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A Project Manager (formerly known as "Project Supervisor") is the main contact point and the primary leader of translation project on Baka-Tsuki. A Project Manager dictates the guidelines for a project, and is responsible for resolving conflicts among project team members.

Since there are extra privileges involved with becoming a Project Manager, this page describes the rules that Project Managers must abide by.

Project Manager Appointment

Requirements and Responsibilities

To become a Project Manager for a specific Project on Baka-Tsuki, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a registered member, with a history of contributions on the Translation Project.
  • You must be active and reachable within two weeks notice.
  • If you know you will be gone for a period longer than that, you are encouraged to designate a temporary substitute or step down from your position.
  • You must be a dedicated contributor of the Project, meaning, you frequently monitor the project and read all of the contributions that are made to it.
  • You must be comfortable with moderating a dispute, should one ever occur on your project.

Nomination Procedure

If you fulfill the above requirements, you may nominate yourself for Project Manager by performing the following:

  1. Consult with the other contributors of the Translation Project Staff if they are okay with you taking the Project Manager position.
A). If they agree unanimously, Contact the Administration and inform them that your project has unanimously accepted you as the new Project Manager:
I, [Insert Username], am assuming Project Manager responsibilities for [Name of Your Project]. 
All active members of the Project Staff endorse this nomination. --~~~~
B). If the Project Staff cannot agree on a nomination, you may request that a Wiki Supervisor come and moderate the appointment of a new Project Manager.

Project Manager Rules


  • If a Project Manager changes any rules, he/she should create a Project-Specific Guidelines Page clearly delineating what was changed.
  • The Project Manager has the authority to decide official terminology for the translation project.
  • The Project Manager has the authority to change the formatting and layout of the Project Overview Page
  • The Project Manager has the authority to have the final word on any dispute in the project.


  • The Project Manager has no punitive authority.
  • If a contributor has violated a Project-Specific Guideline, the Project Manager should not ban/suspend the offender or decide consequences by themselves.
  • Violations of rules should be reported to the designated Supervisor, or if there is no designated Supervisor, it should be reported to The Administration. Only Supervisors may take punitive actions.
  • Wiki Supervisors hold authority over Project Managers. If a Supervisor asks you to step down from your position or modify a rule, please comply.

Project Manager Replacement

Project Managers are generally expected to be active to serve as a contact point for new translators and contributors. While inactivity is sometimes unavoidable, these guidelines dictate the replacement of an inactive Project Manager.

If an existing Project Manager has been missing or inactive for an extended period of time, you may file a request for replacement.

  1. Before proceeding, you affirm that you have already attempted to contact the listed Project Manager through all available communication channels, with no response.
  2. Contact the Designated Supervisor (or the The Administration) and inform that the listed Project Manager is inactive and that you'd like to take their place.
  3. After deliberation on a case-by-case basis, a Supervisor will respond to you and either approve or deny your request.

Note that Project Managers always have the freedom to step down from their own positions.


  • A Note On Designated Supervisors: The Designated Supervisor on the Project Overview Page can only be filled by an individual of the Administration with Supervisor rank or above. In the case there is no Designated Supervisor, the default contact point should be The Administration Page or Onizuka-GTO (for sensitive or emergency issues).
  • A Note On Project Managers: The Project Manager is not a required position. If there is no listed Project Manager, contributors should abide by the General Baka-Tsuki Project Conventions, and the default contact point is any active translator.