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Chapter 9: The Legend of the Void[edit]

At the same time that Louise was dreaming...

Saito, who was imprisoned in the "Prison Island", was also in the middle of a dream.

" is?"

Before his eyes was the endless desert horizon as the bright red evening sun was setting.

This was the same place that Saito had seen in his dreams before.

The desert of 6000 years ago.

Saito immediately realized this. After all, as it was the third time for him, it would be easy for him to understand.

"Am I seeing the rune's memory again?"

Then Saito slowly got up.

"What happened after that...?"

In the last dream, the Founder Brimir was preparing to fire the "Void" on an Elven city.

At that time, the "Lífþrasir" rune engraved on Saito's chest reacted, causing him to lose consciousness on the spot.

"The location of the Elven city from before, I remember it was...."

After looking around... Saito was scared and speechless.

Everything was long gone.

The mountain range where the "Shrine" had been, was like the crater from the impact of a meteorite, and the Elven city , which was originally prosperous as it lay at the foot of the mountain, had disappeared without a trace. Like a fjord, the seawater flowed into the extremely large impact crater.

"No, way...?"

Saito whispered in consternation, and limply fell to his knees.

It actually disappeared... such a huge city, it just disappeared like this.

"Why did this happen, how did it come to this...?"

A hot stream flowed from deep in Saito's throat, and he threw up on the spot.

In the vast desert, a gigantic hole suddenly appeared.

It was simply the "Void" itself... thought Saito.

What actually happened here... even if Saito's mind was confused, he immediately perceived it.

That was the "Void" magic, whose destructive power far exceeded that of "Explosion", "Life".

The Founder Brimir had cast that spell on the Elven city.

"Damn... he actually did it."

That was the death of half of the Elves, the true face of the "Great Disaster" from 6000 years ago....

This hopeless scene couldn't help but bring tears to Saito's eyes.

An unprecedented feeling of powerlessness attacked Saito. His heart was full of anger, sadness, and the empty feeling of powerlessness.

This is a dream... a memory of the past, Saito understood.

But his heart was full of regret.

"I couldn't stop it... I was right there, right then, but I couldn't stop it...."

"Young familiar, you're still here?"

At that time, a hoarse voice came from behind Saito. Suddenly looking back, he saw the the Founder Brimir, with a face that looked pale like a ghost.

"Mr. Brimir...."

Saito roared in an oppressive voice.

"Why, why! Was this really the only way? Tell me!"


After a brief silence, Brimir spoke.

"That's right. This was the only way for our tribe to survive."

"What is this! Are you not able to still communicate?!"

Saito approached Brimir, clenching his fist like he was preparing for a fist fight.

But Brimir shook his head quietly.

"It's useless, communication is basically meaningless."


For Saito's question, Brimir wearily explained.

"I should've told you before... The dispute between our tribe and the elves is the loss of inhabitable land triggered by the 'Upheaval' caused by the 'Wind Stones' going out of control."


Saito, his eye still serious, nodded his head for him to continue.

"However, I wonder; what exactly is the root cause of the 'Wind Stones' going out of control? As long as we understand this, you can save the continent without having to fight with the Elves again."

"The reason for going out of control...?"

Saito thought of what Julio said before. There seemed to be many veins of "Wind Stones" beneath Halkeginia, and once every several 10,000 years an upheaval would occur when the "Wind Stones" had accumulated too much spirit power.

It that was the reason, mankind would be truly helpless. Even if they used the "Void" like Louise's "Explosion" to blow it up, it would be impossible to eliminate all of Halkeginia's "Wind Stones". Moreover, that type of mental power consumption would basically be unsupportable.

"What, ultimately, is the reason?"

After the question was asked, Brimir's looked behind Saito and then spoke.

"It's the great mountain in the desert, the Elves call it 'The Great Will'."


Saito couldn't help but shout and looked back.

A big piece had been cut out of the mountain range.

This mountain range is the culprit for the continents "Upheaval"...?

Just as Saito was going to stupidly open his mouth, Brimir continued to explain.

"The so-called 'Great Will' is basically a gigantic 'Spirit Stone', and it connects to the entire continent's spirit stones through underground veins. Once every several 10,000 years, the accumulated spirit power in that mountain range will seek an outlet and spread across the entire continent, causing a reaction in the 'Wind Stones'... This is the cause of the world-destroying 'Upheaval'."

"How is this...."

The contents of Brimir's explanation made Saito feel like his head was being beaten.

So you're saying that the cause of the "Wind Stones" going out of control is this "Holy Land" that sunk at the bottom of the sea 6000 years in the future...?

No, but remember... Luctiana should've also said it.

There is a lot of spirit power in the sea area where the "Devil's Gate" is located. Does that mean that the reason is because the "Holy Land' was originally a large piece of spirit stone?

So that means, the real reason that Brimir destroyed the Elven city... wasn't to seize the land of the Elves, but to destroy the "Great Will".

"But in that case, why did you have to destroy the Elves?!"

"Don't tell me you couldn't persuade the Elves to give up that city?"

Saito said.

"You just have to clearly explain, the world is truly facing a crisis and the Elves will...."

"I've already tried to communicate with them several times."

Brimir responded.

"But, that stubborn Elven council wouldn't listen at all. They state that if the world is destroyed, that is the decision of the 'Great Will'. And the Elven city at the foot of the mountain range is the only place in the world that will not be affected by the 'Wind Stones' going out of control."

Saito was suddenly speechless hearing this. In fact, it indeed probably would be like that if one day, someone suddenly would ask him to leave the place where he lived....

