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Chapter Two: Fairy

It was the third day after the miraculous return of the dragon knights. Rene and Saito, along with the rest, were partying in their tent all this while.

Ever since that party, Rene and the other members of the 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron had been making fools of themselves at Louise's tent everyday. Being so-called "guards" was merely an excuse; in reality, they were there for other reasons.

"Cheers! To our miraculous survival!"

Saito lifted the 17th toast of the day, delivered in a half-drunken stupor.

"Cheers! Cheers!"

Slurry voiced dragon knight’s cacophonous chorus joined in. Again, the lot emptied their cups, filled to the brim with grape wine, in one gulp.

"It's great to be alive. You can still drink like this!"

Said Rene's deputy, a crimson-haired youth named Matthew Pennterdon, as he casually waved his wand, creating a mini whirlwind to stir the wine. As the third son of a petty noble family, he always drank in a miserly manner - diluting the wine with water before drinking it. So, he would occasionally use magic in this manner to stir his cup.

That pair of attention-grabbing twin dragon knights, were called Gilbert and Siegfried. With soft, pale golden hair and cute maiden-like faces, these two came from a noble family which had fallen into ill times. They helped each other to fill up the cups with wine, while grinning away.

Besides Louise, the rest were already dead drunk. No.... one of them seemed to have some sort of trouble, and was in deep thought, the somewhat taciturn Fernand. When Saito toasted him, he merely shook his head. He appeared to be worrying about something.

At this point, the plump Rene showed up, hugging a sack full of stuff.

"Captain of the 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron, Rene Vonke, has returned!"

"Hat's off. It's been hard on you."

Saito, who was sitting in the center seat, burst into laughter, the with dragon knight’s following him.

Sitting in the nook of the tent and hugging her knees, Louise could only watch the spectacle in frustration.

What is it with this bunch?

Simply put, they were treating the place as if it was their room. They were pretending to guard but coming here just to drink, away from the prying eyes of senior officers. Here they could do whatever they wanted.

Louise bit her lip in hatred. Of course, it wasn't easy for them to escape death, a little wine for celebration would still be tolerable.


They were doing this every day! EVERY SINGLE DAY! And it was from dawn to dusk!

And these fellows have absolutely no idea on how to keep a room clean! Louise's grinding of her teeth became very audible. Bottles, bones of fowl and leftover scraps were scattered everywhere; the sight of it all was unbearable.

Whenever she complained, she got a chirpy "Okayyyyy!" in reply, but that was all. No one cleaned up the mess. As a result, the rubbish grew by the day, along with Louise's frustration.

Saito was the most unforgivable one. Initially, she thought that he'd warn them on Louise's behalf. Instead, that idiot began leading the racket, and was now the "High Commander." "An absolute general of fools, how fitting for him," thought Louise, as she sighed.

"Status report!" said Saito, who really thought that he had become a general. Rene noisily opened the sack.

"Smoked ham, dried meats, sausages... and wine!"

Upon seeing all the food that was handily "requisitioned" from the warehouse; everyone cheered at once.

"Now, I shall decorate this officer with a medal..."

But, he had no medals with him. Just as Saito was being troubled by this, someone stuffed something into his hand. It was a light, pure white piece of fabric.

"Wha-what is this?"

Having figured out what that "something" really was, Louise hastily rose to her feet.

"Hey! That's my underwear! What are you guys thinking?!"

"Ah, because it was left there," said Matthew, who was the one who passed it to Saito.

"There... there's plenty over here," hollered the trembling Gilbert and Siegfried, as they opened Louise's wardrobe.

"This's the best medal ever!" One by one, the knights laughed.

“Lowest! You truly are the lowest!”

Blushing Louise hit Gilbert’s head and Siegfried’s chest with the wine bottle, threw a poultry bone at the rolling Rene, and all other drunken dragon knights were kicked and hit.

Lastly, she kicked a flustered Saito in the groin, and sat riding on his neck.

“Constantly making noise! Habit of a familiar! That’s the status of the familiar! A D-d-dog's status! A Dog's! Just like a dog's status!”

