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And that was Clash of Hexennacht Volume 2. This is running at the magazine serialization rate, so it’s getting published really quickly. It and Tsurugi-san’s manga version are continuing with a focus on plot progression, so please keep following it.

This volume included the area from the western coast of Tokyo Bay to Shonan, but that region is interesting because its atmosphere seems to change every few years.

A lot of it comes down to a “for better or for worse” standpoint, but I had it be one of the restored regions because if that strong sense of vitality.

When I used to go to Yokohama, I would always buy illustrated versions of China’s Journey to the West and Romance of the Three Kingdoms in order and it was fun to have them all together. That really takes me back.

Yokohama looks a lot different these days, but I was glad to see those wildly oversized nikuman are still sold in the Chinatown there.

Now for the chat.

“Do you have anything to talk about regarding magical girls?”

“Hmm. I’ve always wondered what the Minky in Minky Momo means.”

“Doesn’t it mean ‘like a mink’? Not that a mink coat seems like it would be much of a defense.”

“Don’t mix them together. And Minky isn’t in the dictionary… I bet it’s a Tomino name meant to hide that her real name’s Haman.”

“Don’t mix them together. And that’s a different studio. …But do you have anything else?”

“Besides Minky, there was Creamy, Fairy, Magical, Pastel, and Fancy.”

“Minky’s uniqueness really stands out among those. …I wonder why.”

“I dunno. But now that I think about it, the second one stands out at as the only food.”

“I pulled out my dictionary just to check and Creamy means ‘smooth like cream’.”

“That sounds pretty inappropriate if you ask me. And in that case, why not just go with Milky?”

“Hey, Fujiya.”

“Oh, yeah! There’s that eternally young witch sticking her tongue out, isn’t there!?”

Yeah, she’s pretty much invincible.

Anyway, the background music this time was The Story from Taito’s Rastan Saga II. It’s a pretty cool muscular barbarian song. I recommend the arcade version. And this time I’ll end it with this:

“Who was searching for a home the most?”

Next up will probably be the main Horizon novel.

September 2015. The morning of an approaching typhoon.

-Kawakami Minoru

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