Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu:Volume 5 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Inside of Hope[edit]

After the surrender of the Divine City of Elon, the Gastark Empire began its advancement to the Geihlficlant Empire.

Around the same time, Ryner continued to further advance his postition.

Currently Ryner, riding the carriage prepared by the Republic of Belis, continued heading north to the Geihlficlant Empire.

The carriage was suprisingly spacious; riding inside including Ryner were, Toale, Kiefer, Ferris, Vois, and said to be the Vois's close aide, the female soldier in black armor. Fixed to the center was a table they surrounded and yet there still was space leftover.

On the table were three maps spreaded out. They were prepared by Vois, maps of the Menoris Continent detailing the state of affairs, mountain ranges, rivers, up to the names of the countries and a brief rough figure of military strength.

Including Vois's movement plans from hereafter, these three maps were laid out.

While studying the brief map of military strength, Ryner ran over in his head the current situation of the continent that Vois informed him of along the road.

Just by examining the movements of five countries, you can grasp almost all of the circumstances.

The first is the Gastark Empire that has completely unified the northern continent.

Another is the Roland Empire that has engulfed the entirety of the southern continent.

And then in the middle continent, surpassing all of the southern continent's combined territories, were three massive countries —

— The Geihlficlant Empire, the Republic of Ertolia, and the Remrus Empire, known as the three major countries of the middle continent.

Apparently, at the mercy of the movement of the five countries, are all the still existing smaller countries.

Well for now, even putting aside Roland and Gastark, in a situation like this, with the three major countries so immense, the smaller countries would have to become vassal states or they will be soon crushed.

So even the alleged Anti-Roland Coalition organization formed by Vois, centered in the Republic of Belis, is no exception and was backed up by a major power.

By the way, when the coalition was just created they originally had the Remrus Empire's backup; however at Vois's decision, they rejected their assistance and are now searching for a new lead.

So now, they are continuing the negotiations with the Geihlficlant Empire to receive their backing and yet,

"Those guys from the 'Azure Princess' are getting in the way."

Vois said.

In other words, the Anti-Roland Coalition army and the "Azure Princess" are competing over who gets the support of the Geihlficlant Empire.

To that, Ryner faced Vois,

"So you made me your comrade to do something about the 'Azure Princess'?"

Nodding, Vois answered,

"Thats right. You are acquainted with the leader of the 'Azure Princess.'

"And you're keeping the identity from me right? Just who is it, and why the heck wont you tell me?" asked Ryner.

"It's not like I'm keeping it from you. It's just that there were too many things we had to do and I couldn't find the right timing to tell you," replied Vois.

Well, there was that too, nodded Ryner.

Certainly there was a mountain of things to do the last two weeks, and it was quite tiresome.

To start with, they just couldn't keep moving with the refugees from Nelpha, and would the Republic of Belis accept them? Would they properly receive them? They've been running about mostly because of this.

Toale who just recently had his prosthetic arm and leg attached with magic still cant use it well, yet he participated in the negotiation with the leaders of the Belis Republic for several days and nights.

To the point Toale became completely exhausted.

Although negotiations came close to breaking down, for now as a result, the refugees were accepted into Belis as official citizens. This brought up the problem of what to do with the soldiers that followed Toale up to this point.

If the soldiers cannot just enter the middle continent while maintaining their Nelphian nationality, then under which power should they go to? Would they remain in the Republic of Belis with the citizens and fight with the oncoming Roland army? Or should they disband for now and join the Anti-Roland Coalition army? However to that the soldiers were unwilling, asserting that they will not follow anyone other than Toale-sama and Major Seruesu. Then where does Toale and Seruesu stand? "If you guys treat Toale-sama and Major Seruesu badly we wont forgive you!" -kind of volatile atmosphere spread among the soldiers.

Somehow, the discussion took a further four more days.

In conclusion, Toale was accepted as an executive staff of the Anti-Roland Coalition, and former Major Kazaaru Seruesu, as a direct subordinate of Toale, was given the ranking of Major General.

Well, even if you say executive staff or major general, it's not very convincing since it's not clear just what kind of organization the Anti-Roland Coalition is. However, because Toale was received with a favorable treatment, the Nelphian soldiers gave consent.

And so, currently led by Major General Seruesu the soldiers, taking a different route than Ryner's group, are also heading towards Geihlficlant. Incidentally, Ferris's little sister Iris, Arua, and Kuku are also traveling with that group. Well, anyhow setting that aside.

Facing Vois, Toale said,

"Nevertheless, no matter how much you say you've been busy, you wouldn't give us a proper explanation at all. Although I am thankful the Anti-Roland Coalition has accepted the Nelphian soldiers and citizens, just what kind of organization are you? You call yourself Anti-Roland yet why did you send our Nelphian soldiers to Geihlficlant? Shouldn't they be fighting the Roland army approaching north?"

There was much more to it. Toale had left the people who followed him up to the Republic of Belis. If the Roland army were to attack Belis now, the citizens would be sacrificed along with them. In which case, it would make bringing the citizens desperately across the countries meaningless.

Obviously, it would be better for the Anti-Roland Coalition army to stop the Roland Empire oncoming north. Even if it's not so—

As Ryner developed his thoughts, whether Toale thought the same, he continued.

"Even if it is not so, the soldiers are exhausted. Attacked by the Roland troops, losing many comrades, and yet, while stressed, still desperately marching foward day and night to this point. Despite this, without a rest the whole army advances to Geihlficlant. I wont be satisfied until I receive an explanation for such recklessness."