Her voice squeaked each time she said "status". She was losing her reason.

“It can’t be; so you are her familiar!” Rene and others watched Louise’s and Saito’s flustered faces and started laughing loudly again.

“A Person being a familiar, what a weird story!”

Rene and others summoned “Pon!” And many familiars jumped into the tent. Because they were Wind mages, most of their familiars were winged… An owl, a falcon, a flying fox… a small griffon and a hippogriffon, even a phantom beast’s figure could be seen.

“These are familiars! Aahahaha!”

“Don’t think I l-love this guy or anything! This idiot came on his own!”

“Well, Summon Servant doesn't let you choose the partner!”

Rene, while laughing, approached Louise and said.

“However, you, Miss Vallière, summoned a boyfriend. The familiar and the lover in one, that might be ideal for a mage!”

The dragon knights burst out laughing.

“He is not my lover! Idiot! All idiots! Why can’t you understand?!”

Then Matthew said grinning.

“How about the other day, hmm?”

“You were very naked under the mantle! What about that?!”

Even Louise's neck crimsoned.

“Ribaldry! Lowest! Boys of your age shouldn’t have thoughts like this!”

At last, Louise grabbed the blanket and put it over her head.

Even after calming down, she wouldn't come out, instead pretending to sleep.

“Spicy. I wonder why she is so angry?”

Rene muttered anxiously. After that, they all simultaneously looked for Saito's reaction.

And Saito… had a worried frown on his face.

Where do we stand?

What is our relationship now?

Familiar and master, however, it seemed that their relationship progressed…

But did it really progress?

However, that time in the boat, they became close when he called for Louise. But what does Louise really think of me?

He felt uneasy.

“We didn’t mean any harm, sorry buddy.”

“A, aah” With mixed feelings, Saito nodded.

Rene and others exchanged looks.

“Ribaldry has been said.”

“It can't be helped. We are lower class nobles.” Matthew said.

“It happens to peerage as well! But Miss Vallière called it ribaldry and was annoyed! Aahahaha!” Siegfried and Gilbert laughed into each others' faces.

Indeed, thought Saito. Children in the Academy of Magic were all young nobles and ladies. They were all from high-status families like Louise’s, and even though Guiche’s and Montmorency’s families had financial problems, Guiche’s father was still a field marshal, and a field marshal is well respected within the military, right?

Louise and the others studied in a private, prestigious school which was very different from the public schools.

Aah, so that’s why I felt so close to these guy's from the beginning, Saito thought.

Then he recalled Rene's words.

He said, that you can only advance in rank on the battlefield. Feeling sympathy, Saito sobered in a moment.

“Ha, drinking certainly makes me happy, after a great deed!"

Said Rene.

“That’s right! Even wingless, the 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron will show how great they are!”

“Aahaha” Gilbert and Siegfried neighed.

“Aaah, when will we finally attack Albion’s army in Londinium? It has been ten days since we landed!”

Matthew said impatiently.

That’s right. There were no marching orders from the allied forces. Seems like they were waiting for an Albion army to come to Rosais where they could repulse them… But Albion's army didn’t seem to move either.

At that time… the dragon knight's wish seemed to come true, as a single child soldier came to the tent.

“Haah, an order from the dragon knight battalion headquarters.”

The boy seemed to be thirteen years old. He had a frightened look on his face seeing vulgar senior nobles with a mess all around.

“Battalion headquarters? What good are dragon knights without dragons?"

Rene sarcastically asked.

“I do not know. I am just reporting orders…”

What duties could they be given? Gilbert grumbled, and everyone, now with a serious look, started cleaning up after themselves.

But… unfortunately for the dragon knights, it was not about getting a chance to prove themselves. Rene, who ran into the tent with his sword ready, after seeing the yawning Earl Ginnumer, lost any kind of expectations.

“Forget about the report. For now, please tell the story of your returning alive.”

Saito and Louise also came. Mostly because they could not leave without their "guards".

Rene, in a not very motivated voice, began the report. Most of it was the same as the time he spoke the other day.

They were shot, they fell… one week later, they all awoke on the dragon’s back. That’s it.

