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Higashide Yuuichirou[edit]

Everyone has waited long for the publication of the second volume of Fate/zero.

Compared to the small struggles of the prequel-- from this volume of increasingly intense battles on, the Grail War has finally officially begun.

The many stories surrounding the event of Kiritsugu destroying an entire building, mentioned in the glossary of Fate/stay night, and the constant mentions of the Fourth Heaven's Feel in Fate/hollow ataraxia, have also gradually come to light.

For example, in Fate/hollow ataraxia, Saber had said something like this; does everyone still remember?

"U-unless this is the octopus Shirō and the rest were talking about? I can't imagine that sort of magic fish!

...what? You mean that planar monster that cannot be cut up no matter how one tries to do so, you would go so far as to make me eat that!" (From Fate/hollow ataraxia)

Needless to say. What is mentioned here is the battle against Caster in this volume. Then "in reality Saber, what you eat is actually what comes out from inside that thing." If one were to say this. She would certainly be very angry. It’s definitely going to give her a huge shock.

And many other stories related to the Fate series, when readers reach that part of the game again after having finished reading this book in its entirety, will certainly incite interest.

Then, though this should not be said in front of readers, but everyone probably already knows this anyway-- the ending of Fate/zero has already been decided.

Only Emiya Kiritsugu survives, and all the other people are sacrificed.

Though Saber emerges victorious, she is unable to obtain the Grail.

Not only that, under the control of the Command Seals she destroyed with her own hands the Grail that carried her wishes--

And, leaving only the one fact of 'Fuyuki's greatest catastrophe'.

This is an extremely cruel story with absolutely no salvation.

The endings of Fate/stay night are many-- tragic endings, happy endings-- I believe that players should already understand, Fate/zero is not like that.

Because this is a 'past' story that happened before Fate/stay night. Shirō became troubled in the Fate route because of what happened in the past; what has already passed, no one has the ability to change.

There is only one ending; this cannot be altered.

Which basically means that the many charming characters that debut in Vol.2 of Fate/zero only have an end of being eradicated.

For to a story with only tragic outcomes like this, perhaps there will be people who are not willing to continue reading. After all, as far as stories that induce a heavy heart are concerned, there will probably be those who would rather keep their distance.

But, but.

Even if you are like that, I believe you will have the desire to continue reading Fate/zero.

Because here there is Emiya Kiritsugu, the Emiya Kiritsugu that even Shirō, after abandoning his dreams, and Saber, who had only seen Kiritsugu's callous magus side, had not seen.

In order to allow everyone in this world to be happy--

Here, with such foolish dreams, is Emiya Kiritsugu. Here, with the terrible fear of losing the person he loves, is Emiya Kiritsugu. Here, extraordinarily formidable, is Emiya Kiritsugu.

So all of you probably do want to read on. For instance, Emiya Kiritsugu's last words in Fate/stay night.

"Ahah-- don't worry."

Wanting to read this line.

Other than this, in Fate/zero there are many other mysteries.

For example. In this volume there was in fact no mention of the battle between Alexander and Gilgamesh; facing these absolutely strong two who possess powerful Noble Phantasms, how should Saber deal with them?

And the unidentified Black Knight-- what is his (her?) origin? And why suddenly attack Saber?

And what endings will come of the goings-on between Matō Kariya, Tōsaka Aoi and Tōsaka Tokiomi?

(Of course, it will definitely be a tragic ending.)

We already know all the endings in Fate/zero.

But we do not know the 'paths' that lead to this ending. And we do not know, those warriors who are destined for destruction-- how they fight, how they perish, even how they fall.

Those who wish to solve these mysteries, those who wishes to know their 'path' and everyone who has similar thoughts, probably very much wants to continue reading Fate/zero.

And, one more thing.

In reality, Fate/zero is a story of salvation.

Even though the Fourth Heaven's Feel ends with a tragic outcome, Emiya Kiritsugu saved Emiya Shirō. And Saber being summoned forth as Emiya Shirō's Servant is also a fate that has already been determined.

Emiya Kiritsugu, tormented, despairing, then dying after being saved by the existence of Emiya Shirō-- even if this is mocked by his mortal enemy Kotomine Kirei, it should probably count as a happy ending.

Whether for Emiya Kiritsugu who walks towards an end of darkness and despair, or the other magi and Servants who joined the Heaven's Feel with their many different wishes-- I implore them, and the readers, to witness the process of this entire event.

Then, before I wrote this postface.

Urobuchi Gen said to me, "Before writing the postface, what about looking at the manuscript of Vol. 2?" I, full of joy, immediately agreed: "Greatly honoured to be allowed to read this work, please let me read it, let me read it at once." Then I, at maximum happiness, immersed myself in the joy of reading.

Rather than being a privilege for people involved, this could be compared to a sort of Noble Phantasm.

This is a sort of Noble Phantasm with the name of 'dastardly fantasy'.

In this present moment, this thrill of 'reading' before anyone else. Ohoho, kekeke. Just like Waver in Vol. 1.

So I very solemnly guarantee to the readers, in Vol. 2 there will definitely be stories that are even more satisfying. Readers will probably have thoughts similar to mine after having finished reading.

Indeed, Fate/zero has brought us even more powerful new shockwaves. That is--

Alexander, not wearing pants--

/*is dragged offstage, end*/

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