Apocalypse Witch:Volume2 Ending

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ApocalypseWitch v02 10.png

The blizzard was raging.

At 15 degrees below zero, that white hell would have sapped the life out of any ordinary human standing within it, but this girl did not feel the slightest discomfort.

She was pale-skinned and made of crystal.

Aine was viewing something all on her own. It was a black mass – the remnants of one of the fake Threats that had been so thoroughly destroyed by the wielders of cutting-edge magic.


Aine ran her hand across the armor that felt gritty due to the snow blown onto it by the wind. The heat of her hand could have melted the snow and gotten her skin stuck to the metal when the snow refroze into ice, but the crystal girl did not seem to care.

She kept her hand there and spoke quietly.

I can’t wait to do this to the real ones.”

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