It was certainly a mysterious story. However, during wars in magic-using Halkeginia, unexpected things happened a lot. Because of war, no one really cared about it.

However, Louise quietly listened to that story. It seemed that it had caught her interest.

Then, when it came to an end...

A single boy started speaking hesitantly.

It was obedient Fernand. After making a thoughtful face, he said,


“What's wrong Fernand, do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Matthew teased. Making the boy flustered.

“T-that’s not it! I have something to report! Stop making fun of me!”

Because the always obedient Fernand had a serious look on his face everyone fell silent.

“W-well… I cannot say for sure if it was illusion or reality the other day… but when I calmly think about it, but that…”

“What’s the matter? Give a brief report,” ordered Ginnumer.

“Ye-yes! The report! When I crashed, I was thrown off the back of the dragon… and laid on the ground for a while. Not moving anything… my body was paralytic. Ha ha, I thought I was about to die… But then, I saw.”

Ginnumer, seemed not to be in a mood for this, and urged him on.


The boy, in doubt for a moment wether or not to say it, muttered hesitatingly,

“It was a fairy.”

“What kind of fairy? Water? Then it was a spirit.”

“It’s different! It was not that flabby! It was… more beautiful! A Fairy of the Wind!”

“'Fairies of the Wind' do not exist. Fairies, unlike the spirits of the dead, are legendary living beings.”

“I do not understand myself! But, I know it was a fairy…”

“How did it look like?”

“Very beautiful… a girl. With beautiful blond hair… her body shone. No doubt, it was a fairy! An ancient fairy!”

Everyone scorned Fernand's words.


“Beautiful blond hair, like mine?”

A clear voice said. The voice sounded so sweet that at first it was hard to tell if it belonged to a man or woman.

A tall, blond boy entered the tent. Saito’s and Louise’s eyes were drawn at once to that beautiful boy. The 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron made unpleasant faces.

“What do you want to say about your blond hair, Romalian?”

“Please remember my name first – Julio Cesar.”

The name seemed manly. A handsome dragon knight, who introduced himself as Julio, after gracefully bowing to Ginnumer, reported.

“The 3rd Dragon Knight Squadron, returned from the patrol flight.”

Ginnumer nodded with a smile.

“Was the first unit successful?”


“Well then, get some rest.”


The knight made a soft bow.

Julio looked around the tent. This reminded Saito of the similar antipathy he felt towards Wardes when they first met. Huuh? he really did not like this fellow.

Well anyway, it was not surprising. Though Guiche was lady-killer, he was different. Was he a woman? He looked like one, with those thin and slender, appealing lips. Long eyelashes that created a beautiful shadow. While listlessly rolling hair around his thin finger covered with white gloves, he looked around the tent.

Seeing Saito, in surprise he stopped playing with his hair.

Though the left eye of the boy who introduced himself as Julio was the same color as Louise’s… the right eye that had been mostly hidden by his hair was crystal blue. In other words - the colors of his right and left eyes were different.

He smiled at Saito.

“Is it so weird that the color of my eyes are different?”

“N-no…” he blushed instinctively. What was that, he is a man, Saito tried to persuade himself.

“Then don’t feel so shy looking at it.”

He said not bashfully at all. In fact, he was smiling and grinning, seemingly enjoying Saito's reaction. Foxy guy, Saito thought.

“Speaking of abnormalities. You are the rumored familiar Saiton, right?"

“It's Saito.”

In a hoity-toity gesture he waved it away and introduced himself by bowing gracefully.

“Sorry! I was being rude! I am a priest of Romalia, Julio Cesar. I was looking forward to meeting you… Because a human being for a familiar is very rare. I wanted to meet you at least once… Ah, and you…”

Noticing Louise, Julio took off his cool mask, and gave a wide smile. It was an innocent smile, just like a bloomed flower.

“And you are Miss Vallière? As rumored! You are very beautiful!”


Louise’s mouth opened, while he took her hand and placed it at his lips.

Saito trembled.

Just whose hand do you think you're kissing? Get away, she's mine. My master.

