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A set of fourteen illustrated short stories which added to Clannad's story were serialized in the issues of the Japanese bisho-jo magazine Dengeki G's Magazine published by MediaWorks, between July 30, 2004 and August 30, 2005. Thirteen regular chapters, plus one extra chapter were serialized and the title of the collection was Official Another Story Clannad: On the Hill that Light Watches Over (Official Another Story Clannad 光見守る坂道で).

The installments were written by Key's scenario staff and each story was accompanied by illustrations by Japanese artist GotoP. Two more stories were included when they were collected into a bound volume for sale on November 25, 2005, containing 103 pages. The short story collection was later re-released via SoftBank 3G and FOMA mobile phones produced by Prototype through Visual Art's Motto in January 2008.


Format Standards[edit]

Although the general format/style guideline is suggested, care should be taken to adhere to the same style that the CLANNAD Visual Novel translation currently follows.

Stories in this section are side-stories and are thus not considered absolutely pivotal to read in order to play the game or watch the anime. However, they may improve enjoyment of the two, but be advised that later stories can have spoilers.


  • February 13, 2008
    • Although I've created the page and translated one chapter, it does not necessary imply that I plan to be doing this on a regular basis. This is purely being done on a hobby-basis, and if there are any translators that wish to take up doing this, then by all means, please. :) --Velocity7 15:15, 13 February 2008 (PST)

CLANNAD Another Story, by Key[edit]

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Special indicators on any of the stories indicates there are spoilers for it. Please check footnotes to see what requirements you need to have before reading.

On the Hill that Light Watches Over / 光見守る坂道で[edit]

CLANNAD Visual Fan Book / CLANNAD-クラナド-ビジュアルファンブック[edit]


  1. Requires you've played Kotomi's route. Up to CLANNAD TV episode 14 is sufficient, but may lack slight context in romance aspects.
  2. Requires you've played Tomoyo's route.
  3. Suggests you've played Fuuko's route, or at least watched up to CLANNAD episode 9.
  4. Suggests you've played Sunohara's route.
  5. Requires you've played Yukine's route.
  6. Suggests you've played Misae and Yuusuke's routes.
  7. 7.0 7.1 Unknown at this time.
  8. Suggests you've played the baseball route; not exactly a spoiler, but highly suggested to get context.
  9. You should read "The Reformation of the Furukawa Bakers?!", as this story follows from there.
  10. Requires that you've gone through the True Ending to After Story.
  11. Requires that you've played Kyou's route.
  12. Suggests you've played Kotomi's route as far as May. Up to CLANNAD TV episode 14 is not sufficient.

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Series Overview[edit]

  • CLANNAD ~On the Hill that Light Watches Over~ -- Official Another Story / CLANNAD ~光見守る坂道で~ オフィシャルアナザーストーリー
  • CLANNAD Visual Fan Book / CLANNAD-クラナド-ビジュアルファンブック