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This page is a DRAFT.

Please use caution. There many be inaccurate or incomplete material.

Baka-Tsuki maintains an administrative hierarchy to manage and organize the infrastructure of the community and wiki. This formal organization is necessary to moderate the community, handle emergencies, and guide contributors into Baka-Tsuki's Wiki format.

Baka-Tsuki's formal organization can be envisioned as a branching pyramid.

  • At the top is the Core Administrative Team, which is primarily in charge of the technical details regarding the server, host, and community. This group is not involved in the details of any specific translations.
  • Below are the Project Teams, responsible for the technicalities of translation and editing. Each Project Team is independent, sovereign, and regulates itself on Baka-Tsuki.

Administrative Hierarchy

Core Administrative Team


The owner of the server and wiki. This is thelastguardian. All server issues, emergencies, and copyright related issues should be emailed to him. (初代 - 2006-2016)

The owner of the server and wiki has be designated to a member of the Baka-Tsuki People's Council. Please seek your representative regarding server issues and emergencies.

List of individuals in the "bureaucrat usergroup" on the Wiki.


Second-in-command (Editors-in-Chief). These individuals have access to critical protected features on the Wiki, such as the rights to edit the sidebar. They are the primary day-to-day leaders of Baka-Tsuki Administration and manage all the Supervisors. The leader of this group is Onizuka-GTO.

Update: From 2016 onwards Onizuka-GTO voluntarily stepped down to signal the peaceful handover from an authoritarian regime to the newly formed socialist collective. All administrative tasks are the responsibility of the elected representative of the Baka-Tsuki People's Council.

List of individuals in the "administrator/sysop usergroup" on the Wiki.


These are the active leaders in the Baka-Tsuki community who organize and moderate members, rules, and community. In addition to regular Wiki maintenance like protecting pages, Supervisors have the right to approve projects.
List of individuals in the "supervisor usergroup" on the Wiki.

Community (Facebook) Administrators

These administrators specialize in managing reader resources and moderating audience feedback. Currently, these individuals primarily reside on the Baka-Tsuki Facebook group.
List of individuals with administrative privileges on Facebook

Forum Moderation Team

The Baka-Tsuki forums have their own administrative hierarchy. Generally, the same individuals in the Wiki Supervisor category also lead the Forum Moderation teams.
List of individuals with administrative privileges on forum (TBA)

Project Teams

Project Managers

Every project has a Project Manager, who serves as the primary point of contact for the project. They are typically a member of registered editorial or translation team. They have a vested and active interest in keeping the project going forward and will keep close contact with the rest of the team. This involves keeping track of translation progress, the status of the translators, standardizing project format guidelines, and resolving conflicts among team members.

Project Translator

A dedicated translator for a certain project. Multiple Project Translators will organize themselves with every project's Registration Page to prevent overlap. In the case there is only one active Project Translator and no listed Supervisor, he/she is assumed to be the Project Supervisor by default unless otherwise stated.

Project Editor

A rigorous dedicated editor for a certain project. Project Editors are expected to work with Project Translators to improve the fluency of a translation, and perform highly detailed edits with many chapters in a project. In the case of a argument, Project Editors (including TLC) are expected to defer to the Project Translator.

Casual Editors/Anonymous Contributors

These individuals are merely passing by and performing quick typo corrections.

Government and Management

Government System

Baka-Tsuki is popularly defined by its members as a Wiki-Communist State. This is because Baka-Tsuki is neither a democracy or any other particular form of government.

Approximately once a year, promotions are made around the community, and these promoted members join an inner Administrative circle. This Administrative circle helps guide the vision of Baka-Tsuki's future. In the event of emergencies and general issues requiring quick decisions, it mobilizes with a response.

Extensions and Amendments

Who Can Make a Proposal

Any registered user can propose an extension or amendment to Baka-Tsuki.

Gaining Support for a Proposal

A proposal should be placed on the Baka-Tsuki Forums. It will most likely get overlooked if it is placed anywhere else. Proposals will not be taken seriously if not enough of the Baka-Tsuki Community expresses interest in it.
One quantitative and easy way to demonstrate support is to have a clearly defined poll or vote on an issue (ie: A proposed amendment to the rules) posted in the forums.
After a proposal garners sufficient community interest, please email both TLG and Oni (cc some Wiki Supervisors for good measure). Please understand they are busy individuals if they do not get back to you right away.


The Baka-Tsuki server is owned entirely and paid for by thelastguardian. As such, all major changes and revisions to Baka-Tsuki must be preceded with a petition/proposal to TLG. A petition/proposal must have significant support from other members of the community (including Custodians and Supervisors), otherwise it will most likely get ignored.

TLG holds veto powers as well as all absolute powers regarding Baka-Tsuki. All decisions pass through him.


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