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Chapter One: Louise's Fear[edit]

When Saito woke up, Louise was lying next to him, breathing softly.

Just yesterday he was able to see the pretty face of his master again.

Louise’s face under the morning light looked divinely beautiful, and that was somewhat arousing Saito.

They separated in January… and now after one month, Louise looked even more lovely. Louise moaned in her sleep and turned over in bed, and Saito felt stifled.

Her mouth opened slightly, and a thin trail of drool escaped from the corner of her lips.

Fuah fuah, her mouth slightly opened and closed from time to time.

Gulp. Her hand shot up and lightly rubbed the tip of her nose.

In short, she was a beautiful, spoiled girl.

Yet… such gestures carried all of her loveliness.

After the separation she looked even more lovely. Indeed… Saito felt admiration. This, this… was "separation" magic. Aye, even no-good gestures changed into charming ones – the ultimate magic.


The Louise last night must have also felt the effects of this "separation" magic!

But I… what did I do…

Saito blamed himself for last night.

Last night, was so intimate!

Louise’s eyes were filled with such feeling!

That’s why she said to me… "I want to have the same deep kiss too", and "I’m not angry when you touch my breasts"… it was a one-time miracle!

And yet, I missed my chance yesterday.

Saito decided to confirm if it was a dream, so he asked Louise "Is this really a chest?".

I am a dog.

I am a stupid dog.

A stupid mongrel…

Saito was suffering already, in the early morning.

No, Saito.

Can’t call yourself even a ‘dog’. Drooling this way over the cute Louise – you are a mole.


Saito shook his head.

I am lower than a mole.

Look at Guiche’s mole. He’s cool. He dug a hole and saved us. Thus, I am lower than a mole… a mole cricket?

No, Saito shook his head again.

Mole-crickets are wonderful. Saito remembered reading in a book before: they… can fly, dig underground, and even swim. Ground or sea – they can conquer all.

I’m lower than a mole-cricket… lower than a bug… then…

I’m a water flea.

I saw it in the picture book, water fleas eat only various seaweeds.

That’s right… then I am a water flea… Saito thought he was suited for that name. Besides, he tactlessly blew his chance and wasted the special morning.

Getting depressed… Saito scolded himself.

What the heck are you saying?!

Saito should have more confidence!

I am a man who stopped an army of 70,000! And I cannot face a single girl? That’s unbelievable.

In this manner of encouraging himself, Saito gained some courage.

Since Louise just turned over in bed again, Saito put on a nice face and asked her…

“Are you awake?”


Then, Louise's body tensed and the upper half of her face peeped out of the blanket.

For some reason, her eyes were moist and cheeks were red.

Saito trembled.

…Is it the end?

“H-hey Louise.”


Louise asked while yawning widely.

Oh, Louise could make such a cute voice while not fully awake. Saito was impressed.

Now was the moment he had to show his courage.

“You… that, uhm… about me…”

Louise looked down biting her lip, wanting to ask something.

For Saito, the world seemed to stop.

Am I no longer needed?

Saito’s imagination was making Saito go mad in his head… Now determined, Louise started to squeeze out words.

The bitter words came out flying and hitting right into Saito‘s head.

“…Do you hate my breasts?” Louise asked.

Kaah, Saito sighed.

Oh, that’s what bothered Louise for a long time.

Saito last night asked her, "Is this really a chest?"…

…Aaah, aah, why did I say that!

“I-I don’t hate them!”



Louise then slightly rose up and sat straight in the bed.

Gripping the skirt of her shirt with both hands and with serious expression on her face, she asked Saito…

“The question changes then. Well then, which do you like more – big breasts or small?”

Saito began sweating profusely. To be honest, he liked big ones. It is not like small ones are horrible… but it was based on instincts.

It was a natural result of male biology. Big breasts suggest that the mother will have more milk to give. It would be filled with milk. Therefore, it can’t be helped. Thinking about future descendants, it was a basic instinct to choose a woman with big breasts… so it is not like I am bad.

Foolish quibbles turned inside his head…

Then Louise, looking at him with serious eyes, jumped into his vision.

