Book Girl Ascends the Stairway of the Gargoyles and Idiots Chapter 2

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Book Girl and the Killed-off Idiot[edit]

A few days ago, Amano Touko-sempai and Inoue Konoha-kun suddenly came by to our Fumitzuki Gakuen. I didn’t know why both of them came here when they challenged Yuuji and me to a battle. But now I seem to understand somewhat, and also why Himeji-san became so depressed. It’s all because of me.[1]

I want to thank them, but I heard that Amano-sempai likes books, so I decide to write a letter to her.

—But I wonder if I used my grammar and kanji correctly?[2]

“Un, it’s very sweet. Fuzzy and mystical like cotton candy. It’ll be great if Mizuki-chan’s love can work out.”

“Is this Himeji-san’s letter of thanks? The handwriting is pretty too. I suppose it’s rather delicious if you can eat the letter like that.”

“Yeah. It’s very delicious like dessert. Sweet and smooth, and I got addicted to it somehow.”

“Great. Now I don’t have to write the 3-theme story today.”

“No, this is another thing altogether. The taste is completely different, so hurry up.”

“Fine…I knew you’ll say that. I get it. it’s almost done, so just wait.”

“Un un, it’s great that you’re so understanding Konoha-kun.”

“You’re only so excited at such a moment…ah, that’s right.”

“What is it, Konoha-kun?”

“Speaking of which, there’s a letter sent to the literature club.”

“Ah? What kind of letter? What does it say? Let’s see, the sending—ah, isn’t this Yoshii-kun? What can it be?”

“I think it’s a letter to thank us for what happened before.”

“Even Yoshii-kun sent a letter to us. I’m really happy to have so many snacks today.”

“I read through it already, so you can eat it.”

“Really? I won’t hold back then.”

“Please do.”

“Ah—chew. Un…”

“Is it nice?”




“Se, sempai!? Why are you crying out of a sudden!?”

“It’s not delicious at all~ it doesn’t taste good at all~”

“It’s no delicious? What kind of taste is it? is it the ridiculous kind of taste where marshmallow is put in a bowl of parfait and topped with chocolate?”

“This is a combination of detergent and shower foam and kitchen cleaner.”[3]

“Sempai, none of those things can be considered food.”

“How rude! This is a blasphemy on languages! Leaving aside the wrong usage of line breaks, periods and commas, there are many wrong words, missing words, mistaken usage of common terms, vague use of language and sentence structure all over the place. This can’t be considered a letter at all.”

“Is, is that so? So Yoshii-kun isn’t good at languages.”

“Mizuki-chan could write such beautiful passages, but Yoshii’s like this. I really worry for their future!”

“Touko-sempai, please don’t put it in such an exaggerated manner.”

“No, it’s not exaggerating at all! You see, when both of them start writing letters to each other, they won’t be able to convey their feelings to each other correctly because they can’t communicate well. This will only end up in failure.”

“Do people even use letters to keep in contact with each other? Don’t people normal send mail messages?”

“Anyway, if this is the case, both of them will be in trouble! Even if it’s for Mizuki-chan’s sake, we have to teach Yoshii-kun some basics in grammar! Let’s go, Konoha-kun, to Fumitzuki Gakuen!”

“Ah? Now?”

“Of course! Isn’t it best to do things earlier?”

“Fine…I get it…”

‘Ah, but…”

“But what?”

“Write down the 3 stories before we go. How can I go to the battlefield on an empty stomach, right?”

“So I have to write it in the end…”

“Oi, Akihisa, there’re rare guests here.”


Yuuji, who’s going home with me after school, met two rare visitors at the school gate.

“Eh? Amano-sempai? Inoue-kun? Why are you here?”

They were Amano-sempai and Inoue-kun who helped me a few days ago. Amano-sempai has long braids and a slender figure, while Inoue-kun has soft hair and a pretty face like a girl. Aren’t they from Seijou Gakuen that’s so far away from here? Why did they specially make their way here?

“Well, actually, it’s like this…”

Inoue-kun gives a wry smile as he answers awkwardly, and beside him, Amano-sempai is glaring at me for some reason.


“Yes, is there anything? Amano-sempai?”

“Why are you still in love with Sakamoto-kun? What happened to Mizuki-chan?”

What’s going on? I have no idea what Amano-sempai is talking about at all.

“Am I wrong, Konoha-kun? It’s definitely because Yoshii-kun can’t write that he can’t get on well with Mizuki-chan and can only return back to Sakamoto-kun reluctantly.”

Amano-sempai happily puffs her chest.[4]

There’re a lot of parts I need to understand, so my mind couldn’t process it immediately as I couldn’t say anything at all.

“Sorry, Yoshii-kun. Amano-sempai lost it again…you don’t understand what she’s saying, right?”

Inoue-kun lowered his head, saying this to me in an apologetic manner. He must be feeling awkward too.

“I don’t really understand—but there’s something I do understand.”

“Ah? What did you understand from those words just now?”

‘Yeah, well actually, what I understand is…Yuuji’s life is as weak as the flame on a candlewick in the middle of a gust.”


“…Yuuji, what’s with your love with Yoshii?”


Kirishima-san appeared silently from somewhere and does a vicious claw grab on him. I can vaguely heard the harmonious melody of Yuuji’s skullcap cracking in the middle of her hand.

Amano-sempai doesn’t notice the tragedy that’s happening to my worst friend as she continues.

“I said it before that I don’t think boys love is anything bad, but you already have Mizuki-chan, and yet you’re having such passionate love with Sakamoto-kun. That’s a severe betrayal.”

“Sorry for interrupting, Amano-sempai, but every word you say now will cause insurmountable pain on Yuuji, so please don’t say this if possible…”

“…Spill it out. What’s with the ‘passionate’ here…?”


Kirishima-san exerts even more force in her hand the moment she heard Amano-sempai’s words. Now, I can definitely say that Kirishima-san has control of Yuuji’s life now.

“Don’t say it anymore, Amano-sempai! This is an issue of life and death for Sakamoto-kun.”

“That’s right. You’re right here, Konoha-kun. A girl’s love concerns life and death! And you, Yoshii-kun, betrayed Mizuki-chan by sticking to Sakamoto-kun like a newlywed couple—”[6]


I seemed to hear something being crushed to bits from far away.

“Yo, Yoshii-kun…Sakamoto-kun’s neck got twisted in a weird direction. I don’t think he’s moving at all…”

“Don’t mind, Inoue-kun. That’s normal.”

“Is, is that so?”

“…Yuuji, explain things properly to me over there.”[7]


Inoue-kun looked worried as he stared at the vanishing Yuuji who’s being dragged by Kirishima-san to the school. He’s really a kind guy. I hope those guys from F class can be like him.

“You say it’s common? I have to ask why then. Don’t you often end up looking for Sakamoto-kun instead of Mizuki-chan?”

Amano-sempai swings her clenched fist as her braids jumped, which made her really cute. She’s a beauty, an upperclassman, and yet look like someone of the same grade, or even younger. How inexplicable.

Ah, now’s not the time to think about such things…Amano-sempai talked so much just now…so the main issue isn’t between Himeji-san and me, but that she’s saying that it’s bad for me to be with Yuuji.

“Inoue-kun, is Amano-sempai worried that Himeji-san and I got into a quarrel?”

“Ah, something like that.”

Is that so? So Amano-sempai had been worried about us. It had been like this before, but I didn’t expect them to come all the way her for me. Such a kind sempai.