Even if it was Saito, he would prioritize protecting his homeland over the destruction of Halkeginia. Of course, that wouldn't mean that Halkeginia would be left to fend for itself. But if his homeland was destroyed for this reason, he definitely wouldn't accept it.

"There is no way to negotiate with the Elves, it's just a waste of time. Also, more and more of my people are pro-war, and a war is on the verge of breaking out. But I'm still... Sasha and I are still seeking a possibility, until the last moment. But...."

Just like an exhaust vent, Brimir spoke unceasingly.

"On the day I went to negotiate with the Elven council, all my efforts turned to smoke."

"What happened?"

"The village of 'Nidabelio' where my tribe lives, was attacked and destroyed by the Elves."

Hearing this, Saito gasped.

Nidabelio, the place he saw before in the dream he had in Romalia. He remembered that it was the original place that Brimir settled... a small village with a lot of children.

"Even now I'm unclear, what was the cause, or who started it. After all, in the face of Elves who can use powerful spirits, my people truly were too weak. The village was destroyed by fire, and the children who couldn't escape were killed. You can't call that fighting, but a one-sided slaughter. By the time I returned, it was already too late."

Brimir said with a hollow voice.

"I made up my mind at that time. I would use the power of the 'Void', bestowed by the gods, to protect my people...."


Saito opened his mouth to say something... but no words would come.

No matter the reason, you shouldn't use a terrible magic that could level a city in an instant... but if you think about it, haven't I been using this power all the time in this world?

The "Weapons from Earth" that Brimir brought to this world, the "Rocket Laucher", "Zero Fighter", Tiger Tank"; to Halkeginia, all these "Weapons" were overpowered.

If someone important was murdered... for example, if Louise was killed, he would abandon everything and fight in the war without hesitation to seek revenge. At that time, even the nuclear weapons sleeping in the "Holy Land" would be used without a doubt.

"But... but... damnit."

Saito stared at the empty "crater" that had appeared in the desert.

That had caused a lot of Elven sacrifices....

Several thousand years later, this had led to Halkeginia and the Elves hating each other.

With his fists shaking and tears flowing, Saito could only feel an inexplicable sorrow.


At that time, a sound like a groan came from the ground.

Hearing it, Saito got chills, and turned towards the sound.

When did she appear....

In front of him was a female Elf glaring at Brimir with a vengeful expression.

With blonde hair like Tiffania and clear, emerald eyes under slender eyelashes.

The one coming was Sasha, the first generation "Gandálfr"

"Ms. Sasha...."

With a cold sigh, Saito whispered.

However, in Sasha's eyes it seemed like Saito didn't exist at all.

She glared at Brimir with eyes full of rage.

"Why... why did you want to destroy my homeland!"

Sasha, dragging the sword in her hand, advanced step by step.

A startled Saito couldn't help but shout.

Because in Sasha's hands was Saito's familiar sword.


It was Derflinger from before he was destroyed by the "Elemental Brothers".

"It wasn't a different sword that went through his chest, it was me."

Saito thought about what Derflinger said.

"Ms. Sasha, you can't do this...!"

Saito tried to stop Sasha, knowing what was about to happen next.

But he didn't know why he couldn't make a sound, and his body couldn't move, just like a rock.

"Hey, hello, what's going on, why is this happening now...?"

Saito was shocked. At that time, he suddenly remembered what Louise said.

"...The dream you see is the memories imprinted in the rune. So the history that has already happened can't be changed."

Right, the dream I'm seeing is just the "Memory" that is engraved in the rune. No matter how hard I try, I can't change what happened 6,000 years ago....

"I'll curse you! Brimir, you're a demon! You stole my heart... then betrayed me!"

Sasha slowly lifted Derflinger.

Like Saito, the "Lífþrasir" rune shined on her chest.

"In order to cast Life... Brimir used the power of Lífþrasir."

She'll die soon.

Saito knows this clearly being the same type of familiar.

"Sasha, I certainly committed a sin. And this sin can never be repaid."

The rune on Sasha's left hand glowed fiercely, and looked like the final flash of life.



Saito can't help but scream, but his body still wouldn't move....

Moving slow, just like slow-motion, Sasha moved to Brimir.


He didn't know why, but there was no indication that Brimir dodged.

Sasha body was covered in wounds.

If he wanted to, it would be easy to dodge.

But Brimir seemed to accept it with open arms. So just like that, Sasha stabbed Brimir's chest with Derflinger.


Derflinger, stained in the blood of Brimir, emerged from Brimir's back.


Sasha opened her big, green eyes in shock.

Brimir willingly letting the sword stab him surprised her the most.

"I committed a crime. I fell in love with you, the familiar."

Putting his hands behind her back, Brimir tightly hugged Sasha's petite body.

"For love, I've betrayed my own people. My descendants and Elves will be bound in mutual hatred for the next several thousand years. I failed to be the savior of the world."

At that time, Saito, who was blankly looking at what was happening in front of him, noticed something.

He saw the "Gandálfr" rune engraved on the back of Sasha's left hand gradually disappear.

"Brimir... what the hell, did you do...?"

"But, this is correct, this is the way to save you."

This can save Sasha? What is Brimir saying?

Why did Sasha's familiar runes disappear?

No, wait a minute. The "Gandálfr" rune disappeared, does that mean that the "Lífþrasir" rune also will....

The events happening in front of Saito gripped his mind in confusion

"...Think about it, this definitely has meaning. What exactly is the meaning of the dream that the rune is letting me see?"

"...Damn, damn...."

Sasha, with Brimir in her arms, was sobbing like a child.

"Damn, why is it me... God, why, give me this power!?"


"I don't need this power at all... I truly do not need it!"

Brimir's scream, on the brink of death, echoed across the desert at sunset.


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