Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu:Volume 3 Interlude

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Interlude - Him and Her and[edit]

That day.

That night.

'Why did it come down to this?'

You said while crying, but I couldn’t answer, since I was crying as well.

'Really, why did it come down to this?'

You said with a shaking voice and cried while clinging to my chest, but I didn’t know, so I couldn’t answer.

You love me.

And I love you. Really, everything should’ve been fine with that.

Why did it come down to this?

Why is the darkness expanding like this?

I looked around me.

But as expected, all I saw was darkness, and I gave up.

The two of us gave up.

And we knew.

We knew that we couldn't turn back time no matter how much we cried.

The light wouldn't return.

But still.


You said.

You raised your face.

You raised your tear-stained face, and said to me.

“…if we’re born again.”


“Make sure you kill me.”


“If not, then everything will come down to this again.”


“I mean…this is just too painful.”


“You have to kill me, you know?”


“…………liar. You’ll refuse to kill me again.”


“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Then make sure you kill me.”


I couldn’t respond to that, and she cried again.

“I won’t kill you because I love you.”



“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s right.”

I said, and I embraced her body.

But she’d already lost her body.

No, my body is beginning to disappear as well.

Everything is covered in darkness.

The entire world is being covered in nothingness.

And she, using what little time she had left, said again.

“Promise me.”


“Say that you’ll kill me.”




“Hey, promise me. Make sure you kill…”


And her words stopped.

She disappeared with a sad expression.

In the end, I couldn’t respond to her words.

'Promise me.'

'Promise that you’ll kill me.'

She said.

But that’s impossible.

It’s impossible for me to kill someone I love.

That’s why I can only curse god.

Why did he make it this way?

Why did he make everything this way?

I’ll kill you, I thought.

If you existed.

If something like god existed, then I’ll definitely kill you – I cursed.

But those damning words of mine never reached god.

No, they didn’t reach anyone.

Because they were erased right away.

Because they disappeared right away.

And I’ll disappear as well.

I’ll disappear along with her.

Come now, the world is collapsing.

And the next one will begin.

Will I be able to choose properly in the next one?

Will I be able to choose to kill her?

It’s still impossible, I… I…

But everything disappeared right then.

And the next one began.

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