In that case…I have to erase all misunderstandings…my relationship with Himeji-san didn’t turn bad.

“Well, Amano-sempai, Himeji-san and I never argued.”

“Then why aren’t you two going home together?”

She scowled. She has so many expressions.

“I had special remedials today, so I ended up going home later.”

On a side note, the ones who attended were Yuuji and me.[8]

“See, Amano-sempai? There’s nothing wrong between Yoshii-kun and Himeji-san. Let’s just go back.”

“No, there’s still a huge problem! Yoshii-kun, what’s the subject you had remedial for?”

Amano-sempai stared at me sharply. What kind of problem is there?

“Well, classics…”

On hearing my answer, Amano-sempai puffs her chest like a winner.

“You hear that, Konoha-kun? Yoshii-kun’s weak language skills mean that both of them can’t get along well, right? In that case, this Book Girl has to help him.”

“Touko-sempai, your help may end up defeating the purpose.”

“You’re so cold, Konoha-kun. Are you saying that it’s fine to watch Mizuki-chan being hurt?”

The moment the topic went from my classics remedial to Himeji-san—

“Erm, are you talking about me?”

Himeji-san, who’s on her way home, appeared beside us.

“Mizuki-chan, nice timing.”

“Hello, Touko-chan. Why are you here today?”

“Hello. Actually, I came here because I’m worried about Yoshii-kun’s head.”

I think Amano-sempai just said something that ruined my pride mercilessly.

“Touko-sempai! How can you say such hurting words!?”

“Ah, yeah. Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. We…”


“Are just worried that there’s some fatal flaw in Yoshii-kun’s thought circuit.”

Isn’t this just converting those words just now into a formal and courteous manner and repeating them altogether?

“So, sorry, Yoshii-kun! Touko-sempai has no ill intent at all! She just lost it!”

Inoue-kun hurriedly waved his hands at me as he explained. Amano-sempai and Inoue-kun would normally give a knowledgeable vibe, but at this point, I just feel intimate with them. How inexplicable.

“Mizuki-chan, aren’t you also worried about Yoshii-kun’s grades?’

“Well…ye, yes. His scores has been improving recently, but he has to work harder if we’re to be in the same class next year…”[9]

“See? You’re worried too, right?”

“I think you should be more worried about yourself, Touko-sempai. You’re preparing for university here.”

“Uu…you don’t have to worry. Sin and cos can’t be used to write letters.”[10]

Speaking of which, Amano-sempai’s maths doesn’t seem to be very good…

“Any. Way! For the sake of your futures, this Book Girl will help Yoshii-kun in classics remedials. Alright, let’s hurry to the classroom!”

After saying this selfishly, Amano-sempai started walking to the school building.


“I’m sorry, Yoshii-kun, Himeji-san. I’ll talk to her. You can head back first.”

Inoue-kun looked rather apologetic as he lowered his head to us.

“No, I have confidence in Amano-sempai’s explaining. Since there’s such a chance, we’ll want to hear some of her teachings. We have a classics mini-test tomorrow anyway.”

She’s atrocious in maths, but it seemed Amano-sempai should be rather good in language from the appearance she gives as a Book Girl. And she’s a 3rd year, so it might be a good idea to listen to her lecture.

“Yeah. Since it’s sempai’s kind intent, let’s listen to her then.”

Now that I think about it, Amano-sempai’s proposal isn’t a troublesome one to me, but a fortunate one I can’t ask better of. Amano-sempai will definitely make the lectures detailed and interesting and make them easy to understand.

“…It’s really great that you two can think this way. Thank you very much.”

“No no, we should be the one thanking you for coming all the way here for me.”

All three of us lower our heads in thanks. It’s really a strange scene.

“Oi, the 3 of you, hurry up.”

Amano-sempai said impatiently as she watched us remain here without following her.

“Then, what content will be covered for tomorrow’s test?”

Amano-sempai put on the slippers for visitors as we head to f classroom for the teaching tools as she asks me.

“Well…what are we being tested on, Himeji-san?”

“Akihisa-kun, you mustn’t forget about the tested topics…”

I inadvertently avoid Inoue-kun’s worried expression.

At this moment, Himeji-san tells me the content of this test.

“The tested subject will be about the chapter of «The Tale of Genji»[11] we learnt in class today.

“The Tale of Genji? What’s that? Can it be eaten?”

“…I say, Akihisa-kun.”

Himeji-san stared at me in shock. This is bad. She’s always worried about my studies, so I can’t let her know that I don’t even know what’s being tested. Have to find a way to hide this.

“…The, The Tale of Genji…it, it’s that, right? That, that famous tale. Ah, it’s written by that…amazing guy…”

I try to pretend that I understand, but Himeji-san shows an even suspicious expression.

“Well, Akihisa-kun…do you know what «The Tale of Genji» is about?”

“A story about how Genji worked hard.”

“That, that’s really quite the synopsis…”

“But we can’t say that it’s not right…”

What’s with that? I feel that they’re feeling pitiful about me instead of being suspicious now.

“This «Tale of Genji» is a very long work written by a woman called Lady Murasaki in the early 11th century. It was set during the 10th century in the palace, talking about the relationship between the royal family and the nobles, describing the story of Prince Genji and his descendants. It was a work that spanned 80 years…”

“Lady Murasaki, huh…”

I think I heard of this name before…I guess?

“Lady Murasaki is a person with unknown identity, age, and from an unknown era.”

“Ah? Her name isn’t Lady Murasaki?”

“That’s the title that was used for her when she was an official in the palace. She was called Fujiwara Takako at first, but later on called Lady Murasaki when she became famous for writing «The Tale of Genji».”

“Fujiwara Takako, huh. I never heard of that name before.”

I say, and Amano-sempai puffs her chest even more as she continues,

“She got married with her father’s friend, Fujiwara no Nobutaka, when she was about 22, 23, and gave birth to a girl. Soon after, her husband died, and their marriage life lasted for a mere 3 years. Later, she went to the eldest daughter of Fujiwara no Michinaga, Shoshi, and acted as her lady-in-waiting, or to simply put, someone who would escort her, and entered the government. «The Tale of Genji» she had been writing since her youth had been greatly praised, and her talents were recognized by her peers. As she took up position in the palace, people around her became her readers—”

“Touko-sempai, let’s leave these details out for now, or else we won’t have time to study.”

Inoue-kun calmly stopped Amano-sempai who doesn’t look like she’s going to stop. Maybe it’s because they’ve been together for so long that they were able to develop such camaraderie.

“Ah, that’s right. Then, Mizuki-chan, which part of the «Tale of Genji» is tested?”

“The part where Aoi no Ue gave birth to a boy and couldn’t get up from there.”

“If it’s the part Aoi no Ue fell ill, that means it was the time where Lady Rokujou had strong feelings for Genji, the chapter of «Aoi», one of the high points of the «Tale of Genji», right?”

Ah, I don’t understand these terms at all.

“Yes. It’s a very scary story, so I’m a little…”

Himeji-san’s expression looks a little grim, and it looks like there’s something on her mind.

“Himeji-san, what do you mean by ‘scary story’?”

I didn’t know what kind of story it was, so I tried asking. Then, Amano-sempai raises her index finger and explains,

“It was a story about jealousy. Lady Rokujou, who harbored strong feelings for Genji at that time, was jealous of Aoi no Ue who was his official wife, and cursed her.”

“So it’s a story about jealousy.”