Toale strongly exclaimed.

Vois then looked towards Toale, smirking.


However, he only laughed without answering.

Then Toale narrowed his usually peaceful brown eyes sharply. As if to yell something he opened his mouth,

But interrupting,

"Most likely..."

Kiefer muttered.

"Most likely we are moving because, even if left Bellis in this condition, the military force we have here isn't enough to win against Roland, right? However, I don't see the reason to move all the Nelphian troops to Geihlficant. I understand that we are going to there to receive the backing of Geihlficant, but isn't it enough for just us to go? If Ryner is the aquaintance of the leader of that mercenary group, the 'Azure Princess', isn't it a matter of Ryner going there to settle it? I don't understand the reason to purposely waste effort to move the tens of thousands Nelphian soldiers. Unless......"

She continued,

"Unless, does Vois-kun intends to have a war with the 'Azure Princess' at our destination?"

However to that question as well, Vois turned towards Kiefer,


Maintaining his irritating smirk, he gave no reply.

Hearing that, Kiefer's lovely face darkened a little as she looked at Vois with distrust. Toale has long since been making an indignant expression.

To that Ryner thought,

(Well, this guy's always like this you know? Always aloof, and thinks of nothing but deceiving people, kind of guy. I mean, he was born into a clan of swindlers back in the no longer existing Iyet Republic. I thought I ought to explain this but, I stopped.

Either way, as long as Vois doesn't give a proper explanation, we can't keep following him.

Actually, working with this guy would be way too troublesome.)

Wearily, Ryner asked,

"Well, most of the questions have been accumulated, but do you intend to answer any of them?"

Vois nodded and replied,

"Of course, but rather than that, these are all the questions right? If there is anything else you want to ask, please go ahead and speak up. After all, everything is related. It would be the quickest to answer all the questions in one go, right? If I answer Toale's, Kiefer's and Ryner's questions just now, will everyone be satisfied?"

At that moment,

"No, that's still not enough,"

Ferris spoke.

In response, Vois turned towards Ferris,

"Of course, there are tasty dango shops in Geihlficlant too."

And for some reason, to that Ferris nodded strongly,

"Then it's fine. You understand quite well don't you."

"Don't I?"


Like that, the two exchanged a stupid conversation. Presumably too tired, no one retorted.

Eyes half-closed, Ryner stared at Ferris and then surveying his surroundings,

"So, no one has anymore questions right?"

Everyone nodded.

After confirming that Ryner continued,

"Well then Vois, begin your explanation. Ah, by the way, if you use those lies you're so good at, right away Ferris's sword will spout flames."

Again Vois laughed, while saying something like,

"Although, I rather like being hit by Ferris."

Then Ferris nodded,

"Without getting hit, your head's gonna fly."


And to Vois, who for some reason had a ♡ (<3) mark attached,

"You know, even though we've been ridiculously busy lately, you're still energetic eh~. I guess it's the age difference,"

Ryner somewhat sighed.

"Well, for now it's about time you continue."

Vois nodded.

He then looked towards his close aide, the female soldier sitting besides him.

According to her, as she boarded the carriage, her name is Relca Redehna.

With bright brown hair, and contrasting, a pair of dark eyes. A beautiful girl, with a bit loli-ish face, that Vois seems to favor.

Although, sitting close by was the abnormally beautiful Ferris, and the once boasted academy's most popular Kiefer, so you can't simply say, "beautiful girl." Well, it's really up to preference.

Contrasting her young appearance however, her eyes glinted sharply. Since boarding the carriage, she remained silent. With a pen, she simply continued to write on the papers she held.

Facing her, Vois spoke to Relca,

"The preparations?"

Without lifting her head from the papers, Relca answered,

"In about eight seconds."

"I see. Then within that time, the debut of a dirty joke I recently saved for everyone—"

"It's completed."

"Ehh~, wasn't that too early? That was only about two seconds you know?"

At Vois's words, Relca giggled as she looked towards him.

Although he did not respond to her smile, it seems Relca is not dissatisfied with Vois.



Whatever, it's just two kid's love affair— no wait, Vois is no option right? That guy's a real pervert you know? Well, it really doesn't matter so I'll just keep quiet.

Ryner thought for a bit.

After placing the papers she was frantically writing in on the desk, Relca then announced,

"...... I have complied most of everyone's questions into this report. Please speak up if the information here is insufficient. As everyone is reading the report, in addition, I will write it up."

Ryner then cast his eyes down at the report spread across the desk. The report was written smoothly with tidy penmanship and the various information was organized to be understood easily.

For example, it had an organization chart of the Anti-Roland Coalition, the route they took from the establishment to the present, Vois's idea of how should the Three Major Powers and the Anti-Roland Coalition interact from now on, and so on.

Within this information, Ryner found the answers to Toale and Kiefer's inquiry earlier.

Why is it necessary to unreasonably press the Nelphian soldiers to the Geihlficlant Empire instead of engaging the Roland Empire forces ongoing north to the Belis Republic?

Written were Toale and Kiefer's questions, and the response was as follows.

1. With the current strength of the Anti-Roland Coaltion army, we are able to defend several attacks from the north going Roland army. But we do not hold enough power to defend continuously from this point.

2. In other words, in order to crush the Roland army head-on, an even greater force will be needed. In this case, with the backing of the Geihlficlant Empire.