Saito tried to calm himself down. Louise, having a mouth pressed to her hand so suddenly, won’t let it slide. A kick will fly, a punch will fly, and a lot of blood will gush out. Saito stared in anticipation… but nothing flew at all.


“You shouldn’t.” She cast her eyes down, with a blush on her cheeks, and said shyly.

Saito was in a cold sweat.

What’s with that reaction?

He was reminded of Wardes. He remembered that Louise was weak against such charm. Saito felt like throwing up.

“It is inexcusable! To discover such beauty outside Romalia, in the middle of the war! I was born just to meet such beauty! Marvelous!”

He was talking rubbish like Guiche. Saito’s shoulders trembled. He was also angry at Louise for not taking offense at this rascal’s actions.

“Are priests allowed to touch women like that? Is it common between Romalian people…”

Instead of Saito, it was Matthew who said it with a scowl. It seemed that Julio wasn’t very popular among the members of the 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron.

“Since I was going into the war, I received a temporary secular life permission from the pope.”

“That’s sophistry.”

“I would call it expedience. A priest's privilege. However, what you said is true. Miss, I am sorry. My body was not contained by my priesthood, and reacted on its own after seeing a charming woman.”

Reverting back to joking tone, he teasingly smiled and bowed to Louise.

“But… though leading our way God is a great being, he sometimes mercifully closes his eyes. I am looking forward to seeing you every day.”

Fruity like a fool.

However… the way he acts. Though Guiche is a lady-killer and fruity, he tries to escape the relationship. However, this fellow didn't have such a gap. Compared to Wardes, who felt cold somehow, this fellow was strangely friendly. Saito understood it by instinct.

This guy was a real flirt.

Without weaknesses either.

Then Julio put on a serious face again. Such a sudden change of mood, only made him feel more hateful towards the man. Saito chewed on his handkerchief in anger.

“The story before. Were you telling the truth about that fairy?”

Fernand nodded.


“Can you show where you were shot down?”

Julio pointed at the map of the Albion continent spread on the table and asked.

Rene answered.

“Certainly… about one hour of flight from the continent border…”

He pointed at the corner of the map.

Interested, Julio nodded.

“Hmm, near Saxe-Gotha.”

At that time, Ginnumer coughed.

“Maybe it’s time for you to take care of your dragon.”

Julio spread his hands out, “I envy those who do not have to take care of a dragon,” and after leaving this sarcastic message, he left. Everyone from the 2nd Dragon Knight Squadron, who lost their dragons in battle, watched Julio’s back in hatred.

“Who is that fruity rascal?” 

When Saito, who left the dragon knight battalion headquarters, asked, Rene frowned.

“He is a priest from Romalia. Priests pretending to be dragon knights… disgusting.”


Dumbfounded Saito asked.

“You don’t know Romalia?”

Rene asked, surprised. Saito shook his head. Saito who was not from this world, was not aware about the countries and local places. However, because telling that he was from different world would be very troublesome, he came up with an excuse.

“I am from the east… From Rub' al Khali.”

“Hee! So you come from the land that always quarrels with elves!”

“Have you passed the ground where elves live?!” He was surprised. Apparently, in this world, elves are frightening and seemed to be a belligerent race. Moreover, they were on bad terms with humans.

“Romalia is a ‘religious authority’ country, that manages temples in Halkeginia. It is a country where there are a lot of priests, who are domineering, even more than nobles.”

“Romalia’s priests, because of their status as servants of God, can travel abroad freely.”

Though they were nobles, their attitude was just as haughty.

“Can priests conjure too?”

“Sure!” one noble shouted.

“If he is born in a noble's house, where the magic is practiced, then he still caries the same blood even turning into priest… In case he is a commoner, naturally, he cannot use magic.”

“Julio comes from commoners,” someone said.

Ahh, he was not a mage.

“Then why is a guy like him riding a dragon? And on top of that is a Squadron Commander!”

“Aah, for a commoner he is abnormally good at riding dragons.”

“It’s really mortifying” one muttered.

“It is said that even though he is not a mage, dragons listen to him. I do not know if it’s true though.”

