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April, it is... (4月、それは──×××× / Shigatsu, Sorewa─××××) is a light novel anthology published in 2009 as the bonus gift of Volume 7 of the Dengeki Bunko Magazine.

Story Synopsis[edit]

There are twenty independent stories written by twenty different authors, sharing the common theme of "April".


Format Standards[edit]

Every Chapter (after editing) must conform to the general format guidelines.


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  • June 28, 2011 - Teaser page created. Forum translation by DNK uploaded.

The April, it is... Series[edit]

  • April, it is the beginning of a journey - Flower (Keiichi Jikusawa)
  • April, it is a neverending kingdom in the other world - The End of Lemon (Hideyuki Furuhashi)
  • April, it is the month that I hate - Wings on Ground; Wings of Man (Suzu Suzuki)
  • April, it is the end of my life - My Little Miracle (Hitoma Iruma)
  • April, it is the triggering season - Run! Girl, Run! (Jin Shibamura)
  • April, it is an impressible season - I am Fallen in Love NGINNE (Yukako Kabei)
  • April, it is the season of flying cherry blossom petals - A Story of a Certain Horse and a Certain Cherry Blossom Tree (Kei Satou)
  • April, it is the season of changes - Matryoshka (Rei Rairaku)
  • April, it is the season of Earth invasion - Earth Invasion In the Beautiful Spring (Souichirou Watase)
  • April, it is the Spring that will come one day - Satomi-san of the Chirping Library (Izuki Kougyoku)
  • April, it is the season when one would wish to die - Truth and Deceit on the other side of the phone (Erika Nakamura)
  • April, it is the sleepy season - Me and Plastic Wrap and the Girl who is Sleepy in Spring (Hazuki Minase)

Series Overview[edit]

  • 4月、それは──×××× (Shigatsu, Sorewa─××××)