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This page is the nomination page for volunteers to serve on the 2019–2021 Baka-Tsuki Executive Council and help make policy decisions. Nominations will be held from January 1 to January 15, 2019. For who is eligible and other details, please see this page.


Put your wiki user link within a header (===[[User:Username|Username]]===) and give a short description of what you do on BT, any policy stances you want to take, or any other comments you think are relevant.

You can look at last Council's nominee descriptions for examples.

Add nominations below here


Happy 2019 everyone. I'm KLSymph, an active member of Baka-Tsuki since 2014 and an Executive Council member since 2016. I am project manager, translator, and copy-editor for Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan, and I translate a few manga series including the manga adaptation for Sekai no Owari no Encore. In the Executive Council, I provide detailed analysis of rules and their applications, based on rational argument and principles that benefit the community. I value high story quality above all else, and as always I wish for Baka-Tsuki projects to set the gold standard in light novel translations.


Heya. I’ll repeat a bit of what I said for the previous election, that is that I’m for following the usual BT policy. Which means respecting licenses when they happen and also takedown requests from publishers or translators, should there be any.
Did you guys notice we have discord server now? It’s been quite helpful on facilitating communication between users and staff, so that’s been great. Another big challenge ahead remains the forums, since they're not being used much and that they look pretty much frozen in time.
In short, I hope to continue what we’ve been doing and keep BT an agreeable place for contributors to work in, as well as for users to enjoy their work.


Greetings and salutations! I go by Leviticus, but you might remember me from my old handle, Lunar Vitae. I joined Baka-Tsuki in 2016, am a current member of the Executive Council (2017–), an editor, and the project manager for Maria-sama ga Miteru.
I strive for good communication between staff and contributors, both internal and external, as well as with our members. I am happy to lend an ear for grievances or ideas, and have no qualms entertaining suggestions to changes in policy. In an administrative capacity, I am one who prefers to hear everyone's opinion in regards to a situation. During this next term, I am hoping to overhaul our original light novel (OLN) program, giving greater exposure to those aspiring writers and bringing original content to our community, as well as work with my fellow administrators on improving the usability and function of the site as a whole. - Levi was here




Still around. Still translating.