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That was Clash of Hexennacht III. I felt like I had to have a character with a flower motif if I was doing magical girls. But what do I know about doing what’s normal when I’ve already put in a karate fighter and an executioner?

When I looked into it, there seemed to be both a lot and very few motifs for magical girls. They of course have to be “girls”, so there are some standard motifs and color schemes. I did a lot of studying there.

But the most frightening thing is how hard drawing them becomes if you get too obsessed with all their decorations, so it’s difficult getting the balance just right.

Tsurugi-san is putting in a lot of work on the manga version that is being released in parallel. I believe this volume is being released alongside the 3rd manga volume which features the end of the Mary arc. You can see a smug Manko among other things, so I recommend picking it up.

Anyway, this volume had a lot happening in Nasu, but I used to go skiing around there a lot. There was a period of several years where they didn’t get much snow and I couldn’t go, but I have to wonder if the restaurants on the way still have “beef bowls” that clearly use lamb or bentos that have curry in them for some odd reason. That really takes me back.

Now for the chat.

“You can talk about magical girls.”

“I will always be suspicious of those pervy creatures that hang out with them.”

“So we’re starting with distrust, are we? And don’t call them pervy. They take it all very seriously…probably.’

“But what counts as a magical girl and what doesn’t? Do they just need one of those pervy creatures with them? That would make Kiki’s mom a magical girl! This is great. We’re really in the zone now!”

“Shut up. And there are some that clearly don’t have a pervy creature. Like when they have a supervisor.”

“A supervisor pervy creature!”

“Get your mind off of pervy creatures. And sometimes a guy has a pervy creature. And I don’t mean that as a euphemism. …Maybe it’s the title? But then Hana no Ko *n*n wouldn’t qualify. So much for that.”

“Don’t ask me to talk about something and then say never mind!”

I didn’t say the conversation was over. Well, whatever. My work background music this time was Outride a Crisis from Super Hang On. That song really makes me picture the moment of dawn, so I always chose it.

But this time I’ll leave you with the question “Who remained the most reliant?” Next will be a Horizon Girls Talk, but there’s also the smartphone Obstacle reboot, so things should be busy.

June 2016. A really hot morning.

-Kawakami Minoru

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