Pinkish-blond hair and reddish brown eyes… beautifully shaped nose, coral colored lips… interweaving harmony. It was as if Louise’s loveliness was made by an artist.

Such beauty can suppress any instinct. This way, even small breasts become insignificant. No…

However, Louise would be obstinate even he said that. It seems, I guess, she would not be consented. Clearly she wants to hear that he likes small breasts over big ones.

But he liked big ones.

If he were to answer honestly, he would be taking all the negative responses from Louise on himself.

Then, should I lie – "I like small ones"?

But… Saito had no confidence that his lie would pass. Louise’s eyes were like a detective’s watching a criminal. A half-lie could not pass.

But, but…

Here, it was overlooking a man. A true man.

Saito's face cramped to the very limits as powers like the demons blotted up. However, Louise was merciless. She didn’t move a brow at Saito’s grimaces.

“Which ones do you like? Answer.”

Cold sweat was pouring down in waterfalls as he trembled.

Then the determination came.

Feeling like a president pushing a nuclear missile release button, Saito pushed the words out from the back of his throat.

“S-s-s-s-s-s-sss-small ones.”


Louise stared at him with eyes that screamed of blood-thirst.

I can’t be defeated here. Saito answered in a stiff voice.

“It’s true. Swear by Founder Brimir.”

With Founder Brimir involved, Saito yelled.

“I’ll kill you if it's a lie.”

The small, calm voice, expressed Louise's seriousness. Saito shook his head violently.

A long pause followed.

The atmosphere between was so stifling that it could have easily suffocated any bugs in the vicinity.

She gazed at Saito's face… and nodded as if convinced.

“All right. I believe you.”

The tension in the air slowly started to disappear.

Loosing the tension, Louise’s face switched back to cute.

Louise hesitantly started to trace circles with her finger on the blanket.

Such a shy Louise was so godly cute that Saito instantly felt uneasy. Then Louise hesitatingly shut her eyes.

But, she gripped her hands that she placed on her knees into fists and ‘Nnnn, nnnn!’ moaned angrily.

Though it was hard to understand, was she trying to say she wanted a kiss?

Saito was troubled.

For now, he’d just go with the flow.

Saito brought his lips close to Louise.

Though Louise’s body stiffened when he took a hold of her shoulders, she did not really resist. Louise's sweet aroma reached his nose… and Saito gladly dived into it.

Lips touched.

Louise, far from getting angry, gave her body in.


Last night, when Louise said, "I want to have the same deep kiss too," she was not lying at all, and acted upon her words. It was in there already.

Such a passionate deep kiss was not just a part of a "reunion."

Then, the conclusion would be…

Hah, hah – she is falling in love as well…

Thought Saito while pressing his lips against Louise’s, getting wild.

“Falling in love.”

This magic’s effect -

The girl with whom he was in love with, was falling herself.

The existence of such an event was unbelievable. This already was nearly like a legendary monster.

Suki-na-onnanoko-gajibunni-horeteru - the dragon with the long name. Aah, vigorously spouting a flame from it's mouth… the name of an ancient dragon that destroyed the pantheon.

Slowly, the couple separated their lips… and gazed at each other. 

Shamefully, Louise averted her face.

“Stop staring so much… S-stupid. D-d-dog…”

“Forgive this dog.”

“Stop apologizing. Dog… Stupid dog. This dog’s habit, to look at it's master with such eyes…”

Louise pouted her lips, saying it in a voice that seemed to cry; Saito, before thinking what he was doing, unable to endure it any longer, jumped in and pushed Louise down.


He started to kiss the scruff of her neck, sending shock waves through Louise’s body.

“Sorry. I can’t take it anymore.”

While muttering ‘uwah‘ and ‘noyh‘, he pushed his hand through the gap of her shirt, Louise brushed his hand away.


Louise said in a tiny, tearful voice…

“Not when it’s bright,” She said.

From the outside of the window, the brilliant light of the sun streamed in.

Holding her shirt, Louise did not stir.

“When, when the night comes, all right...?”

Saito heard while trembling.

“A-a-after consulting with God and mother.”

