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This is Baka-Tsuki's default Project Abandonment Protocol that will apply to all series that have been licensed by a publisher of the corresponding language.

Please keep in mind that this is only a guideline that we provide for transparency. Certain series may be removed faster, but no series will be removed slower or less comprehensively than what is stated below.

All materials' copyrights are reserved by their respective authors and the associated publishers. Works will be deleted upon request by copyright holders.

Scope of Licenses

When a publisher announces that they have licensed a series, we will schedule the removal of the following content:

  • ALL volumes of the main series of a light novel project.
  • ALL volumes that may be inserted in chronological order with the main publication run of the series (i.e.: Volume 7.5 or 10.5, etc.).

Unless the publisher has explicitly announced it, we will assume the publisher has not licensed the following:

  • Bonus chapters and extras (i.e.: bonus material included with Blu-ray DVDs, web content).
  • Independent side stories that do not fit in the main publication run.
  • Spin-off, doujin, sequel, collaborations, or related series.
Unless we have reason to believe the publisher owns the license for any of the above, the content will not be removed.

Abandonment Protocol

Publisher Announces License Acquisition

  1. Project will be flagged as licensed as soon as possible.
  2. All downloadable content (PDFs, EPUBs, MOBI, etc.) will be removed from the Wiki and affiliated spaces.
  3. Project will be frozen and follow Cessation Policy rules. All project contributors and staff are required to adhere to the Cessation Policy Guidelines.

Publisher Announces Publication Date of the First Volume

  1. Gradual deletion of ALL volumes of the main publication run will immediately commence. The exact deletion schedule will not be released to the public.
  2. ALL volumes will be removed, at the latest, by 2 months prior to the official publication date.

Bottom Line: By the publisher's release of the first volume, ALL Baka-Tsuki translations of the main series will be gone. No new translations will be made, and the project will be formally terminated.

Reinstatement Protocol

Conditions For Project Reinstatement

Baka-Tsuki may reinstate activity on an abandoned project if there is evidence that the publisher has dropped or ceased translations on a particular light novel series.

All of these may be valid reasons for reinstating activity on a project:

  • Publisher has announced they will no longer continue to translate a particular light novel series.
  • Publisher shows no sign of activity on a series for ONE YEAR or more:
  • Lack of activity is defined as the lack of publications or the lack of announcements regarding future possible publications on the project.

Reinstatement Scope

If the conditions for project reinstatement are met, Baka-Tsuki will restore the following:

  • All unpublished volumes will be restored to the Wiki, except for a three-volume buffer from the most recently published volume.
The three-volume buffer will be maintained just in case the publisher resumes activity.
  • No activity can occur on the three-volume buffer. No translations may be uploaded onto the three-volume buffer.
  • Otherwise, contributors are free to work on all restored volumes and any future volumes that may be added to the series.

Re-Abandonment Policy

If the publisher demonstrates any renewed activity on the series, the abandonment schedule will be reactivated.

Cessation Policy

The Cessation Policy describes the set a rules a project must abide by during the transitionary period between the license announcement and formal project termination. The purpose of the Cessation Policy is to allow contributors a brief period of time to finish their work before being forced to retire from the project.

All projects will immediately be subjected to Cessation Policy Rules as soon as a publisher makes a license announcement for a light novel series.

General Rules

  • No new translators or editors may join a project.
  • All activity on a project must cease FIVE MONTHS prior to the publisher's release of the first volume.
  • Exception: On the latest chronological volume actively being translated, activity must cease THREE MONTHS prior to the publisher's release of the first volume.
  • Chapters and content should be locked from all editing at the 5-month (or 3-month) time-point.

Translator Rules

  • During the Cessation Period, each translator may only work on the translations for ONE VOLUME that is nearly complete.
  • This volume must be 50% or more translated.
  • The translator must have been previously registered for that volume.
If no volumes meet the conditions for continued translation by a registered translator, he/she may not work on the project during the Cessation Period.
  • Once the translator finishes translating that one volume, that translator MUST cease all activity and retire from the project.
  • If the translator fails to complete translations by the 5-month (or 3-month) deadline, he/she must cease all activity and retire from the project.