“Yes. Lady Rokujou had beautiful looks, had a high standing, and was very intelligent, but because of this. she had a high amount of pride. She couldn’t face Genji properly because of this, and Genji felt very tired whenever he was with her, so both of them became distant emotionally.”

So she’s someone with a lot of pride…I don’t think I’m good at dealing with such people.

“Even so, Lady Rokujou really loved Genji, but she couldn’t convey her feelings properly. And when she felt troubled, the lovechild between Genji and Aoi no Ue was born…”

“So she laid a curse. This really isn’t a happy story…”

“Yeah. Thinking about someone strongly is something to be respected, but she ended up hurting others. This story is really tragic.”

I see. It’s no wonder Himeji-san doesn’t like this story. Nobody would feel good after listening to this story.

“I always feel hurt whenever I read this story. Will it be bothersome for that person if I love that person too much…”

“Mizuki-chan…this story is really tragic, but because of this, I feel that it’s very important to learn something from it, because—”

At this moment, Amano-sempai suddenly stopped.


A lot of loud chattering can be heard from the classroom.

“??? What is it?”

Amano-sempai looks over at the source of the noise.

I look over as well. It’s after school, but there’re still many people inside F classroom.

“Yoshii-kun, does everyone stay in the classroom like this after dismissal in Fumitzuki Gakuen?”

“Well…there are some who’ll stay behind to play…but…”

It was further away, and I couldn’t see clearly, but those guys don’t seem to be playing, but look like they’re gathered around, looking at something.

“It looks a little weird. Let me go and take a look.”

I hurriedly walk over, tread my toes inside, and what I see is—

“Mu, Muttsurini, what’s with you?”

A familiar student is bloodied as he lies on the floor, looking very tragic.

“Yo, Yoshii-kun, this is…”

Inoue-kun, who got over a little later, widens his eyes as he asks.

The information broker and health education expert of F class, Tsuchiya Kouta—Muttsurini’s nose was oozing lots of blood from his nostrils, and there were many bruises and scratches. He had a box that looked like a recording bug as he lies on the floor.

“Who did such a cruel thing to Muttsurini?”

“Well…this should be Tsuchiya-kun, I suppose. Looks like he was beaten up cruelly.”

“I say, Inoue-kun, this doesn’t matter at all.”

“Ah!? You can’t say that, right? He’s wounded very badly.”

“This is the ‘cruel’ thing I’m talking about.”

I point at the thing Muttsurini’s holding.

“What kind of box is that? What’s with that?”

“Look at it closely, Inoue-kun. Isn’t the box open?”

“Un, yeah.”

“In other words…the secret audio file Muttsurini views as more important than his life was taken away.”

“You’re saying something weird here, Yoshii-kun! Isn’t Tsuchiya-kun’s life more important?”

Damn it…who did such a cruel thing…! Taking Muttsurini’s audio file away is a devilish move that’s like taking oxygen away from the Earth![12]

“Konoha-kun, Yoshii-kun, what happened—ah, how, how cruel…”

“Touko-sempai, as you can see, Tsuchiya-kun…”

“It’s too cruel, actually taking Tsuchiya-kun’s file like that…”[13]

“Touko-sempai? Are your thoughts messed up after seeing blood? What you said is weird!”

I can imagine from Touko-sempai’s weak appearance that she’s not someone who often sees this, so she doesn’t look too good now.

“Well, Akihisa-kun, what happened?”

“Don’t come over, Himeji-san! Amano-sempai, please fall back for the time being.”

This isn’t a scene where we can allow girls to see. They might end up getting nightmares because of this.

“An, anyway, Inoue-kun.”

“Calling the ambulance right away…”

“Un! Let’s fish out the killer and take revenge for Muttsurini!”

“Please, Yoshii-kun! Listen to me! He might still have a chance of being saved!”

From the way things look with our victim, the fortunate thing is that the time of violence wasn’t too long ago. The chances of the murderer being nearby can be considered rather high.

“Anyway, let’s find a piece of cloth to cover Muttsurini. This is too gross.”

“Yoshii-kun…isn’t Tsuchiya-kun your friend…?”

“Of course. Because of this, we have to find the murderer.”

I take a window curtain from a corner of the classroom to cover Muttsurini. Now, I don’t have to worry about Himeji-san and Amano-sempai seeing something bad.

“Both of you can come in now.”

After checking that things are perfectly safe, I call in Himeji-san and Amano-sempai.

“Ah, okay.”

Himeji-san and Amano-sempai move in.

Then, the classmates outside the classroom move in as well. Everyone starts chatting.

“Wow, how disgusting.”

“Yeah, really disgusting.”

“Absolutely disgusting.”

“Yoshii-kun, it seems that the students in this class lack an important characteristic as a human…”

‘Yeah, I often think of this.”

These guys from F class don’t have much of a common sense, leaving aside such a disgusting scene like this.

I pull aside the curtain to prevent Himeji-san and Amano-sempai from being shocked. At this moment—

“Ugh, that Shouko. She’s becoming more of a dominatrix nowadays—ah? What happened here?”

A doubtful voice echo through the classroom.

“Ah, Yuuji. The torture’s over?”

The one who spoke was Yuuji, who was being executed by Kirishima-san. The time of torture was shorter than I thought.

“I just had two ribs broken.”

“Oh. Let’s not talk about this first. Look Yuuji.”

“Ah? Yoshii-kun, I don’t think you can just pass off Sakamoto-kun’s words with an ‘oh’?”

I try not to let Himeji-san and Amano-sempai see this scene as I pull the curtain apart.

“This is Muttsurini? How disgusting…”

“Yeah. Cruel, isn’t it?”

“I know you’ll say that, Sakamoto-kun.”

Yuuji narrowed his eyes as he calmly looked at Muttsurini’s grotesque form (the important parts were pixelated). This guy can actually observe calmly at this scene where an ordinary person can’t possibly look on.

“Well, Akihisa-kun, what’s going on there?”

Himeji-san’s the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on as she gives a nervous look. Her worry will worsen if we continue to try and hide, so I might as well tell her what’s going on.

“That’s Muttsurini’s corpse.”

“How, how is it. Tsuchiya-kun…!?”

Himeji-san widened her eyes in shocked. This isn’t too surprising.

“Pull yourself through, Mizuki-chan.”

Amano-sempai supports Himeji-san just when she’s about to collapse.

“But this is really a troublesome case.”

Yuuji looks away from Muttsurini as he says this.

“Yeah. It’s common to see him nosebleed a lot, but the other wounds are weird.”

“Yeah, they obviously show that he was beaten up.”

Muttsurini’s face shows signs of the usual blood trails, but unmistakably, there’re signs of violence on the other parts and the flipped clothings.

“In other words, this is a murder case.”

Amano-sempai suddenly clenched her fist as she stood up.”

“Then, we’ll find the murder and pacify Tsuchiya-kun’s soul!”

Inoue-kun looked at her, put his hand on his forehead, and sighed.

“These are the information we obtained.”

“Got it.”

Amano-sempai jots down the messages Yuuji and I obtained from questioning our classmates into a notebook. As expected of the Book Girl, Amano-sempai has nice handwriting and has easy to understand orientation.


Amano-sempai twirls her pen as she looks at the notebook, thinking.

“There’re no clues worthy of taking note.”

Inoue-kun said as he looks at the notebook from behind Amano-sempai. He’s right. What we got don’t seem to be of much use.