3. However, the Geihlficlant Empire currently has their sights set on heading to war with the northern continent's Gastark Empire heading south with tremendous momentum.

4. As a mercenary group, the "Azure Princess" is participating in the war. Seeking to increase their war gains, they intend to obtain an exclusive support contract with the Geihlficlant Empire.

5. Similarly, wanting the support of Geihlficalnt, the Anti-Roland Coalition cannot let the "Azure Princess" monopolize rights of Geihlficlant relations.

6. Therefore it is necessary for the Anti-Roland Coalition to proceed towards the war against the Gastark Empire. Naturally, as an adaptable fighting potential, the Nelphian soldiers that have recently fought against the Roland army, will need to participate.

Such was written.

With his voice trembling a little, Toale spoke,

"...... Again....... do you intend to make war again?"

Vois responded, laughing,

"Aha, did you think there was another path for soldiers who've lost their country other than the battlefield?"

Ryner grimaced at those words and said,

"Wait, that maybe be so but...... we've been continuously fighting lately, they're exhausted. The way you put it......"

Glancing at his way, Voice interrupted,

"We don't have the leisure to select our words, Ryner-san. The middle continent is moving rapidly. The same way as a business that loses an opportunity will not succeed, you cannot win a war if you've lost your chances of victory. But we can still do it. According to my investigations, Gastark is quite dangerous. Boasting an overwhelming strength, they are a much more severe opponent than Roland. Furthermore, the only chance to take advantage of them is in this war."

At those words Ryner looked over to Vois,


and said,

"Ah, somehow I finally get what you're trying to do. In other words, it's that right? You intend to use both sides, both Geihlficlant and the 'Azure Princess,' right?"

On hearing that, Vois grinned happily,

".......Ah, does Ryner-san finally feel like using his brains a bit?"

and said such a thing.

Ignoring him, Ryner continued,

"Even though you guys already have enough power to hold off the attacks from Roland, you guys are turning all that power to the war with Gastark. Now, I wonder why? The answer is, because we can only deal with Gastark now. The timing to use Geihlficlant, the 'Azure Princess,' and the Anti-Roland Coalition army, these three forces, to oppose Gastark is only now. According to your predictions, unless we attack Gastark with multiple forces, we can't stop them, is what you're thinking, right?"

To that question,


As always, maintaining a cheerful face, Vois said nothing.

Ryner carried on, disregarding Vois.

"Because they are the same as you, Gastark is also using the Rhule Fragmei. You want to completely crush the opponent that uses the same power. So you thought, how would you be able to thoroughly destroy Gastark? And your conclusion was this. With the timing of when Gastark attacks Geihlficlant, you'll lend a hand. As for the 'Azure Princess'......."

With a cheerful face, Vois spoke,

"I was the one who approached them first. After all, while being small scaled, they hold tremendous power. Moreover, they also have conducted research on the Rhule Fragmei, I thought that I could use them to fight together with us when we collide with Gastark...... So, in small amounts, I gave them the info that Gastark was dangerous, except midway what I was doing was exposed to their leader. To make matters worse, they were much nastier than I expected. I was already almost killed several times."

He placed his hand on his chest while saying, 'oh so scary'.

Ryner gave a bitter smile as if tired.

"So you thought, ah this is bad, and handed me the position as the king of the Anti-Roland Coalition to avoid getting killed?"


"And you also picked me, because apparently I'm an acquaintance of the leader of the 'Azure Princess?'"

"That's right. Well, those aren't the only reasons...... But let's keep it at that shall we? Leaving that aside......"

Vois stretched his hand out to the desk placed in the center of the wagon. He then turned over the map with the whole continent of Menoris drawn out.

On that side he turned to, another map was depicted.

It was a map of the entire Menoris continent dyed black, and written in the middle was "Gastark Empire."

Looking at that,


Looking at the map completely unified by Gastark, the atmosphere in the wagon became strained at once.

After confirming this, Vois spoke up.

"I did not make this map as a joke. As of now that wannabe hero, Riphal Edea, has that much power. If we miss this timing, Gastark posses enough power to obtain this whole continent. It's not as if I can't continue business no matter what kind of world, however...... considering the death count in order to achieve this map, Ryner-san don't you feel like stopping it?"

Vois laughed, “Although it is generally spoken like that, but there should be several great powers checking the limits of each other. Bargaining is like that too. If you completely defeat all the opponents on the market, winning completely, the game ends too. And there is no way to expand because of competition… And we are going to stop this matter from happening in the world~! That is our situation now.”

But Ryner was unable to accept this saying, although he wanted to try to accept it, but he discovered that he couldn’t accept it.

“Although I roughly understand what you’re saying… but even so there are several parts that are unclear. Combining these three elements can push back Gastark—up till here, I understand. But what will happen after that? Accept Geihlficlant’s help and push back Roland? But there is the matter where the Azure Princess will not allow us to gain Geihlficlant’s help, right? How should we handle this point…”

Vois simply answered: “There is no need to deal with it.”

Ryner asked: “Ah? Then what should we do?”

Vois frowned, troubled, staring at Ryner, “That, Ryner.”


“Relca wrote out that report with much difficulty, could you read all of it first before you proceed with questioning? Everything about that has been written, so if you have questions regarding these matters, no matter how many I will reply to then… But we don’t have the time to spend talking here. Because we are going to war soon.” Vois said.

We are going to war.

