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About Me[edit]

I write fanfiction and do a lot of proofreading, so I thought I'd put that experience to some use here at Baka-Tsuki. I try to improve English readability as much as possible, especially for what I think is too straight a translation, though I'm sometimes overzealous in applying corrections on edge cases.

I've studied Japanese in the past, enough to read text in kana and use a dictionary to get the meaning, but I'm not proficient enough to comfortably do translations and I'm apparently proficient enough to translate five or six novel pages a day an hour, which I didn't know about myself until Baka-Tsuki happened. Baka-Tsuki translations then carried me into manga scanlation, and now I translate for a number of manga series, most of them adaptations for Baka-Tsuki projects.

I'm also a member of the Baka-Tsuki Executive Council for 2016-2020.


Baka-Tsuki Light Novels[edit]

Manga Adaptations[edit]