“Because of that he became Earl’s Ginnumer’s favorite, and was made into Commander of the 3rd Squadron. Since the 3rd Squadron is a foreign legion, it is an unprecedented career! Because a priest became Dragon Knight Commander, the dragon knights became a laughing stock of the other troops!”

Saito continued the talk, but was stopped by an officer with a wand who entered the tent.

“Hey, hey! Do not sit around and talk in here! It's a nuisance! A nuisance!”

Saito and others looked at each other.

“Let’s return to Miss Vallière’s tent. That’s where our place is.”

Then, remembering Louise, Saito turned around.

Louise stood there alone *Haaaah* with a dreamy expression on her face.

Saito became suspicious.

Why is Louise making such a face?

Then he remembered.

Uh! Could it be because of Julio?

By that handsome dragon knight?

No, that priest?

Eeeh, whatever you call him!

Anyway, since awhile ago, that blush hasn't left her face…

Saito began to burn with jealousy.

She is making such face just because her hand was kissed! What a woman. Unfaithful! Unfaithful! Though not being her lover himself, Saito cursed.

This is certainly "wrong". Just because she was complimented by that beautiful face!

What about my love confession?

No… Why? He thought for a moment…

Something flashed in Saito's head.

He recalled the last party with Rene and others. "Louise and I, what relationship do we have now?" and his doubt increased.

Before, at Louise's home, she talked about "rewarding loyalty" even though I confessed.

Then… if you think about it…

The war has started now and we were in haste, and I was depressed in a room, thinking that everyone died…

When he thought about it very well…

Maybe this is rejection?

I thought I was favored or kind of accepted… but when you think about it… is it an acceptance?

Loyalty reward. That’s what it was.

In other words…

He was rejected.

Saito felt like he was hit by a hammer. He kneeled down on one knee and shook his head. Rene, seeing Saito in such a state, asked uneasily.

“H-hey… Saito?”

However, others' words failed to reach Saito.

He was completely lost in his own world.

Then came despair and anger.

Be damned 100 times for being so cute.

Aaah, for this woman's wishes I went into a war that I did not want.

What was I trying so hard and risking my life for?

Cuuurse you.

Guilty! Cuuuuuuurse you!

Anger towards Louise whirled violently. Like lava that gushed out of the volcano it washed away the sensible man in him.

Hiraga’s private trial was opened and the decision was given in two seconds.

Defendant – Queen’s attorney, court lady Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière.

Presiding Judge – me.

Ahhn, guilty! Guilty! Go to circumstances consideration room!

Presiding Judge's word.

Following society regalement this man here said ‘I like you♪ Lets start by being friends♪” but the answer was…

T! H! I! S!

"Loyalty reward"

"You may touch only one place you like the most."

You are not allowed to touch the master in public.

My dog. Not a dog. Ah, still a dog.

But yet you say a dog. And then not a dog.

Then, he recalled the other day in the Louise‘s tent.

He thought Rene was dead and was sad, he dully was not even able to understand, that she was only wearing a mantle on her naked body. T-this woman is an idiot! Can’t she understand the feelings of a man?

Presiding Judge Hiraga, based on Article 3 of Love Between Man and Woman, gives a verdict to the defendant.

Verdict – ignore.

Starting from now.

Saito began to walk away, ignoring Louise.

After leaving the dragon knights’ headquarters tent, the story and the beautiful boy made Louise’s mind confused.

Somehow she felt uneasy.

When she saw him, she felt a strange uneasiness.

Was she startled because it was a beautiful boy?

Somewhat. Louise was a girl going through puberty and she did not hate beautiful boys. But to put it simply she did not think of him as a lover. Only one boy occupied her thoughts at the moment, even though she wasn’t fully aware of it, other boys, even those with a "nice face," failed to move her thoughts.

The tenant though was constantly making the landlord angry.

This uneasiness was part of the natural appeal.

And this uneasiness was not only because of that.

It was the "fairy" that one of the dragon knights witnessed. Though it would be easy to laugh it off as a dream… they all actually lost their memories for one week. Their carefree attitude of not worrying about anything after returning alive annoyed Louise.

