Zero no Tsukaima:Volume22 Prologue

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6000 years ago, in that era Halkeginia was known as the “unknown land”. There were no aristocrats or commoners, nor the Kingdoms of Gallia, Romalia, Tristain or similar countries.

Not far from a small village called Nidabelio, located in the hills of the great plains, a young man in a robe said farewell to a girl.

Dragging the robe that was too long, the small statured youth’s appearance seemed gentle but not too eye-catching.

It’s no wonder… since the girl is a real elf.

“You must be careful on the road Sasha. After all, your face is very conspicuous.”

“Please, who do you think I am?”

The elf girl named Sasha answered noncommittally, and showed off the runes glowing on her left hand

“I’m your ‘Gandálfr’.”

“Yes, you’re right.”

The youth smiled. He could really be a worrywart, since the power of the “Gandálfr” resided in her body, even if she were attacked by the fearsome “Varyag”, she could overcome it by herself.

“I’ll go and convince those stubborn-headed elders, then come back right away.”

“Please, the future of our clan depends on you.”

The emotional young man replied. After all, things are getting worse, day by day. However, it goes far beyond the threat of the “Varyag”, and may even lead to a world ending “cataclysm”. In order to avoid destruction, they had to cooperate with the elves, at the very least.

“I’ll also go and try to stop the war faction. We must avoid the worst case from happening.

“Yes, please.”

Sasha nodded, then her vision blurred.

“What’s wrong?”

“I hate you, you big idiot.”

Seeing the youth’s unthinking question, Sasha puffed out her cheeks in dissatisfaction. Then slender arms quickly went around the youth’s neck, and she kissed him.

They kissed for a while… Finally the two slowly separated from each other.

“I love you, Brimir.”

“I love you too, Sasha.”

Brimir Ru Rumiru Yuru Viri Vee Varutori.

Later known as the “Founder”, the youth the received the worship of all the people of Halkeginia, firmly hugged Sasha.

Feeling the warmth of his sweetheart, Brimir thought at the same time.

“God, what am I doing….”

The runes currently engraved on her body weren’t “Gandálfr”, but new runes.


Summoned out of love, the Void familiar that bears the cruelest fate.

If negotiations with the elves break down, at that time… do you intend to use this terrible power granted by god….

No, that kind of thing can’t possibly happen… negotiations will definitely succeed.

While tightly holding Sasha, Brimir told himself this.

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