“Yeah. Inoue-kun. In that case, we can’t find out the time of murder, let alone who carried out the murder on Tsuchiya-kun.”

I too look over at the notebook Amano-sempai and Inoue-kun are looking at. What were written were different explanations, but there’s a similar message throughout.

“All the people in F class merely said that they weren’t in the classroom, weren’t sure, and found Muttsurini collapsed on the floor when they came back…well, in that case…we can’t understand anything.”

If one of the classmates who gave the testimony said something different, we might be able to find an opening. But all of them said the same thing, and we can’t get any messages like this. This is really hard.

“Since everyone said the same thing, there’s only one breakthrough.”

Himeji-san tilts her head in a curious manner. Looks like the smart her can’t think of it either.

“Ahh, hold on. In that case, it does feel unnatural.”

What does Amano-sempai mean when she tells us to wait.

“What is it, Amano-sempai? Have you thought about something?”

“Well, it’s not that I thought of something…but it just feels unnatural.”


“Yeah. Think about it. Tsuchiya-kun was lying in the classroom, right?”


“But everyone in class said that they saw him lying there when they came back to the classroom, right?”


“Don’t you find this weird? It’s not a long time, so why must all the classmates say that they returned to the classroom?”

“Ah, speaking of which…”

Inoue-kun slams a fist into his other hand. Has he thought about something?

“I say, Yuuji. Have you two thought about something?”

“You’re really stupid.”

I’ve been used to being called stupid recently.

“Akihisa-kun, Touko-sempai and Inoue-kun are saying that the crime happened not too long ago, but there wasn’t anyone in the classroom. And after that, everyone returned back to the classroom.”

Himeji-san explains to me in place of the impatient looking Yuuji.

“Yeah. In other words, someone forced all the classmates out to create an empty classroom.”

I can’t help but applaud at Amano-sempai’s brilliant deduction.

I see. In that case, it does seem weird. It’s weird that everyone wasn’t in the class right at the same time, and it’s also suspicious that everyone came back. There must be a reason to it.

“Then, let’s ask again. Oi, Sugawa, come over.”

Yuuji stands up and calls Sugawa-kun from nearby.

“What is it, Sakamoto?”

“It’s about just now. When you left the classroom…”

“Yeah, that’s because…”

Yuuji confirmed this aspect Amano-sempai felt weird about.

After asking many of them, Yuuji comes back.

“How is it, Yuuji?”

“As Amano-sempai deduced, I grasped some new information.”

“What is it?”

“It’s said that everyone went out came back to get Muttsurini’s secret photos that were blown out of the window.

Muttsurini’s secret photos…it’s no wonder that everyone went out to get them. I’ll go running after them if I were around.


“Things are weird here.”


We understand that this is something weird.

“Ah? Yoshii-kun? What do you say is weird here?”

Inoue-kun gives a doubtful look. This definitely isn’t something Amano-sempai and Inoue-kun, who aren’t of this school, would understand.

“Muttsurini here is a big pervert.”

“Ah, okay.”

I feel a slight movement from the thing being covered by the curtain. It feels like the corpse is shaking its head, denying that it’s a pervert.

“That guy will never make a rookie’s mistake of letting his secret photos get blown away with the wind.”

“Is, is that so…”

“I guess Muttsurini did that to chase our classmates out.”

“Yeah, this kind of reasoning is logical.”

“Ah? Ah you saying that Tsuchiya-kun got everyone out? For what reason?”

“Who knows…we won’t understand if we don’t investigate…why he died in the first place.”

We did discover something new, but it’s a must to investigate deeply. We still lack information.

“At this moment, the only person we can rely on is Muttsurini.”

“We should have sent him to the infirmary in the first place…”

If Muttsurini were still alive, we could have asked him directly who was the murderer, but he’s now looking dead, so this can’t be helped.

“To investigate…who’s more impressive than Tsuchiya-kun?”

“Even Maki can’t possibly have this intel.”

Himeji-san and Amano-sempai are thinking about the people who can provide us with intel.

Intel…taking photos…tapping…


My mind suddenly thinks of a girl.

“So you thought of that person too, Akihisa.”

“Un. Since we can’t rely on Muttsurini, we’ll just have to rely on her.”

That’s right, that girl with drill ponytails should know something.[14]

“Looks like we have to bring Shimada over…where is she?”

“Speaking of which, I never saw her. Where is she?”

The girl with the ponytail isn’t around in the classroom. D class Shimizu Miharu will provide us information if her beloved—Minami is around.

“You’re looking for Minami-chan? She just said ‘I don’t want to talk to stupid and ignorant people’ and went back.”

“Ah? Kotobuki said the same thing before leaving. Are they going off together?”

Inoue-kun stared at Himeji-san as he asks.

Kotobuki-san. Is she the girl who came by before, had shoulder-length hair and looked rather proud? She does look like she can get along with Minami. Are they on good relations?

“But this will be tough. If Minami isn’t around, it’ll be rather hard to ask Shimizu-san.”

“Yeah, Shimizu won’t even listen to guys. Even if we ask Himeji to ask her as a girl—”

“—Yeah, it can’t be helped.”

“Ah? Yes? What is it?”

Yuuji and I look over at a certain part on Himeji-san. She’s cute and nice, but the size of that area is vastly different from Shimizu-san’s preference. It’s majestically great, but unfortunately, it can’t work when we ask Shimizu-san for help.

“Ah, it might work if it’s Amano-sempai.”

“Me? Why me?”

“You’re a different kind of girl from Shimada, Amano-sempai, but since you’re pretty and have a nice figure, Shimizu might like it.”

That’s right. Amano-sempai is the perfect candidate. She has a different personality from Minami, but she has nice looks, and is really slender in many aspects, so I guess this can definitely work.

“Yoshii-kun, why do you say Touko-sempai will do?”

“I’ll be honest with you, that girl who has intel…”

“Yeah, so let’s hurry up and ask her—”

“Un, so, we won’t be going, but Amano-sempai will.”


“Konoha-kun, why I have a bad feeling about this out of a sudden…?”

Amano-sempai cuddles herself tightly with both hands.

“Ask Touko-sempai to go?”

“It’s hard to put it…that girl is a little different from normal girls.”

“Besides, this school itself has many weird people…”

“And she’s a girl, but she likes girls more than guys do.”


“Also…she’s a little unique in her preferences…to put it, she likes breasts that aren’t ample, small.”

“Simply put, she likes flat chested girls.”


On hearing Yuuji’s straightforward words, Amano-sempai screamed out.



Yuuji and I argue back in unison. It’ll be bad if we don’t remove this misunderstanding she has about us.

“Anyway, I object to this plan! Think of another!”

Amano-sempai gives a handsign of refusal. Looks like we can’t convince her.

“Any other choices, Yoshii-kun?”

“Hm…there might be, but I can’t think of one…”

“Is that so? This might be hard to pull off…”

Inoue-kun and I think seriously. This really is difficult. Shimizu-san likes girls who’re pretty, flat-chested and skinny. Are there anyone else who fulfill this other than Amano-sempai and Minami—?


“??? What is it, Yoshii-kun? Why are you staring at me?’

‘Nothing, I just realized…”


“Inoue-kun, you have a pretty looking face like a girl.”[16]

“Don’t do this! It definitely won’t work! Anyone can tell at first glance!”

Several minutes later, after Amano-sempai made a call, Maki-sempai immediately got over, and Inoue-kun’s transformation outfit if lined up in a corner of F classroom.

“No, it’s definitely fine, Konoha-kun! I’ve been thinking that you’ll be well suited for female clothing!”

Amano-sempai is really happy, completely different from Inoue-kun, who has been arguing back on hearing my proposal.

“I don’t want to appear in such a manner! Have you been looking at me in such a manner, sempai!? I don’t want you to say such things to me before you graduate, Touko-sempai!”

“I feel that you’ll definitely make a pretty girl! I can assure that!”


Their conversation sounds like a squabble, and yet doesn’t sound like it.

Inoue-kun’s saying that he’s being treated like this against his will.

But for some reason, Inoue-kun doesn’t seem like an outsider to me.


“Yes? What is it, Yoshii-kun?”

I try to talk to him in an emotional manner in order to encourage him, who’s tired from arguing.

Yeah, I don’t know what bonds us, but I just say.

“For some reason, I find that you’re quite similar to me, Inoue-kun.”

“Hurry up and apologize to him, Akihisa. Your words are the biggest shame to him.”[17]

“I’m sorry, Inoue-kun. Akihisa-kun doesn’t have any ill intent at all.”

“Ah? Huh? I just said that he feels similar to me. Why am I being told off?”

It sounds like it’s s shame to be compared to me or something.

“Are you mentally prepared, Konoha-kun?”[18]

As everyone’s enthusiastically talking about me, a carefree and moving voice rings. The one who speaks up is Maki-sempai, who brought along the entire costume set.

“What do you mean by that? Since when am I mentally prepared?”

“Really? Let’s begin then.”

“I say, Maki-sempai, are you even listening to me?”

“Not at all.”

Inoue-kun looks really reluctantly, while Maki-sempai gives a pretty smile as she says such overboard things. That’s a smile only the rich have, one that doesn’t allow for any objections.

—20 minutes later

“So pretty. You’re so cute, Konoha-kun!”


“Inoue-kun looks just like a girl here…”

“Yeah, really amazing…”

He has completely become a high school girl.

“I’ve never regretted being the kouhai of this sempai here as much as now…”[19]

Inoue-kun gives an ominous look as he says this. However, this is the expression of a depressed looking girl, and sure makes him look more like a complete woman.

“If we have more time, I want to use hair extensions instead of a wig to make the style more natural, but this will be it for today.

Maki-sempai continues to comb Inoue-kun’s hair as she says this. As a guy, I don’t understand why she’s so particular about the details. To me, Inoue-kun looks like a girl now, and there’s no need to decorate him further.

“Konoha-kun, let’s go shopping when you’re dressed up like this next time. It’ll be fun.”


Inoue-kun’s long hair swayed with his neck.

His costume is the same as Amano-sempai, a uniform, since we’re in school, but his face and hair has changed completely after some decorating. He looks like a perfect girl no matter how I see it.

“I didn’t adjust the breasts too much as your request, but is it alright?”

Maki-sempai points at Inoue-kun’s chest as she says this. it’s reasonable for her to worry about this since Inoue-kun’s chest is like a cliff now.

“Ah, this should be just fine. It’ll be bad if it’s too big. But speaking of which, if we don’t do anything, and if they get touched, she might be suspicious—”

Yuuji put his hand on Inoue-kun’s chest to check.

And right at this moment.


Kirishima-san’s passing by the classroom.[20]



Yuuji’s body can only freeze up after seeing Kirishima-san as his hand remains on Inoue-kun (girl version)’s chest. Kirishima-san, who witnessed this, is giving him an icy cold look.

Both of them exchange stares, and Yuuji says calmly,

“If…if I can get through this door safely, I want to raise a big white dog…”

He mutters as he looks out of the window with a lost expression.

“…Sakamoto Yuuji. Gather.”[21]

Kirishima-san lets out a deep voice.

“I’ll be right there immediately, ma'am!! (WAH)”

“May you triumph!! (Phew)”[22]

Yuuji gives a proper military salute, and I salute back as I watch his greatness from the back. You must make it back alive, Yuuji…!

“Yoshii-kun, what’s with Sakamoto-kun?”

“Inoue-kun, please pray for that guy too and hope that he comes back alive.”

“??? What are you saying?”

Yuuji vanishes, and the door closes up.

After some weird noises that can’t be explained through words,[23] I seem to hear Yuuji with a calm voice, “Ah, not good, I can’t protect my life anymore.”

After that, KRAK, the classroom door opens.

Kinoshita Hideyoshi appears at the door.

“Yuuji’s being dealt with really badly. What’s going on?”

Looks like he witnessed the tragedy on the corridor. Kirishima-san did just explode in unprecedented rage after all…

“That’s a common thing, don’t mind…speaking of which, why are you here, Hideyoshi?”

“I want to borrow some tables and chairs from an empty classroom for drama, and came by here.”

Hideyoshi looks around the classroom. He then sees Inoue-kun (girl version), Amano-sempai and Maki-sempai.

“Eh? Aren’t they the upperclassmen girls who fought you with summoned beasts the last time?”

“Eh? Have we met? Before?”

Touko-sempai tilts her head curiously. Yeah, speaking of which, Hideyoshi hasn’t met Inoue-kun and the rest properly, and vice versa.

“I’ll introduce then. This classmate of mine here is Kinoshita Hideyoshi.”[24]

“I’m Kinoshita Hideyoshi. Please take care of me.”

“Hideyoshi-kun, huh? I’m Amano Touko. Please take care of me.”

“I’m Himekura Maki, please take care.”

“…Well, …I’m Inoue Konoha…”

In stark contrast to the other two, Inoue-kun greets in an embarrassed manner.

“There’s so many beauties here. If possible, I hope that you’ll can help in the drama club.”

Hideyoshi looks at the trio as he says this. Truly, the drama club will definitely be more exciting with the three of them around.

“Well, Hideyoshi-kun, I’m forced to drag up in like this due to certain reasons. I’m actually a guy—”

“Ahaha, what are you saying, Inoue-kun? Even if I’m an idiot who doesn’t know anything about acting, I know that it’s basically impossible to find a pretty guy like you in this world.”[25]

I feel that I should say something.

“No, I’m really a guy! And I feel that you’re much cuter than I am, Kinoshita-kun.”

“You’re saying that you’re a guy? You really like to kid around, don’t you, Inoue-kun? However, it’s better not to say a lie about me being cuter as a guy.”[26]

I think I just heard a conversation that’s like treading on thin ice.

“Ah, sorry, I won’t have time to practice if I don’t hurry back. Excuse me.”

Hideyoshi takes some tables and chairs from the corner of the classroom and walks out. Looks like he’s very busy with his club activity.

“I’ve witness Inoue’s beauty here. It’s about time for me to leave then.”

Maki-sempai watches Hideyoshi leaves, and happily looks at Inoue-kun’s dress up as she gets ready to pack up and leave.

“Sorry to bother you because of Touko-sempai’s stubbornness.”

“It’s fine. This is a request from my cute Touko-chan here—and you might make a famous model, Konoha-kun.”

“Ah!? Do, don’t say that! I definitely won’t go be a model or something!!”

“See you then! Touko-chan, Konoha-kun, everyone in Fumitzuki Gakuen!”

Maki-sempai simply leaves. She’s pretty, does things straightforwardly, is pretty cool, and has a nice figure. She’s really like a mature lady…

“Akihisa-kun, I think something’s flowing out from your nose?”