Louise answered, trembling as well.

“How will you hear it?” Saito asked Louise in a stupid voice.

“In my mind! Mo! They can‘t tell me that! Don‘t you know! Stupid! Stupid idiot!”

She grabbed the pillow and started hitting Saito with it.

With these words, Saito, who understood, stopped asking anymore.

Only then did he notice the blood running from his nose.

After the couple dodged the tension by their promise for the night and went to the living room, there were Tiffania, Siesta, and Agnes.

“Good morning.”

Seeing Louise and Saito show up, Siesta smiled. Saito, not able to face that smile straight somehow, averted his face. Siesta had to strain for a moment to keep her smile on.

Tiffania was making rice for the morning.

Agnes was preparing her gun and sword.

Then… Agnes crossed her arms and asked the couple…

“Who were those enemies that attacked us last night?”

Saito and Louise looked at each other… then spoke to Agnes hesitatingly.

“Those were strange dolls.”

“Myoznitnrn… who has the ability to use any magical item…”

Louise answered honestly for the time being. Guess it was not important to keep this part a secret.

“Did you see its face?”

Louise and Saito shook their heads. It was dark, the opponent was hidden by a deep hood and was controlling the magic dolls ‘sleipnir’ indirectly. Since they didn’t have much contact with the controller, they could not see her well.

“What kind of element user is that person to control those dolls?”

Louise became silent. She hesitated for a moment if she should speak about her Void.

Seeing Louise acting like that, Agnes shook her head.

“…If it is connected with Miss Vallière’s element, then it would be problematic if I were to intervene. I am sorry.”

“…You know?”

“Well… not from Her Majesty directly. Mo, do not worry, I won’t tell anyone. I am not interested in spreading rumors in the palace, I am a mere soldier after all.”

Agnes said while polishing the sword.

“I wield my sword for Her Majesty. As long as you are Her Majesty's allies, I guess I wield a sword for you as well. What happened, who the enemy is, why such a thing is possible; I do not care to know.

After wiping the blade with a cloth, Agnes placed it back into it's sheath.

“Well, for two-to-three days we’ll be taking a rest. Are you tired?”

With these words, both Louise and Saito, blushed.

Anyway, even if they speak with Tiffania… they will take rest for today. There are also important things that cannot be spoken of… Saito nodded in his mind.

Behind Agnes, Siesta stood feeling nervous. Though tea was brought, the timing to place it was completely lost. Noticing the three glancing at her, Siesta shook her head.

“P-please do not worry - I have no idea what you are talking about! Yes!”

“Were you two able to sleep a lot last night?”

Agnes said out of the blue. A strange grin appeared on her lips. Siesta’s eyes narrowed.

Blushing furiously, Louise shouted.

“W-we were asleep the whole time!”

“I see. That’s nice to hear. Really.”

Agnes made a strange laugh. Siesta approached with a smile and harshly trampled on Saito's foot.

“Did you do it?”

“Do what?”

“I, I can’t say it out loud!”

“S-stop assuming things!”

However, finally tonight… they might. While thinking so, he could not look directly at Siesta.

“What are you saying? Mo, all of you, shut up!”

Grumbling, Louise began to walk awkwardly. It looked like her hands and legs were moving at the same time.

“Your hands and legs move at the same time,”

Siesta noted.

“What? For today it is okay.”

“I allowed you to sleep together for one day, because I haven’t thought you would start glossing over it.”

“That’s why you shouldn’t be saying such things in the first place!”

They both stared at each other, grinning angrily.

And, the moment when it looked like hell was going to break loose… Tiffania called everyone for a meal in a shy voice.

This voice broke the tension. Everyone was hungry.

After that, Saito and the others peacefully spent their time in the garden at Tiffania‘s house. 

Saito cleaned the floor with a cloth.

There were no clouds interrupting the sky, high above the continent of Albion. Such fine weather soaked Saito with deep feelings.

Next to him sat Siesta, and she said looking at the sky…

“A beautiful sky… Somehow, it takes one’s mind away.”

Then with a serious look, she glanced back at Saito.

“Is it strange?”