This matter made Ryner depressed.

We are going to instigate the war—because Ryner had already decided to stop the war where Roland would instigate it, so we can’t help but go and instigate another war.


But, he felt that there was a little strange sense of violation.


At this moment Vois suddenly stood up, saying: “Then, let’s go. We have two days before we reach Geihlficlant Empire. After that we will go to the palace, meet the king and negotiate with him, to let us participate in this battle against Gastark. Then perhaps there will be two weeks before we encounter with the Gastark army. Anyway before that, I will have to gather the rest of the Anti-Roland Coalition soldiers. So I will leave here first.”

Ryner looked at Vois, asking: “Oh? Then what should we do?”

Vois answered: “Relca will follow you, so please listen to her instructions. But the authority of the load of Geihlficlant Empire and Azure Princess will be handed to Ryner.”

“That means? What? Isn’t that the most important thing…”

Vois interrupted Ryner, “It’s expected of the king to go and handle the most troublesome matters?”

“What king! You’ve clearly been pushing the most troublesome matters to me starting from just now…”

But Vois ignored Ryner, opening the door to the carriage, thinking of jumping off the moving carriage.

“Wait, stop Vois. You, don’t talk to yourself…”

But he was ignored again.

“Then Relca, everyone will be under your care.”

Relca nodded, “Yes. Vois-sama please take care of yourself.”

“Yes yes. Relca must take care of herself too. Then…” Vois jumped out, although he nearly fell when he landed, but a subordinate stationed around the carriage helped him.

That subordinate was also a beautiful girl, Vois smiled happily, waving in their direction, using a frivolous tone to say: “Then, the rest will be left to you.”

Everyone watched this scene speechlessly.

Gently sighing, closing the carriage door, sitting down, Ryner crossed his arms depressedly, looking around the interior of the carriage, then saying: “So we can only go and negotiate with the king of the Geihlficlant Empire.”

Although it seemed to be a matter that could not be helped with, just by hearing it.

Because, it’s like that? A youngster of uncertain origins and a king of an unfamiliar large country negotiating, it was an abnormal behavior no matter how you looked at it.

At this moment Kiefer looked to Relca who had been left behind by Vois, “That… Vois-kun of course has already…”

Before she finished speaking, Relca nodded, “Yes. Vois-sama has already sent a letter requesting for an audience to the king of Geihlficlant, Gulafed Abuleld.”

“The reply from the other party?”

“He has decided to meet the leader of the Anti-Roland Coalition.”

Hearing this Ryner “Ahh?” cried out loud, “Wait… give me a moment. But the leader of the Anti-Roland Coalition jumped off the carriage earlier…”

Relca interrupted him, looking at Ryner, continuing: “Now, on the surface, the representative of the Anti-Roland Coalition is you, Your Majesty Ryner Lute. You’ll understand just by reading the report that I handed in just now, Vois-sama is only the general and head of state.”

“Eh?” Ryner turned his eyes to one of the pages of the report on the table, “But, from what you said, the general should be the leader, right? But saying that I am the leader…” At this moment, his speech stopped.

After looking carefully at the map of the organization, he discovered that there truly was a detailed explanation of the structure of the Anti-Roland Coalition.

It was an organization that was larger than what Ryner had imagined.

It held four small countries, governing all matters and armies in them.

Then on this map where Vois-kun had the highest position of general or head of state that seemed great no matter how you looked at it, although it felt like Vois was the leader no matter how you looked at it, but above that, in a place that was slightly far away and did not seem to be governed, and had little influence on the Anti-Roland Coalition, Ryner saw a string of words—

The king in name: Ryner Lute

“You’re teasing me!”

Relca nodded, “Yes.”

“Hey hey.”

“But Ryner’s job is very important too. If it’s to be described then it’s something like a ninja existence that would distract the enemies’ attention from Vois-sama. We have also been instructed to display the proper respect towards your performance.” Relca said with a serious expression.

Ryner hearing that, looking around.

He looked at Ferris’, Kiefer’s and Toale’s faces.

“…I’ve completely been used by Vois. Then, what should I do?” Ryner said.

But the three people remained silent.

That was natural, Vois had created this situation where they could not reject and left.

Because Ryner was unable to guarantee the living quarters and rations for the tens of thousands of Nelpha refugees and army.

And Vois had prepared these, then he had pushed this lousy condition of work over.

So Ryner and the others couldn’t reject it.

Ryner yelled, “…Ah~ Damnit, that guy is troublesome~” as he picked up two or three sheets of paper from the report on the table, lying on the floor, starting to read it.

Ryner asked Relca: “Then, for the negotiations with the king of Geihlficlant, what do I need to remember?”

Hearing this question, Relca smiled. That smile seemed to give off a feeling as if saying that so you have bowed your head to Vois-sama, making Ryner feel that the troublesome MODE was turned up.

Then she replied: “In the two days before we reach Geihlficlant, you will have to remember to death many things. And first you have to correct that habit you have of slouching and cast away that impolite fashion of speaking.”

Hearing this, Ryner couldn’t even sigh.

But in truth, he did slouch slightly, and he was unable to talk to royals politely.

As he thought that, Ryner focused his attention on the report.

And he discovered that there were a few things that Vois had never spoken of, but Ryner had his own suspicions when they started conversing.

Like why Vois rejected the help of the Remrus Empire, but suddenly accepting the help of the Geihlficlant Empire? A few reasons to this question were written.

