Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu:Volume 3 Intro

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The Trail of Ryner and Gang and The Standing Between The Countries[edit]

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Gastark Empire[edit]

The country that has expanded quickly in the northern continent. It's name reaches far across the continent, even all the way to Roland in the south.

Refal Edia[edit]

Hero King of Gastark. Possess the Hero's Relic, Glovil. Holds a one-sided love for Kiefer.

Refal: I shall also conquer the southern continent!

Imperial Nelpha[edit]

Currently being attacked by Roland Empire. Got into a pinch thanks to the idiot heir prince. Ryner, who's moving to save the remaining royal blood, Toale, is fighting Claugh from Roland's forces.

Claugh Klom[edit]

Bearing the nickname, "Death God", the Field Marshal of Roland's forces. Supreme commander for the forces attacking Nelpha. Sion's close friend, also in truth soft-hearted.

Claugh: Ryner is such a pushover


Ryner Lute[edit]

Bearing a special kind of eyes known as Alpha Stigma, and able to manipulate powerful magic. Fundamentally, a lethargic, languid guy...... supposedly but because of recent circumstances, he's becoming pumped up!

Ferris Eris[edit]

Partner of Ryner. Ultra beauty, skilled in the sword, and a believer in the Dango god. Has a delicate relationship with Kiefer......?

Kiefer Knolles[edit]

Roaming through various countries as a spy, but undertook Refal's request and returned to Ryner's side. Loves Ryner.

Roland Empire[edit]

A country that, with Sion's revolution, arose out of the corrupted reign of the rotten nobles. Initially, it had a policy geared towards peace, but recently, it started invading its neighbours.

Sion Astal[edit]

Hero King who was from a mistress of the previous king. Loved as a king by the people. Unable to choose the means to build a country where everyone can smile. Is bounded by a strangely fateful relationship with Ryner, it seems.

Sion: In order to minimize the sacrifices.

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