City Series:Volume3a Opening

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You have forgotten

The answer that you surely must recite

Someday and somewhere

So now

I ask you from heaven

When this city changes

Your answer will be absolutely necessary

Morning Section - Opening: 6/13/1997 (1:16)[edit]

Now, before heading to Hong Kong, let us move our gaze to a land covered in the light of dawn.

It was a dry wasteland covered in red sand.

The round morning sun was visible in the vast sky supported by that wasteland.

The sunlight beat down on the wasteland with transparent heat.

The blazing wasteland contained a crater created by smashing the earth.

Shimmering heat rose from the broken red clay of the crater that was at least a kilometer in radius and one hundred meters deep.

The center of the hole rose up a bit like a circular pedestal.

A young man stood atop the pedestal.

His straight brown hair stood up and he had a carefree look in his eyes.

He carried a traveler’s gunny sack over his shoulder.

He held a blade that looked like a mix between a wind instrument and a sword. It was a weapon known as a Device.

The end of the Device’s blade touched the ground and several shining objects had fallen to the ground around it.

They were fragments of metal.

The fragments were made of brass, steel, bronze, and other metals, but they all shined like glass.



The young man carried out his action in silence.

He gently tapped the tip of the Device’s blade against the ground.

This produced a loud sound.

At the same time, sound and light came from the Device’s blade.

It was a white light and sound.

The tone coming from the blade was the same color as the light and the light was the same color as the tone. And both of them were much like the tone color of the Device tapping the ground.

The Device was amplifying the “Action Live” of “tapping”.

The clear Live emitted light and sound.

The young man raised the Device in his right hand. The gloved hand gripped the hilt and he unemotionally swung the Device down on the Live and its white Word Color.

The light and sound swallowed up the metal fragments on the ground.

The Lives giving the fragments form were changed.

The metal fragments had caused countless sharp reflections of light, but now they undulated, shook, trembled, and burst like a liquid spilled from a bowl.

When they burst, they emitted a faint light and the Verbal Tempo of a quiet cry. Afterwards, they vanished.

The tone of the Live had vanished from the young man’s Device as well.

The fingernail-sized fragments of metal had vanished from around the blade tip kissing the ground.

Their Lives had lost to the Live emitted by the young man and been destroyed.

He took a breath, stuck his left hand in his pocket, and pulled out a letter.

“From Hong Kong, hm?”

England was set to return that city to China in just a few weeks.

He muttered the name a few more times and faced forward.

He saw the gentle wall that formed the edge of the crater.

The reddish brown earthen wall had already cooled.

When he saw it, the young man’s face suddenly twisted a bit. This twisting was the complete opposite of a smile or joy.

But he immediately got rid of it and took a step forward.

He was preparing to leave that hole.

And he said just one thing.

“It’s been five years since I last saw my brother.”

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