asked.

"Say, Louise...."


"What happened with the Pope?"

Suddenly Louise's expression stiffened


"Ah, Saito... this, I...."

Large teardrops fell from Louise's dark brown eyes, and moistened Saito's cheek.

"Wha? Wha? What?"

This puzzled Saito.

"Louise, hey, what happened, Louise...?"

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry, Saito...."

"What's wrong, Louise... why exactly do you want to apologize...?"

Louise gently released Saito's hand... then said something unbelievable.

"I want to conquer Saito's homeland, and save Halkeginia."


Hearing this, Saito was speechless. The blow was too great, he couldn't even make a sound.

"But, before you... didn't say...."

"Louise... This, what's going on? Answer me, Louise...!"

As she turned around, Saito desperately reached out toward Louise's back as she was about to leave.

However, the magicians who'd been found to heal Saito, immediately surrounded him, blocking his view of Louise.

"Louise... Louise...oh...."

The magicians cast "Sleep" magic on the resisting Saito.

The sandman struck immediately, and Saito's consciousness gradually fell into darkness.

"...I'm sorry."

At the end it seemed like he heard that be said.


  1. This is a textbook example of "itadakimasu", which can be translated in a myriad of different ways. I have chosen to localise it here."
  2. What is spurted is not mentioned in the raw material, but the context makes it clear that it is blood.
  3. This is a Daoist mantra for warding off evil- "明鏡止水"
  4. Beautiful boy.
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