“Though we were attacked by a strange person… the war finally ended, and I was able to meet Saito–san too - I'm happy.”

Siesta gave him another smile. This smile made Saito feel uneasy.

Somehow, Saito felt guilty before Siesta. He remembered the talk a little while ago with Louise. But… that’s love, I think.

His heart throbbed because of that. That’s why… the words that can’t be mentioned came into his head so many times.

Maybe the feeling of something changing in Saito’s appearance… Siesta shook her head.

“It’s all right.”


“I am second. That’s what you want to say, right?”


“I will wait.”

Saito became silent.

What he could not say out loud was understood already. He felt ashamed for a moment.

Pretending to be busy, Saito looked around.

Seemed like the others were not having too much of a peaceful time either.

Agnes was doing something absent-mindedly, distracting herself from her worries. Tiffania, who was sitting on a chair, was tightly grasping her fists. Louise was sitting, biting her fingernails and occasionally throwing irritated looks in their direction.

Suddenly, Siesta asked everyone…

“Hey everyone. What are your future plans?”


Louise puckered up her brows to such a sudden topic change. Agnes turned. Tiffania trembled.

“Right. Everyone, let’s talk about the future. I think it is important. So…”

Agnes laughed.

“Aahaha! Future! Well, follow my career at my best… and buy a little land at my hometown. And, once I'm retired from the musketeers, living listening to the sea everyday.”

Next, Siesta said…

“A fantastic dream! I too…”

She looked at Saito.

“I think being able to live with a beloved person is happiness. It doesn’t matter where you live… Miss Vallière?”

Suddenly faced by such a question, Louise thought honestly, and blushed.

“…Now, please answer honestly.”

“W-what are you talking about!”

Saito thought absent-mindedly.

Future dreams…

He hadn’t even imagined such a thing.

At first he thought about returning back to Earth.

Though it is still true…

“What is Saito-san’s dream?”

Siesta looked straight into Saito's face.


He didn't think about it until now, the answer that in this world cannot be found… Saito looked up at the sky absent-mindedly.

The two moons were shining upon the forest… night came to Saxe-Gotha’s forest.

Trembling, Saito looked up at the night sky from the window in Tiffania's house.

Since the day he was born, he never was so impatient for the night to come.

Finally, Louise and I will unite.

Louise clearly had this in mind when she said in the morning, “When the night comes, all right...?”

After cleaning himself with water, Saito went to the bedroom.

When he slowly opened the door, he saw Louise, in the background of the moonlight, brushing her hair.

The hair that Louise brushed was sacredly bathed in the light, creating an otherworldly sight. The light of the two moons emphasized the beauty of her hair. Saito was breathless.

Noticing Saito standing in the doorway and watching her… Louise muttered as if talking to herself.

“Is something wrong?”


Saito replied as he shook his head. As he was extremely nervous, he felt that his throat was very dry and he would like a drink.

When Saito approached, Louise started to tremble.


When Saito asked this natural question, Louise shook her head.

“…I made a promise with the Princess back then.”

“Promise with the Princess?”

Seems like Henrietta and Louise promised each other something.

“It is so.”

Louise turned to Saito. There were traces of tears remaining on her cheeks.

“That… we would tell each other before it comes to this…”

“Louise…” muttered Saito, who came closer and sat next to her. Louise cast her eyes down and covered herself with the sheet.

“That… ne? Uhmm… ne?”

With the eyes of frightened kitten, Louise looked up at Saito.

“I broke my promise with the Princess…”

Unable to hold back, Saito embraced Louise.

“Louise! Louise!”

Louise laid down in the bed. Her chest, dressed in a white shirt as always, was moving up and down from the excitement and fright. Giving in, Louise closed her eyes and placed her hands up on her chest like praying.

“Louise, I… I!”

And the moment he let out his shout…

*Knock* *Knock* someone knocked on the door.

Saito and Louise quickly jumped up.


They both asked at the same time.

“It’s me…”

Came a small voice. It was the master of the house, Tiffania’s voice.

Saito and Louise looked at each other. Saito, in his haste, jumped down to the floor.

