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Each project has a Project Overview Page, from which the individual chapters are linked.

This page describes the default English Baka-Tsuki conventions for formatting Project Overview Pages. Alternative Language projects might have slightly different formatting conventions.

Please note that a Project Manager has the power to customize the Project Overview Page for his/her specific project.

General Rules and Considerations

  • Project Managers have the full power to customize the Project Overview Page for their projects.
  • However, the required sections must be preserved in some form on the customized pages.
  • Note that the Android app will break if certain elements on the page are modified too much.
  • Obtain permission from the Project Manager prior to modifying the formatting of a Project Overview Page.
  • Do not create additional sections or optional sections unless you have permission from the Project Manager.
  • Editors should not add themselves to the Staff Section of a project.
  • Ask the Project Manager or another existing Project Staff member to do it for you.
  • Major changes to the synopsis should not be made without contacting the Project Manager first.
  • Minor edits and grammar corrections are acceptable.

Required Sections

Page Title

Refer to the Baka-Tsuki File Naming Conventions for more information.

Choose from one of the two options for selecting the Page Name for the Project Overview Page:

A). The Full Title of the series in Romanized Japanese (Romanji), with proper capitalization
  • IMPORTANT: REPLACE ALL NON-LATIN CHARACTERS. — "Maou-sama" is prefered over "Maō-sama"
  • Example: "Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru"
B). The most common English translation of the Full Title of the series.
  • TIP: Check MyAnimeList or MangaUpdates for common English spellings of a series title.
  • Example: "My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected"

General Information

A brief 1-2 paragraph factual summary about light novel series. It should contain the following:

  • The full romanized or English title of the light novel series — bolded.
  • Any common abbreviations to the series title — (ie: OreImo).
  • The full title of the series in the original language — in parenthesis.
  • The name of the author and illustrator
  • The publisher and/or what magazine originally published in

Any other factual information a Project Manager feels is necessary or relevant to the project.

Representative Project Image

Typically, the cover of the first volume is used.

Alternative Languages

IMPORTANT: If any alternative language projects exist, they should be linked. Example:

The Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu* series is also available in the following languages:
*[[Baka_to_Tesuto_to_Syokanju_~Versi%C3%B3n_Espa%C3%B1ola~^|Español (Spanish)]]
*[[Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu tiếng Việt^|Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)]]
*[[Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Bahasa Indonesia)^|Indonesia (Indonesian)]]


A brief summary introducing the work and describing its basic gist. It should be:

  • No more than one to two paragraphs.
  • Must be spoiler-free.
  • Must cite the source of the summary, if it was copied from an external location — in parenthesis.

Major changes to the synopsis should not be made without contacting the Project Manager first.

Project Details & Registration

A section providing links to crucial information for contributors, including:

  • A link to General Baka-Tsuki Conventions
  • A link to the Project Specific Guidelines Page — if available.
  • A link to the Project Registration Page
  • A link to the Forum Feedback Thread

Recent Updates

A section providing a log of all translation updates. If this section gets too long, it is often partially migrated to its own Project Specific Updates Page.

Main Translation Section

Format this correctly, otherwise you will break the Baka-Tsuki Android App.

  • The title for this section should be Heading 2, in the following format. Replace only the text in brackets:
==[My Sister's Light Novel Series is Really Cool] by [Koyomi Onii-chan]==
  • Volume titles should be numerical and Heading 3.
  • Chapter titles must be linked in a bulleted list.

Project Staff

  • A line for the Supervisor assigned to the project
  • A line for the Project Manager
  • A list of editors and translators, divided by activity status:
  • Active — Recently made major contributions to the project.
  • Inactive — Contributor has not made a contribution to the Wiki in the past 3 months, or has intentionally withdrawn from the project.
TIP: Last recorded activity of a registered Baka-Tsuki member can be checked here

Series Overview

A list of volumes with their titles in their original language, along with ISBN numbers and release dates.

Optional Sections

Here are some optional sections that several existing Baka-Tsuki Translation Projects have used in the past:

  • Character Introductions
  • Awards won by novel series
  • External Links
  • Project Translation/Editing Status

Sample Project Overview Pages

Members creating a Project Overview Page for the first time are encouraged to use a pre-existing template.

To copy a template, perform the following:

  1. Look for a template you like.
  2. Click on EDIT (or VIEW SOURCE if the page is protected).
  3. Copy everything.
  4. Paste into a new page, and modify as needed.

List of existing Project Overview Page templates/samples:

Miscellaneous Auxiliary Pages templates/amples: