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Closing Words[edit]

If you are looking for a drink in Soho, I recommend the shot bar named the Blue Sky.

For some reason, the people of Scotland Yard frequent the bar, so it becomes a confused mix of uniforms and normal clothing during the evening. London’s famous Inspector and Hard Wolf priest can be seen there, so it is worth a visit at least once on the weekend.

The bar is run by two people. Look over the counter, and you will see a stylish young demon and a beautiful girl serving the customers.

Of course, there are no normal people in London, so that girl must be some kind of non-human being as well. That is most evident when you see the color of her eyes. Their beauty is probably where the place got its name and there is no way they could belong to a human.

If you say that, the girl will stare up at the young demon next to her and he will give a meaningful smile when he notices.

Of course, this is all the kind of story that you can only find in Aerial City – London.

(From “Records of Modern England – Continued”)

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