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By entering Baka-Tsuki or any of its associated subdivisions, you agree to follow these rules.

Comments, posts, and questions deemed to be in violation of the rules will be deleted on the spot and a warning will be issued. Repeated or serious offenses may be accompanied with a suspension or ban.

Please note if a situation arises where moderators feel the spirit of the rules are being broken or abused, moderators may take punitive action on the offender(s).

General Rules

  • By entering this website, you agree you have read and accepted the TLG General Agreement
  • Do not insult or harass other members of the Baka-Tsuki community.
    • Insults, harassment, flaming, trolling, baiting or other similar abusive behavior towards other members of community will not be tolerated.
  • Do not provide inappropriate or offensive content.
    • Any comments (e.g. images, text, video, etc.) that is of a pornographic, extremely violent, repulsive or disturbing nature, or otherwise unsuitable for minors, is expressly forbidden.
  • Do not advertise your products, services or events
    • Baka-Tsuki will not tolerate the use of its facilities to send or in any way distribute unsolicited advertising.
  • Do not solicit our members.
    • Under no circumstances are you permitted to solicit our members for any purpose. This includes, but is not limited to, referrals, subscriptions, registrations and signatures (electronic or otherwise).
    • You are not permitted to offer translators/members money or donations in return for their services.
  • No translation hosted on the Wiki may be used for commercial purposes.
    • Under no circumstances would you take full and/or portion of the (translated) works in this wiki and use them to engage in any commercial activities such as, but not limited to, rent, sell, print, auction, broadcast etc.
  • Do not claim translated works as your own, if it is not your own work.
    • Provide proper attribution to Baka-Tsuki and the related contributors of any Baka-Tsuki text that is to be posted outside of the Wiki.
  • Do not pressure or annoy translators to work faster.
    • Do not ask when new translations of chapters will be released.
    • Read the project's registration page and recent updates before inquiring about translator status.

Regarding Licensed & Banned Material

Licensed Media

Baka-Tsuki does not wish to be associated with unlawful and ethically unacceptable activities (e.g. piracy). For this reason, all comments requesting, providing, or otherwise discussing information about the use of fan translations (or other pirated material) about light novels licensed in the language of any user is expressly forbidden.

  • Do not request for licensed material to be posted or shared
  • Do not share URLs that may lead to the procurement of fan translations in the same language as licensed materials
  • Do not share URLs that may lead to the procurement of pirated copies of licensed materials
  • Do not share information about any service that may aid in the illegal procurement of licensed media

Illegal or Unethical Media (defined by Baka-Tsuki)

The following is a list of media considered banned from Baka-Tsuki because its acquisition is always considered illegal or unethical. All comments requesting, providing, or otherwise discussing information about the use of such illegally obtained media, or any service that aids in the illegal acquisition of such media, is expressly forbidden.

  • Fansubs of Licensed Anime
  • Scanlations of Licensed Manga & Novel text
  • Any untranslated anime videos (Anime Raws)
  • Any untranslated manga scans (Manga Raws)
  • Any artbook scans (Artbook Raws)
  • Illegal copies of software (e.g. ROMs, ISOs, "warez", etc.)
  • Anything used to illegally circumvent copy protection (e.g. serial numbers, "cracks", etc.)
  • Direct copies of DVDs or CDs ("rips") of any kind (e.g. MP3s made from anime OSTs)