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Title Page[edit]

City v06b 001.jpg


City Series

Panzerpolis Berlin 2 1939

Left: Welcome to the holy land – the Black Forest.

Bottom: By Kawakami Minoru


City v06b 002.jpg
City v06b 003.jpg

Name: Alfred

Alfred’s bottom text:


The Emperor commands conquest.

Name: Lowenzahn

Lowenzahn’s bottom text: The World spins like a wheel.

Central text:

Schwarzwald: the Black Forest – The Nonhuman Forest

Filled with darkness and shadows, the nonhuman forest rejects humans.

Most European fairy tales are set in this forest. It is commonly referred to as “Europe’s trauma”.

The Messiah descended to this forest 1000 years ago and the Geheimnis Agency has built their headquarters there to await her return.


City v06b 004.jpg
City v06b 005.jpg

Right bottom text:

Ruin: Ruin is a cycle of resignation.



1: Male Grösse Panzer Schwarz Löwe – Aerial combat male Grösse Panzer belonging to the Geheimnis Agency Army Division. The villain type that does not let defeat get to him.

2: Wheel of Destiny - #10 of the 47 Noise Divination Cards. AKA, the Wheel of Ruin. Predicts a series of bad luck.

3: Werkzeug Rein König – A very tough Werkzeug with a connection to the Messiah.


City v06b 006.jpg
City v06b 007.jpg



  • Berlin: Capital of Germany. Is remade into Germania by the Panzerpolis Project, but causes a global ley line crisis in ’43.
  • Hamburg: A large northern city and a military base. Destroyed by an aerial bombing before the aerial bombing of Berlin in August of ’43.
  • Borderson: City governed by Borderson, one of the Messiah’s Four Knights. Currently has no leader and only functions as a hidden city for Heidengeists.
  • Cologne: A war plant city. Becomes the target of the first largescale aerial bombing of the German homeland in ’42 and is destroyed along with a Gard-class warship.
  • Alfheim: The Black Forest land where the Messiah arrived on earth.

Right character: Berger

Left character: Hazel

Top right city: Berlin

Bottom right city: Munich

Left cities (top to bottom):











Super Half-Assed Scale. Coloring it made the scale even worse.

My First Shameful Story[edit]

City v06b 008.jpg

Bottom left of image:

Sponsored By

Dageki Bunko

Shougeki Bunko


Now, let’s do this with an unnecessary level of cheer.

“For today’s My First Shameful Story, we will be talking about the Messiah girl who once saved Germany,” our hardworking Miss Hazel said to Bergy. “Do you know that story, Bergy?”

“I wouldn’t tell you if I did. How dumb are you, Hazel?” said Bergy. “This is why you need to eat more to send precious nutrients to your brain and chest. Especially milk. Got that? You’re living in America now, so your chest should be more, um, I guess the word would be Holstein! Like a cow, got that!? I want to be able to describe them with words like ‘kaboom!’ or ‘boing!’ …Hey, Hazel, are you listening? Listen up, Hazel. Boing! Boiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”

Miss Hazel was so shocked she punched Bergy across the room.

My, my. Such violence.

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