The first reason was, to stop Gastark Empire from extending into the middle of the continent, they needed to combine forces with Geihlficlant. Because Geihlficlant did not have a good relationship with Remrus, so if they accepted Remrus’ help, they could not hold Gastark off with Geihlficlant, so Vois suddenly rejected Remrus Empire’s help.

But only like this, the explanation was still not enough. If they continued to accept Remrus’ help, they could fight with Roland. And Remrus Empire was a large country in the middle of the continent that was near the southern areas.

To Roland who was expanding its territories from the south, this location made it very suitable.

But Vois decided to cut short Remrus’ help, and changed to Geihlficlant.

Then, why was that? The real reason was written on the report.

There had been a huge political reform in Remrus Empire in half a year, from the country that was called the Holy Land of Veiohl it suddenly changed to Remrus Empire.

The Holy Land of Veiohl was a country that was built on a religion called Veiohl, but half a year ago, there was a strange hero that appeared, grabbing the authority of the country.

But there was no war.

From another country’s point of view, they may only think that the name of the country merely changed, there was no ruckus raised.

In addition that hero’s name was Remrus Remuld Aarqued.

According to this hero’s name, the country’s name changed to the Remrus Empire.

The country that had Veiohl as their country’s religion changed to Remrus as the new divine religion.

It was truly only using half a year’s time, the stage where he changed the whole country made one feel horrified. And when Remrus Remuld Aarqued became the king, the Anti-Roland Coalition cut off their ties with the Remrus Empire.

Then that reason was—


At the same time Ryner’s eyes narrowed. Staring that what the report wrote, the reason why the Anti-Roland Coalition cut off their ties with the Remrus Empire, he became slightly nervous.

The report, wrote this.

Using Relca’s neat calligraphy, it was written like that. Remrus Remuld Aarqued was not human. And it was something that had bad relations with the Goddesses, an organism that had come from somewhere, so if they continued to deal with the Remrus Empire, they would gain the ire of the Goddesses living in the desert. So, they had temporarily cut their ties with the Remrus Empire. These things were written in the report.

Ryner looked to Relca, handing the report that he was reading to her, asking: “This is?”

Relca shook her head, saying: “I basically wasn’t notified about information regarding ‘theology’, so for the detailed information, please ask Vois-sama directly.”

Ryenr suddenly felt like laughing.

Relca said ‘theology’.

The matters regarding the Goddess who seemed to be connected to a monster no matter how you looked at it, calling it ‘theology’.


Theology… was it…? Ryner muttered softly without being heard, then continued to think.

Relca was not notified about information regarding ‘theology’, this point was probably trie. No matter what even if Vois had to be careful in order to manipulate those monsters that didn’t seem like human that were called Goddesses. So that had to be an extremely dangerous behavior.

No matter that the other party were monsters that had been given a divine name.

Then, he couldn’t reveal the information so easily to his subordinates.

But although this was a little bit, Ryner thought that way.


It seemed like the world was much more troublesome than what he had thought. He thought.

When he saw Sion changed, when he heard the voice that descended from the sky when his eyes went berserk, he had thought that.

Then when he saw an ugly monster called the Goddess appear from Vois’ shadow, he had thought that.

And it seemed that the most troublesome thing in this world was that there was someone in this world that could control this monster that should only appear in children tales.

Even if it were Remrus, Roland or Gastark, the famous countries in this world seemed to more or less have some connection with these monsters.

And Sion who had been swallowed by that darkness turned strange.

Then Ryner who had been swallowed by that darkness was always tortured by these cursed eyes.

So it seemed that if he continued that darkness, he would be unable to continue walking forward.

But, that wasn’t human, it was a monster.

It was a monster that had a strong power that could make it a divinity, what should we as humans do? Ryner was suddenly a little unsettled.

Then he looked to Ferris, Kiefer and Toale.

He looked at these human companions who were not monsters.

He looked these companions who were only weak humans and would die easily in front of the power of the Heroes’ Relics.


How should I proceed forward? He thought.

At this moment he suddenly remembered what Vois had said not long ago. He remembered what Vois had said, after they had seen that act where Toale was almost killed.

Vois seemed to say this.

“Although this time he didn’t die. Although this time he really didn’t die. But, next time he will definitely die, he will die a shockingly simple death. Because in war—humans are not able to be so strong.”


“…This is not a normal war.” Ryner muttered softly.


This was not a normal war between humans.

It was a strange war that involved monsters from childhood tales.

And he didn’t understand what war the monsters would create.

But even though he didn’t understand, even if were Sion, Gastark or Vois, then Ryner could only start moving.

He obviously was not clear about who and which army he should fight against, but he still started to act.

Then, the moving gears could not be stopped.

People would die, people would die, people would die, but even so the gears would not stop.

Vois had said that. He had said that to Ryner.

“You said you would bear the responsibility of people’s lives. You said you would bear the lives of the citizens. Then, even if companions die, you have no right to stop. Even if Kiefer is beheaded, even if Ferris dies, you don’t have the time for crying. You don’t have the leisure to cry.”

Although he had though how could something so stupid exist, but, this was the truth.

Ryner looked at Kiefer and Ferris and Toale. Apart from Ferris, everyone was reading the report on the table seriously.

We have already been involved in this strange war.

Then if we continue to be involved, then there is a possibility that we will die.

Everyone, could all die.

Die because of the war.

Die because of the Heroes’ Relic.

