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Noise City Osaka <Chronology>[edit]


Even as they lose World War Two, Germany bombs cities around the world with Wort Bombe. The city concepts collapse even further than before and each of the cities evolves in its own way.

The word collapse creates an invisible field known as the Great Canopy around the earth and also creates similar canopies over each of the cities. This prevents the people from reaching outer space.

While unable to send signals down from the sky, the worldwide network is effectively cut off.


At the Yalta Conference, most of the weapons used during the war are made illegal.

The dp Series of Aerial Ships.

The Glossolalian Word Plates.

The Three Tune Bust Techniques.

The Attesor Project Automatons.

Those, among others, are banned.


The Korean War begins.

The resultant security issues lead to an increase in student movements and a lower age of those involved in violence. This becomes a problem for the Universal Student Councilor Committee (later known as the USCC).


A position is created to end military activity and to properly guide the students. (According to the International Student Special Senior Faculty Academy Rules.)

The Leader of the Numbers system is introduced. It is a ranking system.


The 1st and 2nd Emergency Teachers Committees are added.

Techs are introduced to the schools.


Testing for the Leader of the Numbers begins.

Ten training grounds are opened numbered from 0 to 9.


The 3-man system using the Leader of the Numbers, the Chancellor, and the Vice Chancellor is changed to an 8-man system that includes 2 Vice Chancellor aides, 2 Special Duty Officers, and a PR leader.


After some security protests, college students are entirely removed from the ranking system.

After 3 years repeating the same year, a student is automatically expelled under the shared academy rules. (Returning to school and transferring schools is not permitted.)


The Nara region and Kyoto region combine into the Koto region.


Babel, a broadcast tower that can cover the entire world, begins construction in Osaka.

Once it is complete, the worldwide network can recover with Babel at the center.


The 3rd and 4th Emergency Teachers Committees are added.

The Leader of the Numbers is allowed to also hold a position on the Student Council.


The Olympic boom leads to sporting goods companies developing Devices.

Competition begins over selling Devices as cheaply as possible.


The MD Walkman is developed and goes on sale.

Cheap Rhythms become widely available.

The Universal Student Councilor Committee changes its name to the USCC.


Osaka and Tokyo work together to hunt down delinquents. More than 2000 are injured.


Another Olympic boom. Athletic shoes and clothing begin to grow fashionable.


The Kinki Riot begins.


A Nuclear Syllable Bomb goes off near Nagoya.

Tokyo Chancellor Nakamura Midori and Osaka Chancellor Kuki Udai go missing in the mountains of Ibaraki.

Their ultimate Rhythms (the Storm High and Flame High) go missing.

The Kinki Riot ends.

The Nuclear Syllable Bomb detonated near Nagoya creates the Altered Line between the east and west.

The construction of Babel is temporarily halted.


The USCC divides Japan’s student representatives just like in America and China.

This effectively cuts off all interactions between the students of the east and west.

To deal with this, the Emergency Teachers Committees create the East-West Passage Permit.


Imperial Capital #1 High School is constructed in Tokyo.

Osaka Prefectural #1 High School is constructed in Osaka.

Azuchi National High School is constructed in Nagoya.

The Emergency Teachers Committees that bind the east and west use those schools for exchange students and gifted students.

The aerial network connecting Kantou and Kansai recovers.


Recovery of the Altered Line begins.

The Kinki-Kansai Chancellors Committee is created.


The Chip Walkman goes on sale.


Osaka Prefectural #2 High School begins extraction of the fastest Rhythm.


As the Altered Line recovers, the bullet trains resume service.


A largescale terrorist attack occurs in Osaka.

The Reconciliation Riot.


Construction of Babel begins in earnest.

Applications for the Net War over Babel are taken. Selection begins.

Students from Kantou are also selected as a sign of friendship.

The summer high school baseball tournament is held at Koshien once more.


Selection for participants in the Net War over Babel ends.

The Net War over Babel begins.

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