Fukkatsu! Kouhoku Gakuen Bungeibu

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The cover for the Fukkatsu! Kohoku Gakuen Bungeibu light novel.

Fukkatsu! Kouhoku Gakuen Bungeibu (復活!虹北学園文芸部) literally "Revival! The Kouhoku Academy Literary Club! is a standalone light novel by Kaoru Hayamine.

Story Synopsis[edit]

Main Iwasaki has just entered Kouhoku Academy, a middle school renowned for its literary club... or so it used to be. It isn't until the first day of school that she learns that the club has been disbanded due to lack of membership. Determined to be a member of the Kouhoku Academy literary club and passionate about writing, Main sets out to recruit five members for the club, but must do so before the deadline to submit new club proposals.


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Fukkatsu! Kouhoku Gakuen Bungeibu 復活!港北学園文芸部[edit]

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Book Information[edit]

First published in 2009. Written by Kaoru Hayamine, illustrated by Yuki Satou. ISBN 978-4062854795

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