Die from the monster’s attacks.

It was simple.

It was easy, humans could die.

Even if Ryner shouted everyone is important to me, I don’t want to fight with anyone, these nonsense, no one would listen to it.

It was like yelling you are my close friend, but Sion did not stop.



Then, what should he do? If his expectations could come true, if he wished that he could save his important people, not letting his companions cry, what should he do?

The answer was simple.


It was to become strong.

He had to gain enough knowledge that he would not lose to anyone.

He had to have a strong knowledge that would make the Goddess, the monsters, the logic in the world seem like idiots.

“What, if it were so simple it would be fine…” Ryner said to himself as he laughed bitterly.

But it seemed that no matter what he needed that power.

No, once he had thought of doing this. But in the end it had turned into a battle ground where he had killed his companions, Kiefer was crying, Sion was crying, everything was all useless.

At that moment, Ryner had done that.

So even if it was a little, it was good if he could slowly change this world, Ryner thought, the two years he had spent in Roland’s prison, he had always proceeded with researching this.

But even so time passed quickly.

Sion decided to challenge this world alone.

The world turned into a place where monsters moved in the darkness.

Then, there were people who died too.

Companions died.

When Ryner thought to move slowly, everything ended.

Every time he saw everything, he always thought that he was too lazy. The world clearly would not change even if he worked harder, I clearly didn’t do anything, I only spent the days lazily, he thought.


At this moment, the right wrist that was holding the report touched his left wrist. He touched his arm.

He touched his body that was said to be as weak as an idiot by Zohra.

Then, he thought.

Perhaps compared to the past, his body was much more relaxed. Although his magical knowledge had increased, but because Sion had been protecting him, so he left that bloody life that was filled with killing people or being slaughtered.

At least the present him, had no power to protect all of his companions.

Then Ryner thought, ah? That means I have to train myself again?

Wuah what is that, how troublesome. Seriously training and whatnot, he had never done that after Germer’s serious training.

But, even so.


Even so.

“…I will still have to do it.” He thought.

If there is the need, if this can protect my companions, I will work hard.

Although that was too late, although I have been spending my days like an idiot so it may be too late—but, if because I didn’t do it and caused someone to die, then it will leave regret and I will never be able to climb up again.


“…Ah~, I’ll go out for a moment.” Ryner said, standing up.

Because of his sudden movement, everyone in the carriage raised their heads.

“What is it?” Toale asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

Ryner frowned, “No, actually there isn’t anything…”

Ferris suddenly said: “What, you want to go to the toilet.”

Ryner nodded, “Yes yes, toilet toilet.”

Then Relca said: “Then, stop the carriage.”

But Ryner shook his head, “No no, there isn’t much time left before the war with Gastark, right? It’s fine if you don’t stop the carriage. I have something else to do besides going to the toilet, if it’s completed, I catch up.” Saying that, he took the report on the table, opened the carriage door, jumped off.

“Ah? Wait.”


Although he heard those voices, but Ryner chose to ignore them, then came to the outside, dropping on the ground. Because the carriage did not stop, so if this continued they would be further away.

Ryner didn’t do anything, only temporarily watching the carriage leave. Then he slowly used his finger to trace something in the air.

In the glowing air, he wrote words.

It was a difficult magic from the Estabul Kingdom that could release the mental limits placed on the body and maximize its abilities.

Then, he chanted “…I OFFER THE CONTRACTED WORDS, LETTING THE SLUMBERING MALICIOUS SPIRIT DWELL WITHIN.” A blinding glow surrounded his body, increasing his speed. At the degree where it would shatter his whole body if he did anything more, he increased the speed of the magic.

He confirmed the effects, then breathed in, “Ah~ how troublesome.” He said that, as he tried to use the fundamental high speed attacks that Germer Kleisrole had taught in the training for war, and discovered that after he had increased his speed his body was unable to move flexibly. “Oh oh, my body has really gone slack…” Saying that, he practiced with seven different moves, doing them ten times in a row before he ended it. His whole body was already aching from the magic, only like this, he held his breath as if he were about to vomit.

“Oh no.” Ryner shouted as he did not stop his movements. Without releasing the magic for his increase in speed he started to chase after the carriage. Using a surprising aura, chasing after the carriage.

Then as he chased after it, he yelled, “Urrrrrgggh I really want to vomit. I really feel like vomiting. I clearly had no bonds with hard work and tolerance when I was booorn!” Although he said something as silly as that, but he did not stop. Only when he almost caught up with the carriage did he slow his pace, continuing to run. To gain back his body strength that had been diminishing because he was too relaxed, he continued to run. He was clear that he could not gain back all of his strength before the war with Gastark, so he suppressed the urge to sleep afternoon naps, running like an idiot.

Then as he ran he read the continuation of the report.

And he discovered a place that he had his suspicions about.

It was information about the Azure Princess.

It was a record about the leader of the Azure Princess that Ryner knew.

It was written like that.

Mercenary squad—important personnel of the Azure Princess. The leader called the Queen.

Pia Varliere.

20 years old.


User of Congenital Magic Abnormality. Was under the same training with Ryner Lute in the training facility of Germer Kleisrole. When she was six years old, she escaped from Roland Empire. Very strong.

Peria Peruula.

20 years old.


Seems to be a sacrificial lamb from Roland’s magical experiments. Body strength is unknown.

Like Pia Varliere he was under the same training programme with Ryner Lute at the Germer Kleisrole training academy… After escaping from Roland, he has always been moving with Pia Varliere. Very strong.