And when Louise said, “Come in, please,” the door opened and a girl with flowing blond hair showed up. Though it was in the night, she still wore the large hat.

Flowing blond hair… the drifting atmosphere of a foreign country, a beautiful face, and a slim waist.

Louise knit her eyebrows.

Though she forgot because she was happy to meet Saito again… this Tiffania was an unexpectedly pretty girl.

She was dressed up in loose clothes wrapped around her. She had a tray with a jar of wine and a few cups.

“Umm… please take some. I thought you would have trouble falling asleep, changing beds…”

It was natural for her to worry about them and bring wine.

“It’s all right. I don't care.”

Pretty girl…

Somehow a bad presentiment began to whirl in Louise's chest.

Louise carefully scrutinized Tiffania’s body. She had slender, delicate limbs… compared to Louise, she was tall too.

Besides, though she lived in the forest, she emanated an aura of the nobility. Just who was she?

Louise asked Saito in a low voice.

“This girl… feels suspicious. You know something?”


“What somewhat?”

“…I’ll tell once Tiffania agrees.”

What, Louise thought.

A secret between two people? What? The uneasy feeling grew stronger.

Thus, the congenial atmosphere from a little while ago, changed rapidly into uneasiness.

Asking Tiffania, before talking to Louise – she didn’t like it one bit.

A master asking for permission. Shouldn’t I be the one that is asked for permission?

What on earth is this secret?

The doubts that were swirling in her head… were blown off somewhere because of Tiffania's following behavior:

She, while trying to place down the wine, had entangled her feet with the cloth and fell down with a crash.


“Are you all right?”

Louise jumped out of the bed panicking and ran up. Tiffania shamefully blushed.

“I-I’m all right! Sorry… didn’t meant to scare you…”

She muttered while picking up the cracked jar of wine.


Louise’s eyes landed on impossible magic items.


A short groan escaped her mouth. No, it must be an optical illusion. Louise rubbed her eyes and stared at the magic items again.

The valley down there was deep.

The word "big" utterly failed to describe the breasts that peeped through Tiffania’s loose clothing.

Louise breathed heavily while trembling.

She couldn’t even make a sound any more. One should say, such an exceedingly large dimension was mortifying. When a person sees an overwhelming existence, it is said that he or she is at a loss for words. This was what was happening to Louise right now. Just like when she met a Familiar of Void who introduced herself as Myoznitnirn, the impact was huge.

The world is wide. It exceeded Louise's imagination by far.

Louise turned to Saito.

However, Saito looked at Louise while smiling.


Though Louise stared doubtfully at Saito’s face, his expression didn’t change. Meanwhile Tiffania, with a short, "Have a good evening" said in a strained voice, went out of the room.

“Now did you see that?”

She asked him.

“N-now? Because I was watching only you, I do not understand what you mean.”

Saito said, looking spaced-out.

…Somehow it was not convincing. Louise slipped between the sheets again.

What was that…

The sight of the valley was burned into her eyes and was not leaving.

She pushed her finger under her shirt and looked at her own breasts.

She could not understand why. Nourishment, inheritance… Nothing could explain why it was so flat there.

But even if she knew… learning about the reality, she lost her confidence again.

I-I am cute…

She tried to persuade herself. After all, even after she showed her breasts, Saito didn’t choose Tiffania or the housemaid, right?

Even thinking this, all her feelings withered.

Not now, anyhow… Louise thought.

After confirming that, Louise dove back into bed and pulled the blanket over her head, Saito let out a relieved sigh.

He was glad.

He survived.

The moment when Tiffania entered… Saito had to cover his secrets.

Even Saito was not that stupid. Louise would figure it all out from the look in his eyes staring at Tiffania’s ultimate weapons.

“Final secret ‘eye’ move – closing them…”

In the voice of a man who finished his hard work, Saito said quietly so that Louise would not hear him.

He slipped again next to Louise and tapped her shoulder.


After seeing Tiffania, Louise was disheartened… and did not stick her head out from under the blanket.

The air of sweetness that spread all over the room, now completely disappeared somewhere… Feeling disappointed, Saito complained.

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