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Executive council nominations and voting


  • Nominations (January 1 – January 15, 2019)
-will be posted to this page (nominations closed)
  • Voting (January 16 – January 31, 2019)
-(polls closed)

What is it?

BT generally has a loose organizational structure that can make it difficult to decide things related to rules and policy. To help with that, we set up the 'executive council', which is just a group of people who volunteer to make decisions on any issues that come up. Volunteers serve a two year term, after which the nomination-election cycle repeats.


To that end, we need volunteers from among BT contributors to be on the executive council and help decide policy.

Eligible volunteers should first nominate themselves on this wiki page. After the nomination period is over, if there are more volunteers than positions (which would be a good thing), voting will take place. Existing executive council members should also nominate themselves if they are willing to remain. See below regarding eligibility and voting access.

Who is eligible to nominate themselves and vote?

Any translator or editor (or other dedicated contributors) on BT can nominate themselves to be on the council and vote on nominees. Community moderators (Facebook, Discord) are also eligible to vote on nominees.

In addition to voting, contributors on alternate language projects are welcome to nominate themselves as long as they can communicate in English and are willing to help decide issues relating to projects outside their own language.


The primary expectations/duties as an executive council member are to be willing to read and respond regarding any policy issues that come up (such as DMCA policy details, project organization, give final interpretation on ambiguous policy). In general, volunteers should be reachable at least weekly, but ideally daily.

Very large policy changes should still be done only after getting feedback and support from the entire BT community. The executive council mainly deals with smaller policy issues and interpretation, or responding to time sensitive issues.

However, the executive council can still have significant effect in how they decide policy should be implemented. Nominees that wish to make significant changes policy can/should indicate that when they nominate themselves to gather support in voting.

Voting details

We are looking for a final number of 5 people. One spot is reserved for a server admin, so there are 4 completely open positions. However, the server admin may choose to decline his spot, so it can be that all 5 spots will need to be filled with volunteers.

Once nominations conclude, a poll will be opened with the names of all nominees. Everyone can vote yes/no for each nominee, and the nominees with the highest number of 'yes' votes will be the final executive council members.