Zohra Rom.

20 years old.


Originally Roland Empire’s assassin.

Once after Ryner Lute defeated Kuwonto Kuo who had been called the “Greatest Mage in Roland”, then left Roland, becoming a traitor that was chased after, in the end he joined Pia Varliere’s Azure Princess, standing with Peria Peruula by her side. Continuously writing about these impressive matters.

Then looking at this, looking at Pia and Peria’s names, Ryner’s face was if possible, it crumpled as if it weren’t able to be more contorted, then shouting: “It’s them!”

Talking about which, Peria’s personality was still steady so that would be put aside, but now Pia’s existence had become the most troublesome matter, he thought depressedly.

No matter what, her personality was most troublesome. It could even be said to be as bad as Ferris. (Ryner corrected, Ferris was becoming more and more proud.)

From young she had a queen-like quality. She was more imperious than their teacher Germer.

And because they had too much power, so they were unable to control their powers and hearts. This person with congenital magical abnormality clearly had a mental weakness, but she had self-control, and she was able to analyze the situation very well, it was only under the situation where they were fighting, then she really let him see her genius-like power.

It was an oppressive power that no matter how strong Ryner became, even if he used the Alpha Stigma to fight her he would not be able to defeat her.

In the end she had even surpassed their teacher’s Germer Kleisrole’s power, taking Peria with her and escaped the country.

No, she had actually called Ryner to come with them, but he did not follow.

Because he had always been escaping. Because he thought that if he had a connection with someone, these cursed eyes would hurt them, so he could only escape. So Ryner had esaped from Pia and the others side.

Then he had never met them every again.

But until Ryner was twelve or thirteen years old, they would send a letter every two years.

But the contents of the letter was always the same. “To the cowardly Ryner. Haven’t you had the thoughts of coming over to us? It’s clear that if you always stay in Roland you will never open your destiny. Miller, Germer, they both think that you should go out of the country because you have become weak due to despair. If you say something we will come help you, so come to my side quickly. Because we already have the power to save you. In the two months when you receive this letter we will be at XXXX, you have to come. Understand? If you don’t come I’ll kill you.

Your queen forever, Pia Varliere

Well, we will really wait for you. If you want to come, come.

Your friend Peria Peruula.” He would always receive this letter. In addition in the XXXX there would be a different location written there every time.


“So Azure Princess was Pia and the others…” Ryner groaned softly.

Thinking about his fellow comrades who he had been separated from in the distant past, he had an expression that was happy but also unhappy.

Furthermore people who had Congenital Magical Abnormality had a different hair colour from normal people, their hair would turn to the colour of water, so Pia had beautiful long blue hair.

And now the mercenary squad that he had to carry out the successful negotiations with was called Azure Princess too.

“Talking about which, why didn’t I notice it…” Softly murmuring.

Then he tilted his slightly depressed face to look at the sky as he proceeded towards Geihlficlant.

He looked to the northern sky that had probably had more troublesome opponents than the Geihlficlant king, sighing, saying: “…Urgh~ I have always ignored the invitations, then Pia upon discovering that I have suddenly become the enemy must be very angry…”

Then he started to train his body with more vigor. If he did not do that, if the situation became one that he had to fight Pia no matter what, the present him probably wouldn’t even be able to say anything.

She is a genius of that stage, just because they admired this strong person, Peria, Zohra, would follow her.

Talking about which, Zohra had been dumped horribly by a woman in the past, from then on he became strong in order to get the girl’s acknowledgement, and started to train himself. Although I remember Zohra saying this when I met him, then that is because of Pia… Ryner started to reconsider.

Well, no matter what, like what Vois said, the people in Azure Princess were people that Ryner knew.

But it wasn’t that kind of good relationship that Vois had wished for, but they were companions whose connection was a little strange.

“…I feel that that was too negative just now…” Just as he softly muttered that, he saw a woman standing in front of him.

Golden hair and blue eyes and expressionless.

She seemed to be born to be a queen, probably she was a woman that would argue with Pia the moment they met.

That person asked: “…Why didn’t you return to the carriage?”

Ryner couldn’t help but sigh, “Huh…”

Ferris’ expression darkened slightly, “You saw my face, then sighed?”

“No… no no, there isn’t anything of that sort…”

But Ferris had already unsheathed her sword quickly, putting up her sword, then said: “I’ll kill you.”

“Wait… wait a moment…”

But Ferris didn’t pause like she did before, but she stabbed the sword over with a speed that could not be seen.

“Uaah?!” Ryner dodged, frantically dodging, as he yelled aaaaaaaahhh and dodged, shouting: “You, Ferris, what are you doing! Just now you swung that sword at me!”

But she looked over expressionlessly, “Eh? I can’t do that?”

“Of course you can’t do that!”

But even so she tilted her head as if she did not understand, saying: “But this is training, right? It’s rare that you want to work hard by your own motivation, so I wanted to help you… am I being a busy body?”

Ryner looked at Ferris’ face as she said that. Indeed she revealed no expression, but he couldn’t help but feel that she was a little shy.

Then Ryner smiled, “No, sorry. I think you should continue doing that. If I do it alone my success rate may not be good. Then, I’m going to be serious? How about you receive training from me?”

Ferris snorted uncaringly, “Come on.”

“Yes~yes~ you have only known the relaxed face that I have before I’m serious, right?”

