Zero no Tsukaima:Volume7 Epilogue

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The left hand of God is Gandálfr, the ferocious shield of the lord. His left hand wields a large sword and his right hand wields a long spear, protecting me with endless vigilance.

The right hand of God is Vindalfr, the kind-hearted flute of the lord. He dominates all beasts of life, leading me through earth, sky, and water.

The mind of God is Myoznitnirn, the book that carries the crystallization of thought. It carries all knowledge and provides advice whenever I am in need.

There is one more person, but remembering its name gives me trouble…

Taking the four disciples, I came to this land…

From outside came the songs of children, along with the dawning lights, a young girl woke up. She slowly and somewhat lazily got up. Her eye-dazzling hair, like a wave of golden sea, like a cloak unraveling through her body. Her hair was so beautiful it would make people gasp, however, if one look closely, her hair would be half as thin as that of normal people. So when such beautiful hair moved, one could almost hear the sound of the air itself stroking it and the light from her hair could be absolutely blinding.

Even if you called her hair ordinary, the rest of her body was also very slim.

It was as though God himself carved her body. A slim waist compared to the outlines of big, firm breasts that lifted her nightclothes whenever she breathed, looked even bigger. The young girl wore only a single part of pajamas, and lightly yawned as she woke up.

From the way her skin shined, the girl’s age was about 15 or 16, but her delicate body, which had to be handcraft of a godlike being prevented anyone from accurately guessing her age.

The girl reached out and opened her window, and a group of children ran toward her.

“Tiffania onee-chan!”

“Tiffa onee-chan!”

A group of children following one another ran toward the window, screaming loudly to this young lady named Tiffania.

It appears this fairy-like beauty is these children’s idol.

“Ai Ya! What happened? Jack, Sam, Jim, Emma, Samantha, everyone came together. I listened to your songs and I woke up, you've been singing the same song again, don’t you know how to sing a different song?”

“Don’t know…!”

“In that case Tiffania onee-chan teach us to sing.”

Tiffania smiled, she considered these children to be her little brothers and sisters.

She suddenly realized one of the younger children had a look as if she wanted to say something.

“Emma what happened? Do you have something to say?”

The young girl called Emma shook uncontrollably.


“Don’t be afraid, tell me.”

“In the forest… In the forest, I went to pick strawberries and I found…”

“What happened in the forest?”

“Emma what happened? If there is something you should have told all of us!”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Because, I am very scared… the body was covered in blood… woo... woo,” Emma had a look of a girl on the verge of tears.

“Everyone stop picking on Emma. Emma, what happened? Tell big sister?”

“…there, there is someone, collapsed there.”

Tiffania’s face instantly became clouded.


The children began to talk among themselves.

“It is probably that, the war, the war!”

“Yeah!” The children nodded together.

“Because this morning, through that road near from here, an army of soldiers passed.”

Tiffania threw an overcoat over her pajamas, and leaped out the window.

“Emma, where is it?”


The young girl flew through the already familiar forest as if it was her backyard, with the children following behind.

They found a young boy lying by a thick tree, his back against the wood.

Tiffania squat down and placed her ear to the boy's chest.

“…Still breathing, but the wound is grave, I have to take care of this quickly.”

Emma worriedly murmured,

“Tiffania onee-chan, can he be healed?”

“Idiot!” One of the other youths yelled. “How can there be an injury Tiffania onee-chan cannot cure? Don’t you know anything?”

“Let's take him back to the village first.”

The boys lifted his body, Tiffania took a closer look at him.

“Black hair, wearing some clothes I've never seen before.”

“He is a foreigner.”

But he doesn’t appear to be from Tristain or Germania. Just where were his clothes from?

No…Tiffania shook her head and let out a small smile, though truthfully I myself have a foreign blood as well Tiffania thought. The soft wind slowly caressed her golden hair.

The hairs around her ears began to flow.

In that moment, one could see her hair reveal a pair of pointy ears.

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