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[Note: The original novel does not include a glossary, but it should make an English translation much more understandable. Kawakami uses different versions of almost every piece of terminology to match the 3 nationalities of the characters (American, French, and German). In Japanese, the kanji below the ruby text allows the reader to know which terminology is equivalent between languages, but this glossary will have to suffice for the English translation. Not every term has a version for each language and I will keep it updated as the translation progresses.]

Japanese (English Translation): Chain

English: Rondeau

French: Rondeau

German: Metaphysikos

Japanese: Lost Techniques

English: Death Techno

French: Perdus Artifice

German: Ober Geheimnis

Japanese: Genetic Word

English: Live

French: Formule

German: Ton

Japanese: Heavy Knight

English: Knight Striker

French: Lourd de Écrivain

German: Panzer Kavalier

Japanese: Steed

English: Barrel

French: Appareil

German: Panzer

Japanese: Heavy Steed

English: Heavy Barrel

French: Lourd de Marionnette

German: Grösse Panzer

Japanese: Middle Steed

English: Middle Barrel

French: Forma de Marionnette

German: Mittel Panzer

Japanese: Light Steed

English: Light Barrel

French: Léger de Marionnette

German: Klein Panzer

Japanese: Reset

English: Format

French: Primitif


Japanese: Write Piloting

English: Write Bring

French: Recréa

German: Schreiben

Japanese: Word Confirmation Writing

English: Sign

French: Signe

German: Lernen

Japanese: Add Word Writing

English: Point

French: Ajouter

German: Verbesserung

Japanese: Over Emblem

English: Over Emblem

French: Excède Emblème

German: Ober Emblem

Japanese: Automaton

English: Sein Frau

French: Belle de Marionnette

German: Sein Frau

Japanese: Feng Shui Master

English: Tuner

French: Correcteur

German: Stimmer

Japanese: Study

English: Study

French: Cabinet

German: Studio

Japanese: Divine Form Device

English: Device

French: Instrument

German: Werkzeug

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