“Ah, Himeji-san, why are you angry…”

“Don’t bother. Let’s go then, Touko-sempai, Konoha-kun.”

“Yeah. Everyone will be going back if we loaf around. Let’s go then, Konoha-kun.”

“Ah, wait! I don’t want to go! Wearing this while walking is—hey, don’t drag me!”

“Wait, I’ll go too!”

With Himeji-san leading, Inoue-kun looks rather unhappy as he’s being dragged by Amano-sempai on the arm as we head towards D classroom.

“You can ask anything you want!”

“Well, you’re Shimizu-san, right? Please don’t bring your face too close…”

“Just call me Miharu, Konoha onee-sama.”

On seeing Inoue-kun (or –san?), Shimizu-san immediately started clinging onto him. We really feel awkward and want to leave.

“Mi, Miharu-san,? Don’t you like Shimada-san?”

Inoue-kun looks repulsive of Shimizu-san’s passion as he asks,

“…Really, onee-sama.”

Shimizu-san pouts as she gives an annoyed look. Ah? They quarreled?

“She already has Miharu here, and yet went off with another girl from another school. Onee-sama’s a traitor, so Miharu wants to cheat on her too!”

Ah, I see. Minami left Shimizu-san alone and went off with Kotobuki-san, and that caused Shimizu-san to feel unhappy. That is why she started latching onto Inoue-kun, I suppose?[27]

“Inou—no, Konoha-chan, ask what you want to ask first.”

“Ye, yeah. Can I, Miharu?”


“There’s a student in F class called Tsuchiya Kouta-san, right?”

“Nope. There’s only Miharu and Konoha onee-sama in this world.”[28]

She actually denied that guy’s existence so directly.

Well, in that case, we’ll just use an underhanded mean.

“Konoha-chan, since Shimizu-san doesn’t know anything, there’s no need for us to stay here. Let’s go somewhere else then.”

“Fumitzuki Gakuen 2-F student Tsuchiya Kouta, nicknamed Muttsurini, height 162cm, 48kg in weight, specialty subject is health education, bad at all other subjects. Has outstanding mobility and information gathering ability and is a boy who can do anything to satisfy his curiosity in sex.”[29]

“Ah, you really answered in quite a detailed manner, Miharu-san…”

“This Miharu has used up 2000 times the usual number of brain cells to answer Konoha onee-sama’s question.”

It does feel really scary when she answers this without an exaggerated expression.

“So about this Tsuchiya-kun, what was he doing after school today? Like, did he meet someone secretly?”

Shimizu-san ponders for a while after hearing Konoha-kun’s question. Wait, is there a need to think? Can’t she just answer directly?

“Looks like Konoha onee-sama wants to find the person who caused the idiotic swine to become like that, right?”


“Got it. I’ll tell you if you’re willing to date me, Konoha onee-sama.”

As expected, she raised this condition. But this should be fine.

“Got it. You’ll have that then, Shimizu-san.”

“Ah, Yoshii-kun, don’t make decisions on your own!”

(It’ll be fine, Konoha-kun. You won’t be exposed once you remove your girl clothing.)[30]

(You, you’re right, but…)

Inoue-kun gives an awkward expression that says that ‘he’ll be breaking his promise’. He really thinks about others. I dare say that even if we flip all the tatamis in F class, we’ll never be able to find a guy like him.

“Deal’s done. I’ll say then.”

Shimizu-san smirks like a bad guy in a movie.

“It seems that Tsuchiya Kouta met with a girl from A class called Kudou Aiko.”


Kudou-san’s a tomboyish girl from A class with a huge interest in sex too. She can be considered a worthy opponent for Muttsurini in health education.

“I think he asked about ‘the correct bathing method he missed’.”


Now we understand how he got the nosebleed. Undoubtedly, Muttsurini self-destructed after hearing this topic.

“And it seems that this violence was carried out by the F class guys.”

“Ah, Tsuchiya-kun’s classmate did that?”

Inoue-kun looks shocked the moment he heard that the murderer’s a classmate, but I feel that it’s very normal. It’s usual for the guys in our class to kill our classmates out of jealousy.

“In that case, Kudou-san should have seen the murderer’s face, right?”

“No, she didn’t. The murder was carried out when Tsuchiya-kun was alone.”

In that case, someone in the class knew that Muttsurini and Kudou-san were talking about a very erotic topic, got jealous and started getting vengeful enough to kill.

“Hm…anyway, since the murderer’s a guy from F class, we should be heading back. Let’s go, Konoha-chan.”

“Yeah, thank you. Miharu.”

“Ah, you’re leaving just like this? Can’t you just leave the finding to that swine over there? I want to do things with you, onee-sama...”

“Ah, no…I feel that this might be dangerous…”

“Speaking of which, Miharu here has the key to the infirmary. There’s a bed over there, so we can…”[32]

“Le, let’s hurry back, Yoshii-kun! We have to find the murderer quickly and study «The Tale of Genji»!”

“Ah! Onee-saama! In that case, please listen to me!!”

“What is it, Miharu-san?”

“A few days ago, maybe out of coincidence, Miharu here read an ancient classic.”


“If you want to learn, won’t «A Thousand and One Nights» be better than «The Tale of Genji»?”[33]


“If there’s anything bothering you, please look for Miharu. Miharu here will always be waiting for you in the infirmary.”

“The guy who attacked Muttsurini is a classmate. That’s definitely out of jealousy…”

We let Himeji-san and Amano-sempai retreat back first for safety reasons beforehand, and once we meet up, everyone arrange the information we have as we head back to F classroom.

“Kudou-san’s a cute girl, so it’s understandable that everyone in class will feel a little envious about Tsuchiya-kun talking to Kudou-san like that.”

It’s really Himeji-san’s naiveness that causes her to call this envy. But it’s more of jealousy in the first place as someone’s hurt.

“I suddenly remember the «Tale of Genji» you just talked about, Amano-sempai, hurting others because of jealousy.”

“Yeah. It’s a little different, but the fact is that a tragedy occurred because of jealousy.”

We’re not too familiar with that story, so we may feel that these two stories are similar. Or rather, we might feel that they’re similar because such a situation happened after hearing the synopsis.

“Speaking of which, Miharu-san said something weird at the end.”

The one who speaks up in the pitiful Inoue-san who hasn’t have time to get rid of his girl outfit due to time constraints.

“You’re talking about that «One Thousand and One Nights» might be more appropriate than the «Tale of Genji»?”


Why did she say this? Does this have anything to do with the case?

“The «One Thousand and One Nights» is a story about a woman telling stories to a king to prevent being killed every night, right? What has this case got to do with it?”

“Ah, I know that too. The king got engrossed with the stories and couldn’t kill that woman in the end.”

I think I heard of this fairy tale before.

“Yoshii-kun, Mizuki-chan, that’s just a small part of this story. «One Thousand and One Nights» is a collection of stories. One of them includes a story called «The Fisherman and the genie», where a genie can appear from a lamp to grant a person 3 wishes. There’s also a love story of the former princess Zumurrud and the rich man’s son Ali Shar, and many more stories.

As expected of the Book Girl, she can say out the content of the book flawlessly without looking. Amano-sempai’s passion about books can’t be compared to anyone.

“But why would the «One Thousand and One Nights» be more appropriate here than the «Tale of Genji» I feel that the «Tale of Genji» will be more suited for this case…”

“Yeah. I don’t understand what Miharu-san is trying to say.”