But that was because they are soldiers, she thought, they cannot think about every little thing in the middle of the war.

While thinking about the true colors of her uneasiness… Louise came back to herself.

Hey-hey, where is Saito’s going?

Louise was ignored.

The dragon knight boys were laughing a weird laugh, and were starting to drink alcohol again, ignoring Louise. That idiot, just now, why was he laughing so unnaturally?

Was he trying to ignore me as joke?

And to discuss things while drinking again?

What-what! Don’t joke around.

“Hey, wait!”

But Saito did not turn to her call. Did he not hear? This time she shouted.

“Saito! Wait! Escort your master to the tent properly~!”

However, he continued to ignore her.

Heh? What?! What is this?!

Saito didn't even turn around. The distance can’t be too big. He should have… heard me.

Louise started to boil with anger towards Saito. Such behavior by her partner (sealed with Louise) made the pink-blonde girl's temper explode.

One couldn’t blame Louise’s short temper. When you are in love with someone, even the smallest things can be damaging and easily make one happy or angry.

Though Louise wasn’t aware of her love, it was 100% pointing at Saito. Thus even his slightest action could easily make her angry.

Hey! I haven’t even offended this guy! And yet I am ignored!

Stop ignoring my words!

Clenching her hands into fists, Louse kicked a stone on the road away.


Noticing the raging Louise, Rene turned to Saito and whispered,

“Isn’t she your master? Are you angry at her? Why do you ignore her?”

Saito looked at Louise.

Louise was angry. She was raging on the road.

Angry at being ignored by her familiar. That’s understandable. I am just a familiar anyway. Yes yes.

Aaah, that’s right. Its impossible for a noble to fall in love with a humble familiar.

Saito almost cried, while thinking so.

He wanted to cry bitterly, leaving Rene to comfort him.

But… Saito choked the tears down.

What kind of girl do you think Louise is? She's a noble girl.

You have to be gentle.

Saito clasped fists and looked up at the night sky.

The star was blinking… beautiful.

And two moons shone… like in a dream.

Aaah, moon-star, please wash away this ugly jealousy of mine.

Yes. I am a man right?

I should ignore in anger… after all.

Then, Saito, thinking so, gave a cramped smile.

I am an honorable man, he tried to persuade himself while trembling.

He thought, already beaten with a cold sweat.

But when he turned with concession to say “…ah, Louise come over”… surprisingly!

Louise looked the other way.

“Come over here, okay.”

With her arms crossed and puffing her cheeks, she turned away.

Wh-what’s this!?

Disgusting. Even now this woman was treating him coldly.

But this time, it wasn’t Louise’s usual angry attitude.

But… this time Louise’s face looked uncomfortable.

Is this all that Louise thinks of me? Uncomfortable.

Louise's attitude was over-reacting.

Saito turned around and began to walk away quickly.

“Hey, what is this? You must be joking.”

Rene looked anxiously between Saito and Louise… and then, ran after Saito.

Louise, left behind, trembled with anger.

She bellowed towards the direction where Saito had left.

“What was that?! Come over here!”

And waited for a while. But... he was not coming back.

Wha-w-w-what a selfish thing!

Louise was really pissed off.

Even though I feel insecure in the middle of the war…

I am being exploited… And what kind of compassion do I get?

Saito seemed completely not in the mood to explain anything.

Steadily, her eyes grew teary. Lately she just wanted to escape it all.

Separately, well, that's ok. Bad, but it's ok. I‘ll forgive him. That boy is like that, it cannot be helped. I don’t like him, really, I don’t like, aah, maybe a little.

Louise shook her head.

Don’t think. No good. Absolutely no good.

Honestly, well, he said he likes me, she thought.

However, what is this "love". Is it true?

But if it’s love why he does treat me so coldly? She could not understand.

Besides, he should not be hanging around with that maid.

Really he must be saying that to all girls. Idiot. Not just to the maid.

He said ‘love’ to me as well.

It was inexcusable. He's a liar. I hate him. I hate him.

“That’s enough” Louise muttered while biting her lips.

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