City Series:Volume5a Preface

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Character 1[edit]

City v05a 002.jpg

Beretta McWild


Image: Exchange Student – Knight Striker

Role: The one to destroy this world

Character 2[edit]

City v05a 003.jpg

Protected Empress

Heavy Barrel

Image: America’s Latest Female Heavy Barrel

Role: Steel doll that protects people

Character 3[edit]

City v05a 004.jpg

Rosetta Balleroy

Belle de Marionnette

Image: Automaton of Unknown Type

Role: One who wanders between human and steel

Character 4[edit]

City v05a 005.jpg

Guilliaum Balleroy


Image: Resistance Leader

Role: One who fights and makes up for the past


City v05a 006.jpg
City v05a 007.jpg

Movie Ad[edit]

City v05a 008.jpg


Recorded Movie

“ ’43 School Festival”

Notice of an Advance Screening

Middle of image:

Even our reporter was shocked!

Bottom of image:

Miss Beretta directly kicked our reporter. (No stuntman used)


Full of hellish and exciting footage.

Today we would like to inform you all that an advance screening of this movie will be held in the 1st Cafeteria at 4 PM on the 21st.

Our school’s film studies group has captured the art of sound and light for a full 131 minutes of endless “Drinking and Destruction”. Is this hell or paradise?

According to the director, it provides “history’s greatest sense of realism”, but the administrative division is considering canceling the advance screening because “it’s nothing but that”. Oh, such fun, such fun.

(5/18 – PR Team)

(Translated by: Kawakami Minoru)

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