The 4 of us sink into deep thought. Why? Is there a hint, or did she just say it randomly?

We keep thinking as we continue walking down the corridor, before finally reaching F classroom.

But things look bad.

“It’s really time-consuming to remove Muttsurini’s blood stains.”

“How troublesome.”

“But Ironman will yap if we don’t remove them. Also, the floor will be dirtied.”

Some of our classmates are coming out from the classroom, preparing to go home.

“What should we do? If this keeps up, everyone will go back, and we haven’t found the murderer yet!”

“Yoshii-kun…that might be the case, but we don’t have a shred of clue here.”

Eh…! Are we just going to watch the murderer leave? We can’t take revenge for Muttsurini, can’t get back the taken file. How can I take this…!

“It’ll be fine, Yoshii-kun. I have a plan, so please go back and gather everyone back in class.”

Touko-sempai says to me as I grit my teeth.

“Touko-sempai, do you know who the murderer is?”

“No. But I guess it’s fine if I don’t.”

Since Touko-sempai has such confidence, I’ll just follow what she says then. There’s not much time.

“Got it. I’ll gather everyone then. Oi, everyone, don’t hurry back home yet! I have something to say to everyone. Return back please.”

“Huh? What is it?”

“I thought we can go home already.”

“How unlucky.”

“These girls here have things to say to everyone.”

“We’ll just sit down then.”

“Right, let’s sit.”

“We can only sit down then.”

On seeing Amano-sempai and Inoue-kun in girl outfit, everyone neatly line up and return back to class. It’s really great that these guys are so obedient.

“Then, Amano-sempai, please.”


As everyone looks at her while being abnormally still, Amano-sempai walks forward and coughs lightly.

“We’re looking for the murderer that caused Tsuchiya-kun to be in such a terrible state.”

Amano-sempai says sternly. It’s like she became a completely different person from before.

“Unfortunately, it seems that the murderer is around us.”

Amano-sempai finish, and there’s a commotion in the classroom, each saying that it’s not them.

(Inoue-kun, we don’t know who the murderer is, so what is Amano-sempai planning to do?)

(Well…I have no idea what she’s thinking either, but it should be alright.)


(Yeah. Besides, it’s sempai we’re talking here.)

Inoue-kun, who’s right beside me, doesn’t look too worried. I guess this is the trust they have between them.

“I heard that it was out of jealousy because Tsuchiya-kun and Kudou-san were talking so passionately.”

This motive is very common, so we can’t actually tell who the murderer is. How is Amano-sempai planning to find the murderer now?

“Coincidentally, I heard that your class just studied the «Tale of Genji», so let me tell you a story in it.”

The classmates immediately quiet down, and everyone prick their ears to listen to Amano-sempai.

“Everyone knows that Lady Rokujou cursed Aoi no Ue out of jealousy. When she was about to die, she became a ghost that cursed the lady Murasaki whom Genji loved most in his lifetime. She was unable to face Genji honestly, couldn’t express her strong feelings, and ended up hurting others. It was really a tragic story.”

My classmates all lower their heads, seemingly thinking over Amano-sempai’s words—but that’s impossible. They’re obviously showing the ‘What’s the «Tale of Genji»? Can it be eaten’ look?

“But please recall what happened later, what her Lady Rokujou’s daughter, Empress Akikomaru did after knowing that her mother cursed someone to death.”

Amano-sempai pauses here, probably to let everyone think.

Then, she says slowly.

“Empress Akikomaru was worried that her mother became like this, and even thought of becoming a nun to pray for her mother.”

Amano-sempai then tells us the continuation of the «Tale of Genji» everyone didn’t know of.

“This story…isn’t telling us that strong feelings aren’t right, but to tell us this, that it’s not right to become jealous of others just because you can’t convey your feelings properly. As she was proud, Lady Rokujou couldn’t convey her feelings to Genji. Her being unable to convey her feelings caused many tragedies. The outcome of being unable to express their thoughts would be sadness and revenge. This is the true essence of what this story is telling us. It might be difficult to convey your feelings properly. If she could do this, there wouldn’t be many people dying, and Genji wouldn’t be so scared of her. Maybe, if he had known of her feelings for him, they might have fallen in love, and her beloved daughter wouldn’t be so worried.”

Amano-sempai’s right. It’s scary to curse others, but the feeling to hope for others to love should be a happy thing. Maybe they could have lived on happily had she expressed her thoughts truly if Lady Rokujou wasn’t jealous.

“So I hope that the person who did that to Tsuchiya-kun step forward. If you like Kudou-san, admit your crime and tell her your feelings. In that case, you won’t feel worried, and this is for her sake too—this Kudou-san.”

I see. So this is what Amano-sempai wants to say. Using this «Tale of Genji» story to tell the murderer that he should just admit his feelings to that person directly instead of hurting others, and that will be true happiness. In that case, that murderer who likes Kudou-san will definitely stand out to admit his crime.

“…Ah? Like Kudou-san?”

I suddenly notice this.

Damn it. Amano-sempai seems to be mistaken about something here. She seems to think that the person was jealous that Muttsurini was able to talk to Kudou-san so happily because the murderer likes her. Yeah, ordinary people will think this way.

However, this is unlikely to be the case in reality. In this F class, the murderer isn’t acting because he likes Kudou-san. He simply doesn’t want Muttsurini to get his happiness first. The murderer might not stand up if we try and convince them like this—[34]

“And girls feel that simple and honest guys are charming.”[35]

“I did it.”

Our F class guys are too simple-minded!

Then, Sugawa-kun, you’re the real murderer?’

“Yeah? I heard the conversation between Kudou and him that made me jealous from the voice recorder, and couldn’t help but take action. I’m an unforgivable traitor.”

Sugawa-kun shows a regretful expression. Sure looks like he did it.

“Great, now the case is solved.”

Amano-sempai nods. Great, now everything’s solved—

“…I did it too.”


I couldn’t help but wonder if I heard that correctly. Eh? Isn’t the murderer Sugawa-kun?

“Asakura-kun, you too…”

“Yeah, Tsuchiya’s betrayal is unforgivable.”[36]

Asakura-kun stands up from right behind Sugawa-kun.


“Actually, I did it too.”

Udou-kun beside him stands up too.

Huh? What’s with this?

“Sorry, actually, I…”

“Well, actually, I did it too.”

“What a coincidence, I did it too.”

Kondou-kun, Saitou-kun and Takenaka-kun all stand up.

Then, this means…

“Don’t tell me everyone took part…? After seeing Tsuchiya-kun on the floor, everyone, one after another…”

Himeji-san’s shocked.

Don’t tell me that the first murderer who saw Muttsurini nosebleed on the floor carried out the act of violence, left happily, and the classmates behind saw him like this, beat him up, and this continued…is this it!?

“What, I thought I was the only one who did it.”

“Speaking of which, wasn’t everyone lined up at the corridor?’

“Yeah. I noticed it too.”

“If everyone did it, there’s nothing to be scared about.”

“Yeah, it sure feels nice after beating him up.”

“I even hid the bug in my clothes after beating him up.”

Such, such a cruel class…I’m so shocked that I’m speechless.

“Yo, Yoshii-kun…is everyone in this class like this?”

“Un, yeah, everyone’s always...”

I’m already too tired to explain things to the wide-eyed Inoue-kun.

“Is, is that so…”

“Sorry for causing you guys trouble…”

“Sorry, Inoue-kun.”

Himeji-san and I lower our heads in apology.