“Oh? You mean to say that you have never let me see your serious face?”


“Then let me see it.”

“Yeah, I’ll let you see it now.” He said. Then he checked his body’s condition. Simply said, because of the training for the increased speed due to magic, his muscles no longer ached. And he knew Ferris for a long time, actually he had displayed several of his own serious moods in front of her, but, he tried to increase his magic abilities. Using a speed where he clearly did not move, but could hear his muscles creaking from the strain, forcefully adding burden to his body.


“Then Ferris, please be my opponent.”



“Just start quickly.”

“Yes yes. Then shall we fight while we chase after the carriage?”

“Although the one who will die is you.”

“Haha. Then… I’m coming!”

Saying that, Ryner rushed towards Ferris.

There was two days left before they reached the palace of Geihlficlant.

In these two days, he started to struggle. In that distant direction back there.

Vois who had jumped down from the carriage raised his head, looking at the sky to arrange his emotions.

One of his subordinates said softly: “Vois-sama.”

“Be quiet. I’m thinking about many things now.”

“…Yes, I’m very sorry.” Although his subordinate apologized, but he did not look over. Only raising his head to look at the sky. The sky was blue. It was so blue that it was stupid. Although he had once read in a book the blue sky was the representation of peace, but what did that mean? Vois tried to sigh in his mind.

Even if the sky was blue, war would still erupt, people would still die, but what reason did that book have to write that the blue sky was the representation of peace? He thought.


“…Well, even if people die, even if war erupts, this is a petty matter compared to the blue sky, anyway this kind of rash thoughts about peace peace~ and the likes, I would agree with them…” He muttered, then laughed lightly.

As he laughed, he thought slowly about the things that he needed to do from today onwards.


“…Hey, Harmit.”


“Roland will continue north, right?”


“When will it reach Belis. When we chase away Gastark, and head back, Belis would most likely have fallen right?”

Harmit nodded, “Just by Roland’s current army, it is only a matter of time before they claim the whole of the southern continent…”

Vois nodded, then raised his eye brows, “Then, that means we have abandoned those Nelpha citizens who were accepted by Belis.”


“Then then, if I decide to abandon them, Ryner will be angry?”

Harmit looked over, saying: “Our king is only Vois-sama. Everyone will listen to your judgement.”

But this wasn’t the answer that Vois wanted to hear. So he did not look at Harmit, only continuing to look at the sky, “…But things have not extended to that stage. Because by my predictions, from today onwards Ryner will become someone important in this world… I want to satisfy his thoughts as much as possible. Ah~ how difficult. Which portions to abandon, which portions to pick up, this kind of choosing will always be difficult.” He said softly, looking towards the southern sky.

From here, he could see a trace of the clouds in the northern sky. He always felt that the wind did not blow towards Roland.

Ma but now was not the time to go against the south.

Now, what the Anti-Roland Coalition should do is—



“Gather the soldiers. Abandon Belis. If we’re lucky, Sion Astal probably wouldn’t do anything towards the Nelpha citizens. Because in the end he is not someone who would bear to do that. So abandon all the countries in the southern continent. Then retreat the soldiers scattered in the Southern Country of Ali and the Ertolia Republic. Split the gathered soldiers into two squads, one will go with me to participate in the war against Gastark, and will you take control of the other one, wait for a chance on Tael plains?”

Hearing that, Harmit revealed a slightly nervous expression, “That means, it’s going to start?”

“Yeah. It’s beginning. Follow our plan. Take the chance of the confusion of war when we have combined powers with the Azure Princess and Geihlficlant and are fighting against Gastark, you will take the troops to ambush Geihlficlant’s south.” Vois ordered.

“Now~, there isn’t much time. Move it. All of the opportunities are lives. If this plan succeeds, we can become one of the three large countries in the middle of the continent. We can truly gain the power to fight with Roland and Gastark. No…” At this moment, Vois pulled out a map from his grasp, this was a cloth map of the powers if his plan succeeded.

In the north was Gastark, south was Roland.

What would be left was Geihlficlant with half of their territory left and the Anti-Roland Coalition who had the other half and the surrounding small countries.

And the Ertolia Republic and the Remrus Empire.

If Vois’ plan succeeded, this would be the era where the Menoris Continent would be separated between six countries.

So if they missed this chance, they could not increase their small influence anymore. If the gears of the world started to turn quickly, then they could not make a move anymore.

So this was the last chance.

And, “We can make it!” Vois said lowly.

Then he looked towards the western sky.

That side was the Remrus Empire where it was ruled by an organism that was not human, and towards the further west was the eternal desert where humans would not be able to enter, casting his eyes to a place further in the west, he said: “Well, although this is planned without sticking to the rules, it is a monster that is not human…”

“But if we think that this situation will continue, then we’re wrong. If they think that humans will always be more silly than gods, then they are wrong. Even if god really exists on this world, controlling all life, I will try to trick them. By me who was born from a family who are tricksters for all generations…”

But he stopped.

Staring at his wavering shadow, he stopped.

It was here again.

The Goddess was here again.

Was it for surveillance?

Did it want to pass any order to him?

But Vois smiled, revealing an expectant smile.

“…Well, even if I am your slave now it’s fine. Because I will betray you soon, then stab your ugly face.”

Saying that, he raised his head.

“Then, let’s begin. Prepare the horses. I will gather the scattered army then go to war with Gastark.”

Vois ordered his subordinates.

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