Amano-sempai tells off our classmates on the podium.

“In the end, we couldn’t have our classics remedial, Touko-sempai.”

“Yeah. It couldn’t be helped. How could we study in that situation?”

“It’s really not the time to study…ah, speaking of which…”

“What is it? Konoha-kun?”

“What has the One Thousand and One Nights Miharu-san said at the end got to do with this?”

“Now that you mention it, it does seem to have a bit of relation.”

“Ah? Is that so?”

“In that One Thousand and One Nights, there’s a story called «The Hunchback’s Tale»..”

“Really? What’s that story about?”

“A murderer couple is moving the corpse to another place. Another person who sees the corpse thinks that he’s a thief and kicked it, and this person thinks he killed the person and moved it somewhere else. Another person then thinks he killed it and moved it somewhere else…it’s this kind of a story.”

“Now that you mention it, this is a little…”

“Similar to this situation, right?”

“Yeah—ah? Does that mean that Shimizu-san already knew who the murderer is when she said that?”


“Then why didn’t she tell me?”

“Do you even need to ask?”


“Think about it. if you couldn’t find the murderer, won’t you go look for her, Konoha-chan?”


“Alright, it’s late now. We should head back, Konoha-chan.”

“Touko-sempai, I’m definitely breaking all ties with you the next time you call me that.”


Author’s Notes[edit]

Note: Please read ‘Book Girl and the Summoned Beast summoned by the girl’ and ‘Book Girl and the Killed-off Idiot’ before reading this.

Inoue Kenji here believes that all sorts of possibilities exist within humans.

I feel that it’s very irresponsible to conclude that ‘It’s impossible to do that’ and ‘I don’t have that kind of ability’ before trying to do it.

Why must you give up before you even start working on it?

Why must you think of those unnecessary problems and not try to do it?

A lot of possibilities exist in humans. The future will change according to our hard work. So I hope everyone won’t give up before you even start, and you should challenge with all you have no matter what matters you face.

I intended to use this theme to write my thoughts about Bungaku Shoujo.

“I won’t be doing naked modelling and cosplay either.”

—Inoue Konoha’s quote from ‘Book Girl and the Summoned Beast summoned by the girl’.

Why must you say such a thing before you even begin?

Konoha-kun, you gave up too early. You have all sorts of possibilities waiting for you.

This story began with this rotten concept. I want Konoha-kun to taste this suffering, and put how he looks in this illustration. To be honest, this terrifying act is overboard. I really apologize to the original author Nomura-san, illustrator Takeoka-san, and all the fans of Bungaku Shoujo for showing such unbearable parts.

Also, I’ll like to use this chance to express my thanks.

Takenaka-san, who helped me with the illustrations, the original author Nomura-san, and to all the editors and designers who helped make this text a book, I earnestly thank you all. And to all you readers too, as this book can be born thanks to your support. Thank you, everyone. I hope that we can have a chance to meet in the future.

Also, the opening words are not meant to recommend everyone to crossdress or do any unique things. It is very important to have the courage to step forward and the courage to stop.

Inoue Kenji

Original Author’s Comments[edit]

Hello everyone.

I had always been thinking that Konoha-kun would be well suited to crossdress.

Guys who are good at dressing up as girls are the best! I like them all!

When I got the template to Konoha-kun’s character design, I had been thinking that it will be perfect for him to crossdress, and think that it will be great if that really happens to him. However…it will break the serious mood if I write that in the main story…I really feel like crying.

Thank you, Inoue-san! Well done!

When the editor-in-charge told me that Inoue-san will be writing this collaborative work with «Bungaku Shoujo», I was nearly squealing and jumping in happiness. But I did not expect Inoue-san to give me such a great surprise.

When I was waiting for the story to be mailed over, I got excited and anxious. After reading it, I got even more excited as I said enthusiastically to the editor-in-charge.

“You must have an illustration for this part! Please help! I’m not kidding. You must draw it out in a pretty girl style. Please help me tell this to Takeoka-san!”

I made this request.

Takeoka-san, I’m sorry for troubling you…

But I believe that Konoha-chan in sailor uniform will definitely look very cute. I have not seen the illustration when writing this afterword, but I believe so.

Ah, I wrote so much regarding Konoha crossdressing, but the other parts are exciting too.

F class is as noisy as ever. I like the slapstick between Yuuji and Shouko. Hideyoshi’s acting as a heroine as usual and having a misunderstanding with Konoha, and as for Touko, well, I am already used to her antics (laughs).

If there is a next time, I hope to read about Miharu and Konoha-chan’s date[38], and also Touko and Tsuchiya’s duel of senses[39]. Alright, I will stop here.

29 September 2008

Nomura Mizuki


  1. Since this is more of a non-canon work, I will just dispense with the snark. Please bear with me on this.
  2. How did you even get through your previous schools...
  3. Have you even tasted them before, Touko...?
  4. Erm...what chest?
  5. RIP, Yuuji. Your fate has been sealed since that incident 6 years ago...
  6. Sometimes, I wonder if they do it on purpose...
  7. How is he going to do that, Shouko?
  8. Let me guess, running away from Ironman's lessons...and failing.
  9. Oi, will be a miracle if his grades can reach A class standard...
  10. Why use sin and cos for maths only? There's still the basic simutaneous equations here, Touko...
  11. Again, another reference to this series. There has been lots of reference to this story.
  12. So ero is more important than life, Akihisa?
  13. What were you hoping from it, Touko...?
  14. Tsk...volume 3...
  15. Amano Touko. A yaoi fangirl, but not a yuri fangirl. The latter is canon though.
  16. Inoue Kenji-san's favorite fetish in this series...
  17. I agree on this...
  18. Of course he won't...
  19. Well, I regret that I can't show everyone the illustrations that apparently included Konoha in drag...
  20. The smell of death looms, loo loo loo. The wind roars...
  21. Maybe I should replace 'gather' with 'fall in'
  22. Triumph, Akihisa? You're telling Yuuji to triumph? Over THAT Shouko? Unicorns will appear in real life if that were to happen.
  23. I'll translate the noises for everyone then: ABESHI!! UWARABA!! TAWABA!! HIDEBU!!
  24. On a more serious note, since I don't get to say this often. The original text for the story will always leave Hideyoshi's gender vague, so I just use 'he' for convenience sake. Maybe I should have used s/he when referring to Hideyoshi, but never mind...
  25. OH THE IRONY!!!
  26. People, Hideyoshi just mistook someone's gender...
  27. ...So many things I want to talk about here...
  28. Just like volume 4...
  29. Sums Muttsurini up pretty nicely.
  30. I pity Konoha here.
  31. Again, ero is more important than life...mein gott...
  32. I don't get why the staff will even give students keys to so many places...and to Miharu of all people?
  33. What...One Thousand and One Nights between Konoha-chan and Miharu? God bless them...
  34. I will surely want to see the FFF against any other harem leads. (looking at some people, including a certain idiot of this particular series)
  35. Touko, you don't get it. The thing is that...if any of the FFF guys get a girlfriend, the rest of the FFF will forcefully drag him back into single status. It doesn't matter whether they're simple and honest or not...
  36. I think Muttsurini will rather die than admit that Aiko is his love interest...
  37. I don't think they will...status quo is God.
  38. The date will turn into full-blown rape...until Miharu knows the truth.
  39. In what aspect? Ero? Muttsurini will bleed enough to fill the Amazon river...
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